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Trump and Biden: The Filth and the Fury.

President-Elect:  Joe Biden.

President-Elect: Joe Biden.

What can one say about the American 'POTUS' election? It was a bitter and nasty fought campaign, most of the nastiness, however, coming from the Trump side. When Biden and Trump, took to the stage, Trump kept interrupting Biden, in their discussion (more like a rant) to the nation. Biden kept telling Trump, "Shut up man", to be fair, seeing two old men arguing was pathetic. It left many asking, "Is that all the US has, two old has-beens, slugging it out verbally on stage"?

Also, politically, this Presidential election has been the most divisive one for a long time, politically speaking. Never it seems, has America been so divided between the right and left.

All through the summer, we have had 'Black Lives Matter' and 'ANTIFA' clashing with Trump supporters and far-right groups. A lot of this seemed to have started from when Barack Obama was elected. Serving two terms in the White House, while many of all races praised him, many others felt alienated and left behind by him. Those are the ones, regardless of race, who backed Trump in 2016. Those are the ones again, mainly, who voted for Trump this time around.

We have had all the shenanigans of Trump accusing the different states he lost in, of voter fraud. Attacking mainly the postal vote, that gets votes out there quicker. Trump attacked them, because, he thought these postal votes could be tampered with and this is possible. Maybe, if the Republicans, had used postal votes as much as the Democrats did, he wouldn't have moaned. Trump has been launching one legal challenge after another to say voting for Biden was inaccurate. However, so far, many of these legal challenges asking for re-counts of the votes, in various states, have been found to be groundless. His legal man, Rudy Giuliani, seems to be under a lot of pressure, as there is a pic taken of Mr Giuliani, sweating with what appears to be hair dye, dripping down his face.

Many see Trump as a racist and a misogynist, and frankly, some of his words and actions, don't help him. he is famous for his Twitter statements and for his spats with others. So, Trump has a history but so does Biden, some have accused him of being a paedophile, while others have said, he has behaved inappropriately towards women. Both, Trump and Biden, say they are Christians, Trump used the evangelical vote to get himself into power. Biden, who attends church every Sunday, also, has the more liberal, left-wing Christian vote, in the main.

Trump has been surrounded by privilege, all his life, whereas Biden, did come from a working-class background. Regardless, of background, however, whether a person is good or bad (whatever your definition of that is) depends on them, as people. No politician of whatever hue will get everything right. For example, Trump's wall never got anywhere thanks to strong Democratic opposition and maybe a few Republicans. Biden, unless a miracle happens or Trump somehow, pulls off a second term, will be facing strong Republican opposition. This will mean, that the Biden administration may struggle to get a policy through, like the promises Biden made to Native Americans. Politicians regardless of left and right, make promises just to get elected, some policies they believe in do come into law, others they abandon or cannot get that policy passed, for various reasons. It's just how politics works sometimes, we see someone who appears to embody what we believe, and then for whatever reason, they let us down. We should not put these people on pedestals, they are human beings at the end of the day, not Gods, prone to mistakes, gaffs and corruption, like the rest of us. By all means, vote for the party or person, you believe embodies your values, but don't worship them, expect to be let down, that, unfortunately, is the nature of the game, and indeed, life in general.

Trump so far, appears not to be conceding to Biden, still saying the election was stolen from him. Mike Pompeo, his Foreign Minister, has said, Trump will carry on in the White House, for a second term. Normally, as a Losing President comes to the end of their term, they hand over gracefully and gradually, to the next person, who will be President. This happened when Trump took over from Obama, and so in most cases, this is how it goes. However, if a President, refuses to leave the White House, as Trump appears to be doing, is there anything in the American constitution to deal with this? When January next comes round and if Trump still hasn't left the White House, what then?

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Biden, according to some reports, has only been President-Elect for two weeks and appears to be rowing back on some of his promises. For example, writing off of $50,000 of debt for students, he now appears to be dumping that policy. It was the younger vote that has put Biden where he is, on the edge of power. If this is Biden's intention, some of those younger voters may become disillusioned with Biden and of course, this will have repercussions in future elections.

Also, many on the left known as Progressives, voted for Biden, as they felt he could reverse the four years of Trump and what he did in office. Progressive Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who stood against Biden to be the Presidential candidates for the Democrats have been snubbed. They endorsed Joe Biden and campaigned for him when they could not get the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President. They probably expected or were promised jobs in Biden's cabinet, but no - so far it hasn't happened. Many of the people Biden is appointing all have ties to the gas and oil industry which will anger progressives as they are all for clean energy. Biden himself, politically, has always been for the 47 years of his career in politics, in the middle or on the right of the Democratic party. It is possible, the left just used Biden, to get into power or maybe Biden, used them. Either way, if either of these scenarios is true, there is sure to be a comeback on Biden, when and if he gains the keys, to the White House.

The US right now is a divided society and is Joe Biden, really the man, to bring all sides together? From day 1, when Biden walks through the doors of the White House, to the Oval Office, to begin work, many will be hanging on his every word and every action. Biden has a lot to live up to and if he fails all those who delivered him to power, he will only serve one term.

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