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Politician Affairs & Scandals, JFK -Barack Obama

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Pamela. One of JFKs Affairs


Scandals in the White House

Scandals in the political arena can be both shocking and revealing. When celebrities are involved in extramarital affairs they suffer ridicule and shame but the heat usually dies down quickly. For politicians it is a different story. Politicians, although as we well know, have a reputation for being shifty and untrustworthy, are given a major privilege to serve the public. People must must have trust in them to follow up on their promises and get the job done, and when they have nothing but excuses as to why they can't do anything, spend time criticizing the other party, and are photographed too often on the golf course, the public has a right to feel betrayed and resentful. In one of the most extreme cases of feeling let down by a politician is when a politician is caught cheating on his wife and children. We know that there is no way that we can trust him to follow through with what he has promised us when he has broken his vows to his wife and family. The wisdom being that when one cheats on those closest to him it is a lot easier to cheat on those who are far away.

Because we often relate to Senators, Presidents, and Governors as people who represent us, it can be extremely devastating and upsetting to discover a politician we voted for has let us down with a string of scandals, dishonesty, affairs, and cover ups. Some people want to see justice and have that official removed from office while others just want to believe that the scandal is just made up by the opposite party and then there are the wing nuts who don't care what their politician does. These are just some of the emotions that strike when politicians are caught lying and cheating.


JFK Affairs


Letters Between Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy

John Kennedy Affairs

JFK was never faithful to his wife Jackie. He carried on affairs during his time in the white house with Judy Campbell, who was also girlfriend to Mafia boss Sam Giancana, Also, Mary Meyer, Pamela Turnure, Jackie Kennedy's press secretary, and Marilyn Monroe.

Physically Pamela Turnure looked very much like Jackie, and had actually been Jackies press secretary while she carried on her affair with JFK for a total of three years. In the JFK biography, "An Unfinished Life," the author details how President Kennedy used sexual encounters to boost his ego. He was blatant, and obvious about it, yet the press and public did not know of JFKs antics until long after his death. Kennedy has been reported to have seduced numerous party girls and white house staffers shortly after inauguration. In the decades since JFKs assassination, we have learned that JFK was as unfaithful to his wife as his father had been to his mother Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. Joe Kennedy had a famous affair with Gloria Swanson.

Books have been published speculating as to why he was so preoccupied with sleeping with as many women as possible, while others simply detail who JFK was involved with. It has been recently unveiled that John Kennedy had a secret affair with a teenage intern named Marion (Mimi) Beardsley Fahnestock, who has recently published a book detailing her relationship with the president.

John Kennedy's glamorous young wife Jackie was pained by her husbands humiliating lack of respect for her and his ally cat morals but Kennedy simply did not care. Members of Kennedy's white house staff have reported to have seen Jackie frequently make sarcastic and angry remarks about her loose husband in dangerously public settings. She greatly resented that her husband would chase women right in front of her eyes. "Isn't it bad enough that you solicit this woman, then you insult me by asking me to shake her hand!" she barked at two white house aides after spotting one of her husband's mistresses on a receiving line.

One of JFK's most famous affairs was his brief encounter with Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was so infatuated with the president that she even took time off of filming her latest movie, Something's Gotta Give, which was never released, to sing Happy Birthday to JFK. Monroe passed away during the making of the film, and she has been described as "unsteady" throughout the filming. She was already a sad and depressed woman, but no doubt, John F. Kennedy added to her depression. She was a childless aging actress looking for a new identity in the 1960s, and the rejection by JFK was very possibly part of what drove her to suicide.

An issue that was raised in the 1980s by many acquaintances of Monroe was that she was depressed over morphing into an aging star and not having any children to comfort her at the time of her death. She was at a desperate time in her life during her affair with Kennedy and her suicide may have been directly influenced by some of her encounters with him.

