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Preparing for a lockdown in California


The number of latest coronavirus infections has risen sharply within the US. One record after another is breaking. As many as 211,072 people were diagnosed with the new coronavirus within the country on Thursday, December 3, breaking all previous records. during this situation, the California authorities are preparing to require another step like lockdown within the state.

According to the press agency Reuters, coronavirus was detected within the bodies of 211,072 people within the US on December 3. On an equivalent day, 2,656 people died in Corona across the country, which may be a record. the amount of Kovid-19 patients admitted within the hospital has exceeded 1 lakh. during this situation, the beds of the medical care Units (ICUs) of the hospitals are expected to be full soon.

As the Corona situation becomes increasingly complex, the governor of California is considering ordering residents of the state to remain indoors. The governor said that such a thing could happen during a day or two. Such steps are going to be taken only after 75% of the ICU capacity is filled. However, this decision might not be imposed on the state directly. This step is going to be taken as per the necessity by dividing into different areas.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said hospitals in four of the five states within the state, including Southern California, would soon have only 15 percent ICU capacity left. Outside of that, there are some good conditions in Sa Francesco Bay. There could also be such a move in mid-December or by the top.

According to Reuters, the California governor's office said it must be implemented within 48 hours of the stay order. If this order is issued, it'll remain effective for 3 weeks. About 40 million people sleep in California, the foremost populous state within the US.

"If we do not act now, our hospitals won't be ready to handle things anymore," Gavin Newsom said during a video message from his home. If we don't take action now, we'll only need to see the continued increase in the number of deaths. '

According to the message, if the order to remain reception is issued, there'll be a ban on travel without urgent need. Emergency needs include daily necessities, medical treatment, etc. there'll even be restrictions on commercial activities.

However, such a move is temporary. Governor Gavin Newsom said vaccines made by multiple organizations are now awaiting approval. during this situation, it's expected that such drastic measures won't need to be taken for an extended time. The vaccine is going to be given to doctors at the start, which can be available by mid-December, experts said.