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Post June 1976 Revolution: The Continuing Revolution To Date: 40 Plus Years Of Educational Struggle-Amandla!/Power!

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The youths of the race were Woodson's particular concern because he recognized that it was with, the boys and girls that Mis-education began, later crystallizing into deep-seated insecurities, intra-racial cleavages, and interracial antagonisms.

The youths of the race were Woodson's particular concern because he recognized that it was with, the boys and girls that Mis-education began, later crystallizing into deep-seated insecurities, intra-racial cleavages, and interracial antagonisms.

Precis Of The Post Apartheid, and Post 1976 Historical , Contemporary And Educational Views

The Struggle of theAfrican Student in June 1976, was an accumulation of events over the centuries, and in particular, those events from the 1970s to the present-day. In the 1970s, there was a huge mass walk out of Black/African workers in they factories throughout South Africa. This mass walk out, was part a strategy gains the Vicious Apartheid forces, and a groundwork for the social and educational Revolution we, and many of our cohorts were part of in June 1976.

This preface, is in part to put the recent part(past 40 years) of commemorating June 1976, and an examination in a moderate quarry, the schooling of our children, under the ANC government. This Hub is starts with the tail-end of the article titled: "African South Africans' June 16, 1976, Revolt" that has already been published here on HubPages. The following part to this piece here on this Hub, is an opening, at the same time, closing of the story and History of June 16, and a Hub on the present state of African students' education under the ANC, with the 2016 ANC ruling era.

One other thing I will be doing in this Hub is to discuss the abandoned Freedom Charter Of The ANC. This I am doing in part to show how the ANC reneges on its promises, so long as there's money involved, and their power guaranteed by foreign powers and fiscal interest of those Countries. The tenets of the Freedom Charter, make more sense than the convoluted and very long South African Constitution. What it was going to deliver for the African people, was what they envisioned in Kliptown in the 1950s. The 1996 South African Constitution is remote and unknown to the masses of the people

Over the years, ordinary, and now, mostly the elderly and aging populace of Africans in South Africa, knew about the Freedom Charter. In exile, arguments erupted when discussing the Freedom Charter and a future new South Africa. Today, inside the country, only a paltry few engage in these exchanges, and the Freedom Charter has all but been forgotten, except when time comes and the ruling African elite tout it is legit. In furtherance of the objective of educating ourselves as a People, I revisit the some of the tenets of the Freedom Charter, just so that they youth will have a sense of what it is all about... Not some written words painted on some obscure buildings in a dead Johannesburg city-far from the masses in the Townships.

In order to juxtapose the themes of June 16 to the dysfunction of African education above, I have added features that are about the students, themselves, and their education, and the blundering and blustering education, and their tired educational policies. The failure of African students abound. As I have discussed fully in the Hub titled: "Pedagogy Of Ignorance Post Apartheid," already published here on HubPages, in it I have outlined some historical accounts as to why our education is as it is today. In this Hub, I am looking at and talking about African education, "post-Bantu Education," which to many people, was far more better than our Anglicized children in Private Schools, know as Model C schools, which have further alienated us and our children, and has made our children more dumb.

In this Hub, I keep the youth in check and informing them about their role, today, in south Africa. I am not talking about the elitist movements of "Fees Must Fall"(Aping American civili disorder tactics), "Zuma must fall," or the "Marikana" fiasco and debacle, on the part of the government, and now made into an alcoholic binging spree by your present youth in their get-togethers. I am writing this Hub for the youth to begin to learn how to take off the chains off that are wrapped around their heads, and begin to learn the right way of what this whole struggle is about.

This is a toll order, but only time will tell… Our children will have seriously written articles that are dealing with our present concrete and decrepit reality. How our government has been formulated and is controlled is one other important thing that our youth need to be exposed and taught about. This I address in this Hub in various ways the reader will come across. Hub like this one keep the critical eye on the struggle in many fronts, and this education front as well.

