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President Biden Bends Over For Iran On Nuclear Agreement

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President Trump was correct in walking out of the US-Iranian deal while he was president. US and Israeli intelligence knew Iran was creating a stockpile of enriched uranium at an accelerated rate with over 5000 centrifuges at Natanz. Iran never abided and only appeased the US with the 2015 agreement. It was just like the NVA did with the US in 1971 with negotiations to end the Vietnam war. America never seems to learn hard lessons.

The Biden administration claim that they will get the Iranians back to the table to reform the agreement to, at best, further delay Iran from getting nuclear weapon for a few more years. They claim that they will pressure the Iranians to return. This pressure is shown to be getting the Iraqis to release $4 billion dollars for frozen Iranian assets in banks and getting the the South Korean banks to release another $1 billion in assets in exchange for what? Oh, having Iranian officials sit across a table to delay and get more US concessions like wringing water from a sponge. Wow, what a deal Biden gets!

The CIA has been negotiating with Iranian officials behind the scenes laying the ground work in secret meetings in Baghdad at the home of FM Hussein, a leading Iraqi candidate for president. The meetings between the Israelis and the US delegation, despite persuasive data showing how close Iran is to getting a bomb, have fell on deaf American ears. All Biden wants is a deal to cap further enrichment of uranium. That is it. This is shameful knowing that buying time is a bad deal but it did work in Vietnam. All that is going to happen is what we already know- Iran will get assets unfrozen and continue secretly to enrich.

The Israelis are not buying into this fallacy and have told the Americans that they will act in their best interests and not the US. This is departure of a team effort and signals how in the future, after Israel takes unilateral actions to stop Iran, US support will waiver and they will be alone. All predicted by the Book of Revelations by the way. It will come to pass.

But the worst of these negotiations is that Secretary of State Kerry informed Iran's FM Zaif that Israel had launched 200 airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria in an effort to get Iranian cooperation on this new nuclear deal.

The Biden administration are bending over and will do anything to reach their objective.


perrya (author) on April 28, 2021:

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With regards to this issue, even though China and Iran are now mega trade partners, China really does not want iran to get a nuke, but they know that sooner than later, it will come to pass, so it is better to be allied with them. The US has this lofty stupid idea that by giving iran billions in frozen assets, Iran will decide not to get the nuke. They will take the money, give in on a few demands, continue to enrich as they did in 2015. Israel will have to take unilateral action to defend against this and when they do, war ensues....

MG Singh from UAE on April 28, 2021:

You had this bang on. This is the time when Trump was required but you can't expect anything better from Biden. Every day Biden is taking America one step down the ladder from great power status.

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