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President Biden's Foreign Policy

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President Biden has finally done something that Trump did (and then Trump got hammered for it from the Left), that is, despite all the rhetoric against Putin and Russia's meddling in elections and the latest ransomware where Colonial oil paid over $4 million (which caused major gas disruptions in the US), Biden halted sanctions on Russia that were preventing the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. Biden's decision was more of appeasing our German allies than giving Putin what he wanted. Also, the one pipeline had already been in operation from Russia, providing Germany much of their natural gas and fuel. Now, the Germans are happy as a lark and so is Putin. Biden's reluctance is valid because Russia could turn off the flow to Germany at any time and be held hostage in a conflict in the Ukraine. The Russian pipeline bypassed Ukraine depriving them of revenue also in taxes. Now, Ukraine is concerned about how the US might support them should Putin take military action against them. Of course, the news media barely covers this. Putin has a friend in Biden, at least on this one, but he is still a killer. Hypocrisy.

In the Middle East, Biden has applied enough pressure on Israel to end the attacks. Huh, what about Hamas? Biden should apply pressure on the Palestinian government to kick out Hamas whose Iranian rockets are used to attack Israel, until they have the guts to do this, Hamas (an Iranian proxy) will continue to occupy Gaza and attract or invite Israeli responses to their rockets . The tragedy is that it is the Palestinian people that suffer because Hamas uses them as shields. They are terrorists who control much of Gaza and it is insane that Palestinians cannot be rid of them but have they even tried? i doubt it. Hamas is bringing death and suffering to the Palestinians but gets the blame- Israel. The only solution is a two-state but neither side really wants that!

Biden's policy on China is containment. But, were China to attack Taiwan, would the US really sacrifice for the Taiwanese? The closest US base in Japan and any actions by the USN could be challenged by Chinese military since Taiwan is so close to China. China has more options to prevent any USN interference. If China did take out a US carrier or tossed a ballistic missile on Guam or Okinawa, would the US escalate it and retaliate? Would the US retaliate is China did this to Australian bases? Would the cost be worth trying to save Taiwan in their hopeless situation?

Then there is Iran. Biden's approach is buy time with a release of billions of Iranian assets from banks in order to renegotiate the horrible nuclear deal that Trump correctly got out of. Of course, the Iranians will do it for the billions that they can use in all sorts of bad ways in exchange for giving Biden a few more years of a nuclear free Iran. Biden knows it only buys a few more years and then the deal ends and Iran can do whatever it wants. The whole US posture is stupid. Iran will get the bomb unless there is a major military strike by someone. Then, there is the major Iran-China deal that nullifies many of the US sanctions on Iran. China is buying most of their oil and gas in exchange for Chinese bases and troops to be based there. China is also improving Iran's infrastructure.

Lastly, the open borders along the US southern border with Mexico. Nobody seems to really know what to do about the mess it is in. The immigration issue has collapsed into chaos for the most part with the flood of people arriving.

Biden's foreign policies have been no better than Trumps.


perrya (author) on May 22, 2021:

Good analysis and I cannot disagree, I guess the showdown will be China vs USA for the top dog spot

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MG Singh emge from Singapore on May 21, 2021:

Perrya, when Aurangzeb the last great mogul died, he left behind a massive empire but his son Bahadur Shah was incompetent and the empire disintegrated in three decades. In my view, Joe Biden is the Bhadur Shah of America. As far as confronting China is concerned Biden has one arm tied behind his back. He has no military allies of any standing. Let's look at them. Firstly, Japan no great shakes as a military power and with a Navy which is just about 10% of the Chinese navy. Second, Australia is again no great shakes in the realm of military power. It can do nothing. The third ally Biden is counting is India but the Indian leadership is weak and is itself in awe of China and doesn't want to entangle with them. I don't think quad or no quad that Modi is going to fight China for the USA. As far as the West is concerned France is too independent and will not join America and Great Britain is now Little Britain. it's got no military strength at all and you can't expect it to do much with an army of 80,000. So what are America's options? zero. I know he's compromising on all issues and he is going to sink America by not attacking at least Iran and finishing the nuclear reactors. Johnson did a similar mistake in 1964 when he failed to attack the Chinese nuclear reactors when China was a pussycat and there was a Russo- Chinese conflict. Look what happened. Again Biden has been putting pressure on Israel without realizing that the real danger in the Middle East is not Israel but Hamas and he is doing nothing about it. I am convinced that Joe Biden has cooked the American goose, I do not know how it is going to taste.

perrya (author) on May 21, 2021:

Thanks, I thought he would be better but Trump set the bar so low....Biden does have to make difficult decisions like the Russia-Germany pipeline and the border issues, but we will see when China and Russia push back.

Kathleen Cochran from Atlanta, Georgia on May 21, 2021:

While I usually glean a bit of understanding from your articles, I must take exceptions to this one. Whatever President Biden's actions have revealed so far about his foreign policy, one thing is clear. He has a plan based on years of experience governing and learning from other presidents. That in itself is a reassuring change.

Enjoyed your take though.

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