The problem I am trying to deal with is the level of ignorance that is displayed by many of my country-men. Many are political and economical opportunistic and vultures, subsequently… As I have alluded to in the Hub, "Pedagogy Ignorance, Post Apartheid," in this Hub, I am at presently talking about it directly. I live in my enclave of the Ghetto of Soweto, and it is debilitating to see how much we have regressed as a people. Some might measure success and freedom about the amount of material wealth they have amassed, many may point out to their international connections, and so on.

I gauge ourselves as to how smarter have we gotten since the June 16, 1976, Revolution. I am sadly admitting that we have dropped below levels that I hardly recognize. We are not reading, and we do not know how to go about it, as a nation, educating our people and ourselves, seriously. I am aghast at ourselves today, in South African, how thoroughly ignorant and dependent on our master we are, whilst pretending to be autonomously free. I consider that bogus and a farce and one thing that is going to have to change if we are going to take steps towards cohesive nation-building, and world class education of our making and choice.

The upcoming local elections votes, political killings(which have not abated), the new political challenges by the EFF and DA, rising people's anxieties, mis-education of the Poor, Looking at our dumbed-down education, and why the New Ignorant reality and existence should not be the 'new normal', is followed in this Hub by Asa teachings about African Education; Jose Marti is utilized with his brief blueprint for National education followed by messages and information feed for the youth in contemporary society. A much more closer look into the life for the youth and their parents in present-day South Africa will be in order here. At some point in the Hub I take a much serious look at the mental illnesses that affect and effect the African people today in Mzantsi.

Another important aspect of our struggle is to begin to teach the youth about the stories of shack-dwellers and those ho are houseless and homeless. This too is included in this Hub for readers to indulge. It is also at this juncture in the Hub that I address the Grassroots issue a bit more, and hope to delve as much as I can into issues arising from that side of the struggle. The Grassroots Struggle have never abated, and there is one historical account pertaining to them has not yet been addressed, and I hope to be delivering some Hub that traces the history of contemporary struggle by the grassroots in order to put this issue into proper perspective.

What I wanted to add for this Hub is a piece I wrote about Youth and African Consciousness. My thing writing this piece is to question our youth, "Whither, our brothers and sisters?" I hope to help they young ones begin to understand what consciousness for themselves and their people means and is all about. These are the material that our youth should learn and know and apply in their daily lives. But it all starts with reading, and this is what I want to see our youth do very well, first: "Read"! A further critique on and for the youth and their nation is what I have utilized in order to begin to build up some form of base for the youth to begin to mull upon and ponder.

The following Hub is an exercise in many aspects of our struggles, and other might do it better than I have presented it here, but my closing thoughts at the end of the Hub will be basically about education, youth, nation-building and upgrading our people by any means necessary. My hope is that Hubs like this one will begin to fill the yawning gap of historical material for Africans and written by Africans from an African-centered perspective

Mandarin Is our Present Realty And Struggle That Has Begun

These are the students and our people extolling the virtues of the about to be 500 teachers coming to Mzatsi to teach Mandarin

These are the students and our people extolling the virtues of the about to be 500 teachers coming to Mzatsi to teach Mandarin

A Intensive Look At the Mandarin Debacle...

The ANC has really destroyed itself and the African people. Okay, let's stick to education as one area where we see and learn more about the actions of the ANC, and the stories that will follow will show how much we are still lagging behind, and here comes the ANC introducing All these languages. Our children can hardly talk and write our own mother tongue proficiently and eloquently. The reader should consider this:

"Last year(2015), the government announced plans to introduce Mandarin as an elective in Public schools. Also approved were German, Serbian, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Telegu, and Urdu, but this fact was almost lost in the ensuing uproar. The Teachers Union, (SADTU), called it tantamount to a new form of colonization. Others argue it will give our Kids a global advantage and strengthening ties with economic ties with China."

Now, this is what the ANC has done thus far, and now they have agreed with the Chinese to bring in a hundred teachers for the next five hears, and who will be presenting and injecting a Chinese Culture and Tradition to our children, for as long as this will be allowed to go on…

We better understand that speaking and learning Mandarin requires more than remembering its structure.

