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President Biden's Pathetic Iranian Policy

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Sorry, Biden, as old as you are, you ought to know when you are being played after living through the same game the North Vietnamese played in 1973 during the Peace negotiations. It was a time when America desperately wanted to get out of war they knew they could not win without mass destruction (which they were not willing to do). Afghanistan is a near identical and disgraceful exit for the same reasons. Images of how the USA left Saigon as the NVA broke through the U.S. Embassy gates still ring badly. The only redeeming thing at that time was the mass evacuations of thousands of South Vietnamese civilians and troops that had been helping for years. They were flown out. Many others scrambled on boats to escape what horror would come as the enemy captured, tortured, killed, those who had helped the USA. Many were put into "re-education" camps.

So, here we are again. Over 18,000 special visas have been issued for the many Afghans and their families that were on the US side to escape the coming horror when the Taliban knock on Kabul's door. Will the Afghan Army collapse like the South Vietnamese Army did after the US left? Most would agree it will. It will be blood on Biden's hands. Only a few Afghans so far have been airlifted out, so the promises seem hollow even more since there are NO US troops at Bagram AFB now! In fact, America once again left like an asshole without even telling the Afghan leaders Bagram was evacuated in the middle of the night! We left hundreds of vehicles but no ignition keys. Some hangars remain locked. The base has already been ransacked by thieves. Jesus Christ, this is NOT how you leave a war honorably. Panic is setting in among Afghans who had helped the US about getting out and rightly so, as there seems to be no plan for airlifts. It will be a repeat of history and all for nothing once again.

Biden ought to know better with Iran. He is so desperate to get the Iranians back to the nuclear negotiations he has lifted Trump's sanctions that had them kneeling. Then, he has moved the huge US Army supply base in Qatar to Jordan, hoping that will appease and please Iranian leadership that has not shown any interest in re-negotiating a deal they never adhered to since 2015. They continued towards their goal in obtaining enough material to make an atomic bomb to toss on Israel. If it was not for Israeli covert actions, they would be even closer. Biden thinks these gestures will get favor. What it gets is the Iranian leaders laughing. They are getting their way by stalling and delay as they continue to refine uranium to weapon levels. They have no intent in giving in when they are within a year or less of their first bomb. Even if they were, any new deal would simply delay the ultimate end result by a few years. Everybody knows it.

This is a repeat of history again. Why is Biden so desperate? What other appeasements will he give them with forlorn hope? Trump's approach was the correct one with sanctions that had crippled Iran, but even then, Iran was saved by huge deal with China that will buy most of its oil and will rebuild their infrastructure and Iran will allow Chinese troops to be based there.

Biden's foreign policy even towards Russia is an F. Ransomware from hackers based in Russia are becoming bolder in their attacks among the US and other countries, yet, there has been no pressure on Putin to arrest them. Sanctions on Russia could get them to do it.

Biden is reluctant and our adversaries take advantage of it.

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