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President Donald Trump You Are Fired

The election was not rigged it was fair. Some Republican are going on with this lie because they want to control the senate


The Supreme Court Rejected Trump -Reverse PennsylvaniaResults

On the Apprentice show Donald Trump most famous word was you're fired. Mr. president we the people have came to the conclusion that you are fired for poor performance and not doing your Job.

For four years you have taken your position as president of the United States for-granted by lying about matters that could benefit our nation and the people. You have failed the American people by the oath you took when you placed your hand on the Bible and sworn to protect, defend and serve this country to your best ability. One of the most unconceivable things you have done is to turn your back on a pandemic that has taken the lives of over 280 thousand plus lives and infested Millions.

Early in January the president knew the coronavirus was air-borne, contagious and never warned public seriously this pandemic was. Other countries instructed their people to abide by rules and regulation, wear their masks, social distancing themselves and stay home.

Trump the Commander and leader refused to wear a mask or to tell the Americans to follow rules and regulation of the CDC. Trump main agenda was having unsafe rallies ang gearing up for the 20-20 election. The president was never concern about victims who died from the virus or their and their families. Trump and the first lady allegedly tested positive for the coronavirus with barely no symptoms in three days Trump was cleared and Trump back to campaigning and telling lies.

The Election Of The Centry

America will never see another election like the 20-20 because of a president who refuses to believe he lost the election. Trump the election on his own, now he is telling the American people it was voter fraud. Thousands of Americans went to the polls in groves because of the behavior and the rhetoric of President Donald Trump. The President gave up on a pandemic that took the lives of 280 thousands plus lives and continue to surge across almost every state in America.

Trump refuse to concede to the new President Biden, promoting voter fraud to his supporters . Trump legal teams are going to courts with no evidence and is being denied. The American people are in a pandemic that has effected their lives with no leadership from President Donald Trump. The people are tired of going to bed listening to the word Voter fraud from president Trump and waking up to the same B.S.

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President Trump has shown no interest in his job since the election, he is doing what he does best and that is to lie. Trump and the Republicans are gaslighting the America people because of their false claims of voter fraud. Donald Trump is out for revenge and will destroy anything he possibly can before January 20/2021.


Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on December 09, 2020:

President Trump has not shown any remorse or empathy for the victims and their families of the coronavirus. He doesn't care about all his supporters, who are risking their lives listening to the lies he is telling about voter fraud. I sat here and listen to some of his supporter and wonder where in the hell they came from, no one can be that naïve. Donald Trump is nothing but a thug who believes that the world center around him and his family. He have screwed up America and need to go..JMD

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