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[Learning Chinese is] a work for men with bodies of brass, lungs of steel, heads of oak, hands of spring-steel, hearts of apostles, memories of Angels, and lives of Methuselah - (Missionary William Milne, 1785-1822)

We learn form Teagle and Chiu that:

"The language dismantles more [un]naturally[for African people] into a way of thinking and viewing the world than it does into logical grammatical rules. Everyday dialogue is sewn with idioms, values and cultural references, sometimes referring to obscure episodes in China's history."

Our African children, I know that some Whites kids are affected, too-by Mandarin-but for now, I am focusing on African children, who do not know nor understand neither have a realistic historiographical know-how and understanding about us, their own parents, and here we go teaching them Mandarin which requires a different and total strange way of speaking and understanding Chinese, and yet, the kids are ignorant of their own languages and cultural history... This is wrong.

"Consider the stories behind two common phrases. One refers to a long-ago king called Gou Jian who, for 10 years from BC 492-482 slept every night on brushwood and drank gal (from an animal’s gallbladder) to feed the bitterness he would need to take revenge on someone who had wronged him. “Sleeping on brushwood and tasting gall” means doing whatever it takes — generally a good dollop of self-discipline — to achieve a goal.

"Another casual sentence refers to the time when Zhuge Liang, the 'Hidden Dragon,' a brilliant strategist who lived during the period of the Three Kingdoms [AD 220-280] was faced with an impossible mission. His superior, Zhou Yu, jealous of Liang’s talent, commanded him to produce 100,000 arrows within three days. Zhuge waited until fog and darkness descended over the river and sent a boat manned by more than 1,000 straw men across to enemy territory. The enemy took the scarecrows for soldiers and rained arrows down upon them. The boat turned around triumphantly, carrying the fresh ammunition straight to Yu. All of this is summarized in just a few characters (草船借箭 or “cǎochuánjièjiàn”), and means achieving one’s goal by wisely making use of others’ resources.

"Except that even the building blocks are different. Mandarin doesn’t have an alphabet. It is based on characters that represent words rather than component sounds. There are more than 50,000 Chinese characters in total, although modern dictionaries typically contain about20,000. Being able to make sense of a newspaper requires knowing about 2000-3000 characters.

"In China, characters are typically taught through rote learning — for example, kids will be given essays of increasing complexity to memorize and then write out word for word, thus gradually improving their vocabulary and grasp of sentence structure. In Western schooling systems, which favor learning through experiential enquiry, kids are not used to learning in this way. This is believed to be a key reason that Mandarin programs in Australian schools have had limited success: school-leavers with 13 years under their belts typically know only 500 characters.

"Cantonese has six tones; Mandarin four; English and Afrikaans none. IsiZulu, iso-Xhosa and most of the other Bantu languages are also tonal, which means speakers of these tongues might find learning Mandarin slightly easier. In addition, people who can speak two or more languages, as most black South Africans can, generally find it easier to learn another one."

This is false for both writers of this articles are not African, first of all, and they do not really speak our languages here in Mzantsi, and do not understand the fact that we have never lived with or side-beside with Chinese people, and we can neither hear nor understand their totalization, inasmuch as they will never understand ours-we are totally different people in all aspects of life, culture and history.

I also disagree with the authors of the piece above when they venture and say that African children have an advantage in learning Mandarin… this is not true, and as has been see, in Australia this has been tried and has failed, what will make our children, from poor families, know how to deal with the mammoth task of learning Mandarin?. This is Preposterous!

Our children do not have to learn our African languages like they have to go to school for that. They grow up with us, speaking our African languages, but, since the ANC came back, they have done everything to debase and discard of our own African languages, and we still have a crisis of our children not really knowing our languages, but try to speak English which they learn, as children, form TV.

In learning English, and Afrikaans, and not knowing our own African languages, what more could be worse for our children, Ms. Motshega? You even point out somewhere that you do not really know if there's a need for Mandarin in the African community because you have never found out about that fact… Going on further to say that the Chinese will do the research as to whether there is a need for Mandarin in the African communities or wherever? This is garbage, and we have puppets for leaders who are Pons in Chinese Checkers.

