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President Biden's Financial Weapon Against Putin's Russia

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The NATO countries, led by the USA, have essentially called Putin's bluff in his attempt to get concessions with over 125,000 troops staged across the border. Putin's demands were unobtainable, and Putin knew it. But he was hoping his wish list might work. He hoped that he could impact the Ukrainian political landscape so that it was more friendly to Russia, but the opposite has happened. Now, with Putin boxed in and the bluff called so far, it is almost likely he will invade Ukraine and grab what he can sometime after the Olympics in China are completed. If Putin does not take some military action, the world will see him as weak and he will lose prestige. In a way, like Trump, a bully using the threat of military force but then backing down.

Maybe, just maybe, all of this is supposed to happen. In End Times, there will be wars and we know that another war looming is with China over Taiwan. We know there could be a major disruption with the world's financial banking system so great that things will collapse, and a one world system arises. Just maybe, America's financial weapon is the catalyst that begins it when Russia is targeted. Things could quickly spin out of control.

What this financial weapon?

While President Biden has talked about the use of sanctions that the world has never seen before in Russia, should it invade Ukraine, details are rather spotty and their impact.

Should the US target Russia's banks (and there are only a few key large banks) that are part of the global financial banking system cutting them off SWIFT (which allows them to do financial transactions in the world), it would be a "game over" for Russia. Any foreign entities would no longer to be able to do business with Russian companies, which would collapse their economy, much like it did when Trump used it against Iran. Sanctions could be used to stop foreign loans to Russia causing the ruble to drop in value and that impacts Russian people. Even Putin knows it would be a disaster for Russians as everything would cost more. Sanctions against the importation of Russian oil and natural gas would be severe for those key industries that Russia relies on. But that would also impact Europe because they rely on that to heat homes and fuel, with Germany at almost 50%.

Biden's weapon is to target three of Russia's largest banks with some sort of sanctions. These banks are their largest and if they cannot operate using dollars in international business, this would cause a major disruption for them. Part of the plan is to decimate the Russian economy that would cutoff foreign investing and lending and halt technology sales. Unlike the sanctions taken after Putin invaded Crimea, which were surgical in damage, these planned sanctions will hurt Putin and his cronies but also impact the average Russian and could impact Europe via ripple effects.

While the impact of the harsh sanctions is hard to predict because they have had a mixed result, one never knows. Putin would no doubt target US banks and those of NATO, even as military action occurs, and we know that can spin out of control quickly. Once the financial weapon is unleashed, it could cause unforeseen results in the banking systems in Europe that can impact those in USA. It might cause a near collapse. China might throw Russia a financial lifeline like it did after 2014 when the first sanctions occurred. They continued to buy their oil at a discounted price to help Russia.

Again, in End Times, and many think we are in the early stages what will culminate in 2028-9, the world's financial system collapses for some reason and a new one replaces it controlled by a single entity. The Ukraine matter and what does happen may just be that match that causes so many dominos to fall unexpectantly.

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