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Politics Today, When Does the Lying Stop?

The year 2020 has been nothing but a roller coaster of unfortunate events. Starting off the year we have had a virus sweep the world, riots and floods have covered the planet like blotches of ink on a sheet of paper. But what about in politics?

For the last few years much of tax payers dollars have been used to find dirt on President Donald Trump, each attempt to try and impeach him from office with no real success. The police have been under fire for the deaths of George Floyd and other African-American deaths, safe to say this year has been nothing but plague after plague.

Now we have scandals involving Presidential-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Nominee Kamala Harris. Videos have been circulating the web on Joe Biden's stance on guns, going as far as to call a Union Worker a liar among other things for the question.

Beyond simply being in a state of back and forth with their stance going from saying if legally purchased AR-15's and AK47's are in the hands of trusted and well behaved citizens they may keep them then switching up the tables saying they will instead be trying to instate a Universal Gun Registry, a fact that has many people rolling their eyes.


In other news riots have spread to many cities in protests. Vandalism, assaults, fire starting and other criminal acts have been a threat causing DHS to get involved as well as having many people locked up inn their homes and businesses. One video that circles the web is an old woman being assaulted for imply trying to keep her store safe, not much more then common thugs if you ask me.

Beyond the riots many are still calling for the withdraw of police and DHS forces from the front lines, many seem to believe there actions are to violent in an already violent situation, unfortunately when people need protecting the police shall be called to the scene.


A Professor at John Jay college has been suspended for his intolerable tweet about he is happy to be able to teach future dead cops. A self proclaimed anarchist and anti-socialist Michael Issacson has appeared on several talk shows and news stories to try and explain himself. From his childish actions and disrespectful behavior to the hosts many believe he is ill fit to teach young minds, his statements on teaching future dead cops and his wishes of taking down the police one day and his belief that humans will simply help humans in times of crisis has many people scratching their heads.

His statements on cops not being necessary and that he believes he and his followers have a right to attack and beat down people simply because they do not agree on certain subjects should definitely put into question the professors teaching ability.

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The debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris was a heated one. Kamala Harris believes the USA is inherently racist since no person of color has been president nor vice president before Barack Obama, she has even pulled the sexist card which had many females in the political world in an uproar.

Many who had watched her actions have gone on saying that many women in other countries do not know freedom or equality, that many around the world are either owned or enslaved by their respective countries. In any case Kamala Harris is in hot water over her constant use of sexism and racism to try and make her points.


This year is almost over and even with Joe Biden stated to be the next president and Kamala Harris the VP many scandals and troubles have been brought up and started to brew.

Many do not believe Joe Biden is in a right place in his head to lead this great country and others also believe Kamala Harris to be a bad choice as a Vice President. Others are continuing to blame President Trump on many things, others have come out with videos explaining the many good things Trump has done over his four year term and others talking on the news and other forms of media expressing their dislike for Biden's back and fort.

Some Democrats going as far as to publicly denounce their approval and aid for Biden, sometime in January we are going to find out who the next president is but with the many problems that keep arising who knows what will happen.

Will Donald Trump exit the White House peacefully? Will Kamala Harris somehow become the next president? Will riots and attacks on the free people of the United States continue? Will civil war ultimately happen? Guess we will find out in a few months won't we?


Sharlee on November 15, 2020:

I enjoyed the read. I am just contemplating how I will get through the next few years looking at Joe's over botoxed face to the extent his mouth only moves on one side, and her nasal voice. Come on man now you tell me he is after my gun... So, your questions -- If Trump losses all his lawsuits he will leave without a problem. Kamala is most likely going to be president at one point during Joe's 4 years. I would think riots will continue, I mean their after free stuff. I think most "free people on the streets will at this point kick ass. Not sure about a civil war. One never knows and should be ready, just in case. Oh my, my view seems dire. Wine might help.

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