"For example, the Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes, which partner with universities around the world to teach Chinese, have been criticized for political influence and inhibiting academic freedom, and in some parts of the US were closed last year for this reason. Because of China’s central economic position in South Africa, any perceived attempts to project “soft power” are likely to be received particularly badly, as the strongly worded response of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) demonstrates. There are five Confucius.

"As it stands — and as has been emphasized ad infinitum — ours is a country in which there is insufficient capacity to teach even our own languages; where the standard of maths and science is so low in some schools that even exceptional students stand little chance of getting through; where textbooks — and furniture — still aren’t a guarantee.(Teagle.Chiu)

Why is the ANC selling us out so blatantly and without regard to what we, as the poor people, have to say about this? They are simply serving their masters whom they claim are in trade with them. With our own natural resources, we are beholden to the Chinese and their so-called Soft Power… It is power, nonetheless-It has ANC in its grip, and we are watching this, haplessly and hopelessly…

Whilst we are at it, it would be better to take a much more deeper ad intimate look at our education in Mzantsi, below.

So, Mandarin Is Now Better Than Afrikaans?.. Really!

We Rejected And Fought Against The Implementation of Afrikaans in Our Schools in 1976

We Rejected And Fought Against The Implementation of Afrikaans in Our Schools in 1976

Teaching Mandarin To African Children Is Another Slap In the Face For African  South African's Indigenous Languages

Teaching Mandarin To African Children Is Another Slap In the Face For African South African's Indigenous Languages

The Fight Against The Afrikaans Language, And Today, Mandarin, in 1976 And Today in 2016 For The next 5 Years - Part Deux...

The following Hub is a follow-up on the Hub written before it called, "African South Africans' June 16th 1976 Revolution", already published and one can read it. In this Hub, I begin to talk about the different issues related to the Education of African South Africans in contemporary ANC ruled South Africa.

The Hub below is mostly about the aftermath of the 1976 Revolution, the opening salvo will be about Language and Power today in South and dumbing-down education dispensed to our children.

Below I would like to post an article I wrote recently about the issue of foreign language rammed-down our children throats and brains that I think I will start of this article with the following piece:

"Mandarin Has Been Introduced in 43 South African Schools in 2016"

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, says 43 schools across the country have introduced Mandarin at schools in this academic year.

In a parliamentary reply, she says 11 of these schools are in Gauteng, 27 in the Western Cape, three in the Eastern Cape and three in KwaZulu-Natal.

The department has a vision to introduce Mandarin in 500 schools over the next five years.

Motshekga says two teachers have been brought from China to teach the language and all relocation costs and salaries are paid for by the Chinese government. Only one South African teacher is qualified to teach the language.

Ultimately 100 teachers will be trained for this year and 500 will be trained over the next five years.

Motshekga says South African teachers will undergo a three week long training programme, which is sponsored by the Institute of Global Chinese Language Teacher Education.

From Afrikaans To Mandarin....We Are Not Self Confident As a People And Nation Here in Mzantsi

What's Happening? - "Di Ntshang?", "Zikhiphani"?

What we were fighting for in June 16th 1976, was the imposition of a foreign language on us as children, and against the jagged intolerable edges of Apartheidom. This was a very important thing to us, and it was important to the communities we lived in. It is not that we did not speak Afrikaans at all, but it was the fact that it was forced down our gullets with disregard to any protestations we made-was unconscionable... This was in June 1976.

Anyone can read the article I have written about this matter, albeit brief, if one were to scroll down this timeline. Now, the Education honcho and oaf, Motshega is presenting us with another same problem. she has proudly decreed that our children are now learning Chinese Mandarin, and that they had said, some time ago, this is going to happen. Well it's happening now, Chinese culture and history.

All this is happening in the year and time when we are now celebrating our 40th commemoration of the 1976 fight against the imposition of a foreign language, and Motshega proudly pronounces her carreer achievement of beginning to teach our children, at the lower grades, and phasing this throughout the years and over to higher standards-The learning of Chinese Mandarin and Culture! Really!!!

