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Politicians have been put on notice by the voters

The message sent by the voters on Election Day is clear even though some individuals cannot grasp or understand how the election of Trump could have taken place. I have been saying this election year is like no other and the results have proven this to be the case. The establishment from both political parties has been put on notice that the voters are tired of the partisanship in Washington and an overbearing federal government. Individuals in the House of Representatives are elected every two years and 1/3 of the Senate is elected every two years. It remains to be seen whether both political parties will work together to address the critical issues facing our country. It is clear voters want change not the status quo we have seen over the last 8 years and beyond. The culture of Congress needs to change and the voters have sent the message that it must.

Individuals who were elected for the first time or have held their positions for a number of years must take notice of what can be called a movement which overtook this election cycle. It is clear that there will be a shakeup in Washington which has been badly needed for years. It is not the fault of one political party but both parties in pressing their legislative agendas rather than honoring the Constitution. The message of the voters is they are tired of government expanding their role and control over us as individuals not to mention the expansion of regulations killing our economy.

The political party which lost this election does not understand what they missed. We have had many issues facing our country over the past several administrations and Congress has done little if anything about resolving them. We as voters sent a strong message and so has the President-Elect that changes must take place to put our country back on the right track. Voters had a choice to make between the two nominees and their plans for our country, if any and that choice culminated in sending an individual to the White House who has never held public office.

I have previously stated that this year is the year of the outsider but it is more than that it is a year of a political movement which is going to impact the current structure and philosophy of both political parties. The Republicans seemed to have embraced the current movement while the Democrats are now potentially facing the need for significant changes in their party. It is clear that Trump connected with the people like no other individual has in years in winning this election.

Another aspect which impacted this election cycle was the coverage by the media of the political candidates was basically ignored by the voters. The voters have been awakened and politicians and the techniques which have been successful in the past did not work this election year.

While we need a multiple party system to have some check on decisions being made not only by Congress but the President and our justice system it should not be about party policy or philosophy but what is best for the country. The impact of a Trump election may have some immediate results when he assumes the office of President but others will take time to feel the impact. We need many changes in policy not to mention the need to reduce not only the size of government but the overbearing regulations hurting our economy. Politicians of both political parties may be in a restructure mode for the next election. The next election is just two years away and it will be interesting to see what changes, if any will be made within each political party and the way they conduct the business of the people who elect them.

It is time our country returns to the rule of law the basis of which is our Constitution. The process of legislative proposals currently in place in Congress is not well understood by the voters and changes need to be made. The process is inefficient and cumbersome to say the least with both parties fighting each other to gain political points. The message of the voters signaled they are tired of the current culture in Congress and if any individual or political party fails to get the message they may experience the anger of the voters come the next time they are up for election. We need to return to a government based on the Constitution not political party philosophy.

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Dennis AuBuchon (author) from Ohio on November 12, 2016:

I totally agree and thanks for stopping by and providing your input

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on November 11, 2016:

I agree with all that you wrote and I would add that the media is also put on notice. They have shown their bias as exposed by wikileaks. We need an independent media to be the watchdog of our elected officials.

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