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Polls Sanctioned Before Sleaze Allegations.


Many polls published before the Tory 'sleaze' allegations, would have us believe that Labour was trailing the Tories. And, that was probably the case, before the sleaze allegations came out. So what are these allegations? Boris' flat shenanigans and who paid for what, (Boris is under investigation and this could result, in prosecution). Boris' alleged statement about letting bodies pile up rather than, having a second lockdown, etc. Boris, even though he is trying to shift to other issues, just cannot get past these allegations, right now.

Sir Keir Starmer and the other opposition parties are making hay, while the sun shines over this. In the Boris bounce of the successful roll-out of the COVID jab, Labour and the other parties have been gifted something they can hit Boris with. And he knows it, given his furious reaction to Sir Keir's line of questioning, during last weeks Prime Ministers Questions.

Let us look at these polls, that were commissioned before the sleaze allegations came out. For example, a YouGov poll shows, that Labour could lose many councils to the Tories, in the so-called, 'Red Wall' areas. In Hartlepool, for example, there will be a major by-election that will see, according to some polls, that Labour will be really, up against it. Labour was lucky enough, at the recent general election to hold Hartlepool from the Conservatives, when other Labour-held areas, fell to them.

In the West Midlands area, Liam Byrne is challenging the incumbent, Andy Street for Mayor. However, if some polls are to be believed, Andy Street should retain his job as Mayor.

Sir Keir Starmer has throughout, his leadership of Labour, said that the party has a 'mountain' to climb. Meaning that Labour has to reconnect with their core voters, that sided, with the Conservatives, in the 2019 general election. Sir Keir has been going up and down the country, selling Labour's message, of an alternative message to the Johnson administration.

This will be the first political test for Sir Keir, as Labour leader. Sir Keir will know soon enough, come Friday morning, as to whether he has connected to the voting public. Boris too will know, if he has retained the momentum he had at the 2019 general election. Both Boris and Sir Keir will be hungry to know if their personalities and policies have made an impact, on the electorate. Whatever, the result for both men going forward, they will be fully aware of their votes, (good or bad) and how it will impact their futures, as we reach the 2024 general election.

This 'Super Thursday' election has it has been monikered, has been put on hold since 2020. Postponed because of the pandemic, but now, as things look better on that front (?), we are able to hold these elections. These elections will take place in England, Scotland and Wales.

Finally, let us hope people, will have the common sense and clarity, to make the right choice of who governs them going forward.

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