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President Biden: Let's Not Deal With Immigrants but the Grass Roots Instead

James Davin works in Security in Washington D.C. and has been following current events and politics most of his life.


President Biden: Let's not deal with immigrants but the "grass" roots instead

Now that the inauguration is done we need to focus on our new

Biden administration.Rumor has it that President Biden

wants to pursue immigration reform that would give 11 million

immigrants a path to citizenship. This would be an unwise

path since this would not only be bad legislation

but also because the nature of this sort of legislation is

not compatible with our current Corona Virus situation.

We should also realize that there are other sorts of legislation

Biden could pursue

that better and more in sync with our current pandemic crisis.


Why is Biden's immigration legislation reform the wrong way to go?

First, let's deal with amnesty for illegals. While legalizing anyone who

can establish refugee status or were brought into this nation against

their will (ex.The Dreamers whose parents sneaked them in as children)

is fine, most illegals do not fit either one of these scenarios. Most illegally

entered our country of their own choosing for the sole reason of bettering

their lives and not because they were avoiding horrific discrimination

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or certain death. These sorts of people do not deserve a path to citizenship

since they have broken our laws and have no good excuse for doing this.

Furthermore granting citizenship for illegals does not help the

illegal immigration problem.

In fact it make it worse. President Carter gave the overwhelming majority of

America's 1 million illegal immigrants amnesty in 1978 and then

low and behold eight years later in 1986 America had 2.7 million illegal

immigrants within its borders. That same year President Reagan

gave most of them a path to becoming legal citizens and then

by the mid 1990s America had at least 10 million illegal immigrants.

Amnesty doesn't work. Once you give illegals

amnesty then the people in Third World countries considering entering our

nation are encouraged to sneak in since they see that they have a chance

at amnesty if they avoid law enforcement long enough.


The current pandemic situation and immigration reform simply don't mix

well. If most of America's 11 million illegal immigrants were given amnesty

under Biden's proposed legislation then there would have to be a massive

government intervention into people's lives, getting them to pay fines

for illegal entry, filling out paperwork, getting interviewed to establish

identity and other bureaucratic hurdles. Long story short, this process

of legalization would involve many interactions among many different people.

This is not something that is conducive to fighting the Corona Virus. For

almost a year now we have been lectured that we should stay apart so

as not to spread the virus. An enormous legalization process is the

opposite of this teaching and could help spread the virus which is the

last thing this nation needs.


Another unpleasant scenario that could come out of a big legalization

effort could be the arousal of a backlash against immigrants.

If illegal immigrants are put in the forefront of our national debate

during this time of considerable unemployment this could foment

anti-immigrant and even racist sentiments in our population.

People may start to claim that immigrants are taking away all the

job that America's unemployed could do. This is a very undesirable

situation that we should avoid fervently. I mean the Democrats are now

talking that we need to move away from the Trump era and focus on

more positive things but bringing up illegal immigration does not

help this since this immigration was one of his biggest and most emotional



Biden just can't avoid bad legislation, he actually has to do something if

he wants to be a successful head of state. So what should Biden do?

Marijuana Legalization. A federal tax on marijuana makes a lot of sense

since so many states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana

and many more may follow. The revenue from this tax could be used to

fund Corona Virus relief. Sure taxes on businesses do effect the

businesses being taxed but in this case it is just one kind of business:

marijuana vendors. This line of work I imagine has been doing very well

during the Corona Virus pandemic since the pandemic has stuck many

people at home sitting on their couch which is a common position for

any marijuana smoker! Politically speaking this sort of legislation has

an excellent chance of becoming law since any rational person can figure

out that our government needs money to pay for Corona Virus relief and

a tax is a sure fire way to raise money for the government. While the

Democrats might be a little uncomfortable in going after an industry that

they have sympathy for, this feeling will trumped by the fact that so many

are in need of government assistance now. On the other side, the GOP

habitually detests taxes but also likes the idea of tax fairness

that would come with this legislation (marijuana ,as a business,

should not be exempt from paying taxes). This legislation

would have excellent use after the Corona Virus is over,

the revenue coming in could then he used to pay off

America's enormous national debt.

President Biden let's put aside our concern for lawbreakers

and look to help our desperate citizens and put

forward marijuana taxation legislation.



James Davin (author) from Bethesda,MD. on February 01, 2021:

Here it is! Please read this article I have written and if you

have any comments in agreement or disagreement then please

chime in!

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