This is serious, now... The apologists of and for this move inform us that this is being for better .relations with the emerging Super power, China, and so that in the future we can have our children handling our affairs better with their Chinese counterparts.

Now, earlier reports on this move are articulating the discomfort and toughness on our children are facing learning Chinese Calligraphy and the spoken Mandarin, which by the way, is not a common nor spoken, neither known form of language among us African people of Mzantsi.

Our children scarcely know nor understand our diverse African culture and philosophies/languages of their parents, here comes Motshega, with a very brilliant idea, to teach our children how to read and write Mandarin. I call that the Chinafication of our African children, and now, for real, we are "LOST"!

What is going on here, for real... Why is is not the case of the Chinese learning and speaking and talking our 10 different languages here in Mzantsi? Why is this not the point of contention and issue? What is happening to us that we end up have numb-skull pseudo-politicians destroying our African children's education, and we are watching this and doing nothing about it? On the 40th Anniversary of the June 16th Revolution of 1976?

What has happened to us? What is happening to us? Of all the dreaded things we are experiencing, we seem to be sitting idly by and allowing the likes of Motshega to take us 40 years ago and back to the Dark days of Apartheid rule.

Why is it important for our children to be thoroughly more confused by them being sent to Germany, Europe, China, Russia and everywhere else, through education, sports, badly managed and not controlled by us? Why is it important to impress the emerging Chinese superpowers by sacrificing our children at the linguistic, cultural and social mores of these cultures, and our children knowing nothing about our own languages, culture, history and the whole bit about us? Why?!

How come we are all taking a back seat as if this is a noble thing that has ever befallen us who are non-people here in Mzantsi? That is, to the extent that we go begging the Chinese to send their army of teachers to come and indoctrinate our children, right under our noses and in front of our eyes, in our houses, and we stay mum!

We were carrying on in many ways throughout our abodes/Townships, speechifying about the sacrifice of the students of 1976, and here we are today, more silent than our filling up graveyards when we are simply told that our children are going to be learning Mandarin. Our children speak a lot of English, and in rare cases speak our own languages, and here we are, on the commemoration of the rejection of Afrikaans, we are welcoming Mandarin and Calligraphy!

This is Insanity As A Model Of Sanity.. Big Time!!

Language And Power

When we get ready to create a revolution, we must redefine the world, and redefine words; there's no way around it. In Genesis, Adam was given the power to name things(if we are to speak about this matter from a Biblical point of view-I am neither a Christian for that matter-just a spiritual African).. He was also given dominion.

The connection between dominion and naming, between naming and bringing into reality, is the most important point being made by the article above. Nations use their mother tongues to rule and run their national business. Where do we get off and do the imposing, on our children, of this Mandarin language, and go and sleep soundly in our mansions?

When we permit another people to name and define, we permit another people to gain dominion and control over us.

Wilson writes:

"The languages that people learn and speak are most frequently directly related to the power relations between them. Many people will now learn Japanese(Chinese in our case today), as for a while they learned Russian(We have sent a whole load of children to Russia under the pretext its for IT learning purposes!!..

"And for a while people learned German, Latin, Spanish, Italian, etc. Why? Because the people who speak of spoke these languages were or are ascendance or in power at that or this time.

"There is no "good" English or "bad" English, nor "good" language or "bad" language; there is language that's connected to Power. People tend to learn first after their native tongue, whatever language is spoken by the people in power.

"There's a connection between the capacity to have other people speak your language and to call things by the names you give them, and Power. If we wish to assume Power, then we must assume the capacity to name and define things."

This precisely what we did in 1976.. We assumed the Power to name and decide our own future, at great risk, but we did not cower into our job positions and social statuses and unfocused timidity to make our point clear.. We did not want Afrikaans and its imposers and imposters, and we fought and many died because of that-I am still writing about it 40 years after June 16th 1976...

No To Mandarin and Chinese Philosophies!