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President Biden's Plan To Pay Illegals

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It IS the Great WTF Bad Decision

Yes, like millions who could not stand Trump, I voted for Biden to alleviate the daily pain of Trumpisms and lies. However, Biden has not given me and many independent voters much relief, IMO.

Biden is making decisions that are just bad for America. Everyone can agree that his plan to get out of Afghanistan, was good after 20 years of wasted money. But, HOW it was evacuated and deals with the Taliban and then the last terrorist attack in the mayhem remains too much to accept. Yes, the numbers evacuated are great, but it was just bad execution and planning and Biden did not listen to his military experts. It now comes to light, that the Taliban had agreed to allow the US to control Kabul until peace details could be worked out. The Taliban were ill-equipped to take the city of millions (and still are). But, it was Biden that insisted the US get out at any cost by 9\11, it was all just political showmanship- Biden wanted to be the man to get the US out of it at any cost. Like General Milley has said, we advised him but he did not listen. In that sense, he is no different than Trump, but he is much more polite.

The immigration crisis has been denied by Biden. So, what planet is he living on? Again, no different that Trump. Kamala Harris is just a token VP so Biden could get elected with a majority of women. The recent 15,000 at the border along Texas was only acted upon once CNN and MSNBC also reported it . FOX had been reporting it for sometime. Biden did appear not to care much about it. He still does not give it the priority needed. There IS an issue there and more immigrants from Central America are coming by the thousands.

Now, the really big snafu idea and concept of Biden: Pay the families that crossed the border illegally or legally that were separated from loved ones for months for their anguish. So, Biden wants to punish law by rewarding those who break it? I mean, what country would ever do this crazy thing, reward those that enter their country illegally?

But that is not the real horrific thing, it is the amount Biden wants to give each person of a family that was separated by US Immigration for a duration of months. The amount is shocking:

  • For each person in the separated family, $450,000!

What makes this plan so repulsive to every American is that the US government gives just $400,000 to military servicemen killed in action. Yes, Biden wants to give the effing illegals, many that should not be allowed in, more money than a U.S. military person who served defending our country.

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When I first read this and then heard it, I had to fact check it myself, and it is TRUE. I still cannot believe that Biden thinks this is the right thing to do at this scale of money. If were a couple of thousand or so, okay, maybe, but nearly a half million dollars!?

If the policy is to separate families of those crossing illegally, at anytime, why does Biden feel he needs to mend the situation with so such money per family? This plan only will cause more immigrants to want to come to the USA than before once they hear of the family reward. While a separated family does cause a lot of despair, especially with kids, how was this amount chosen? Then, made worse for being person family member? At first, I thought it was $450,000 per family, which is still way too much to reward illegal immigrants, but every person in a family?

President Biden has done good things with COVID, but his bad decisions far out number good ones. He is a man trying to secure his legacy in time as being the president who got out of Afghanistan, passed the social-infrastructure costing trillions, doing nothing to halt illegal immigration. Now, he wants to pay illegals for America's past immigration policies.

I don't know who was worst, Trump or Biden.

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