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Politics of Health Insurance

David Ligler caught this 23 lb grouper on a fishing trip in 1975. He won a $300 prize.

David Ligler caught this 23 lb grouper on a fishing trip in 1975. He won a $300 prize.

Cancer sucks...

Politics aside for now, this is more of a Sunshine Rant. Purge. Vent. Call it whatever you might, but I'm here to share my voice as a disgruntled American. Whether with Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare or insurance companies - something is wrong with our system. Something must be done to fix it. We must stand unified as a society and fix it. We must stop protesting and begin to think about others who received that grim diagnosis. You never know, you could be in their shoes one day. Your life could change in a matter of seconds.

As a caregiver to my husband, I am disgusted on how americans who work so hard for so many years can get kicked to the curb when they are sick. They didn't ask to be unwell. They didn't ask for cancer to infest their bodies. It happened. They fight with every ounce of their being to beat the beast. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

My husband Dave is 62 years old. He's worked since he was 14 years old. He paid his taxes. He paid into Social Security. He paid his share of Medicaid, Medicare and every other goverment program he was supposed to.

Now that he needs assistance, he gets ignored. He purchased Short Term Disability Insurance for a maximum of six months. His reasoning for a six month policy? Because he thought if there was ever a reason he would need STD he would either be back at work or dead before the six months is over. Obviously, he's neither or else I wouldn't be purging right now.

Like I said he's a man who never, ever excepted a handout. His pride wouldn't allow it. His honor forbid it. Now he needs help.

Due to his cancer treatments he had to apply for Social Security Retirement. He's not able to work anymore. He then applied for Social Security Disability. He was accepted with no problem. Why? Because being a terminally ill patient with a sentence of 4-10 months the goverment feels they won't have to pay him for long so why put up a fight.

He was then told that he couldn't apply for Medicare until October 2015. Say what??? He has to wait two years from applying for Social Security Disability to qualify for Medicare. That's insane.

He then applied for Medicaid. He was denied. He makes too much money. Huh? He has zero income! "Oh, but his Social Security Retirement is his income."

In order to be accepted for Medicaid he would have to make less than $150.00 a month.

"Is that even possible?"

"Yes, it is. Some people have zero income."

Call me clueless. Call me an idiot. Call me whatever you want, but this situation is ridiculous!

This man is terminally ill and they are denying him the benefits that he paid into for the past fifty years. That's a darn shame.

Now he did get approved for Medically Needy and the state will pay medical bills ONLY if they are over $1,411.00 out of pocket for the month. If the monthly bills are less than the goverment will not pay a penny. Are you freaking serious??? Yes, they were.

There are cancer grants and foundations that he could apply for and he might get accepted for those. I emphasize "might." So in between doctor appt's, treatments, caregiving we must find the time to beg and plead for funds for his continued treatment.

Gramps with Faith 2010

Gramps with Faith 2010

Granted there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. You know the ones who take advantage of the system. The ones who fake injuries and disabilities so they could reap the award. This isn't right.

I'm not judging them. But, it's because of situations like this that some citizens can't get Medicare for two years. A two year waiting period. This is unfair to so many people who have earned the right to not have to stress over medical bills. They earned the right to fight the good fight to kick cancer's ass.

Prisoners have good insurance. Would one have to be locked up in order to get cared for by the state? Illegal aliens have more respect than Americans. They could just walk into any emergency room and have their wounds tended to. In addition they could give birth to their babies.

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Hookers, pimps, drug dealers, gang insurance. Not to sterotype, but this is where I am now. I don't want to be here. I'm just an angry American.

Yet, my husband...a hard-working and dedicated American who is trying his best to fight for his life hears, "We're sorry sir, but you don't qualify." That, my friends is messed up. "Thank you for being an outstanding citizen. Thank you for the thousands of dollars you so graciously donated to our agencies. This money will go a long way in providing health care for the ones who donated zilch."

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