Anthony Weiner, Democrat Congressman


Anthony Weiner, Politician

In 2011, using his public Twitter account, Anthony Weiner sent a link to a photo on the internet of his private parts to a 21-year-old female college student who was "following" his posts on the a social media website. He quickly removed the link from his Twitter account, but screen shots of Weiner’s original message and a photo were captured by another Twitter associate and sent to blogger and activist, Andrew Breitbart of, who quickly informed the public of Anthony Weiner's antics on the Big Journalism website soon after.

Days later, Weiner gave interviews denying sending any photos and suggested that someone, "perhaps a republican" yeh right!, had hacked into his accounts and published the photo to embarrass him and create a scandal. The excuse has since become a typical story used by democrats every time they get caught red handed. Simply state, Republicans are trying to embarrass me, and at least a few wing nuts will buy into it. Anthony Weiner did not fully deny that the photo was of him, but suggested the image might be "photo shopped", and then proceeded to attack phantom Republicans for going after him and making false accusations. Strangely, Weiner would not ask the FBI to investigate the internet hacking. Hmm

If someone hacked a politicians account shouldn't he want to press charges? Weiner stated he was unconcerned and that it was a prank due to his strange name. Anthony Weiner was now stating it was probably not really a crime, but a joke. Several liberal bloggers began accusing Breitbart of planting the photo and message as part of a scheme to defame Anthony Weiner, and the battle was on!

Anthony was trying desperately at this point to blow the whole thing off and move on.

Unfortunately, Weiner's public had too much confidence in him and were screaming mad at Breitbart . They wanted to clear the name of Weiner.

This led to the discovery of even more girls and sexy Anthony Weiner photos.

At this point Anthony Weiner said that he did not wish for his wife to have to suffer the media noise any further. He admitted that he had a sex issue and needed professional help. This announcement came with his resignation from Congress.

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Now that Weiner has let some time pass, he is preparing to run for higher offices.

Gary Hart Affair

Gary Hart & Donna Rice

Gary Hart & Donna Rice

Gary Hary & Donna Rice

Gary Hart had a long and successful career as a lawyer, author, and politician. He served as Democratic Senator of Colorado from 1975-1987. Hart also ran in the presidential elections of 1984 and 1988. Hart was a democratic frontrunner until he was caught having an affair with 29 year old Donna Rice.

In 1987 Gary Hart announced his candidacy for president, and almost immediately rumors were circulating that Hart was running around on his wife. In an effort to appear innocent of the rumors he dared the press to follow him around to see what his schedule was like. Not a bright dare to throw the hungry press when one is guilty.

Two Journalists witnessed a young woman leaving Hart's Washington D.C. house. The story was printed the next day. The Herald was attacked for publishing the story so fast. As Hart was still clinging to the "innocent" routine, his allies said that he was being unfairly judged by the Hearald. Even Gary Hart's wife was brought forward to state that it was an innocent relationship that Hart was having with Donna Rice.

Gary Hart's approval rating went from 33% - 16% overnight.

Just two days after the story of a woman leaving Hart's home was published, the Herald received a further tip that Hart had spent a night on a yacht that was aptly called Monkey Business. He was with a woman who was not his wife, and the notorious photograph of Hart sitting on the dock with Donna Rice on his lap was published on the cover of the National Enquirer. One week after that bomb- Hart dropped out of the race, and Michael Dukakis became the democratic nominee. In case you forgot how on earth Governor Michael Dukakis ever made it as the frontrunner. They nicknamed him the "Massachusetts Miracle" and it truly was a miracle that he ever ran for president. He was easily defeated by George H. Bush.

It was due to his dishonesty and attempts to fool the public by blaming the media for his faults that turned people off of Gary Hart. Ironically five years later Bill Clinton became president and lied to the public about affairs he was having in the white house, but omehow Clinton remained president of the United States.

Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky


Monica Lewinsky's Story

Gennifer Flowers Press Confrence


Bill Clinton, Sex, Lies, and the Blue Dress

As governor of Arkansas Clinton was accused of sexual misconduct. The incident resulted in a civil lawsuit by Paula Jones, who claimed that Governor Clinton had sexually harassed her. Jones was taking after Clinton due to his poor treatment of her, and women in general. This scandal broke after Clinton was in the white house, and the last thing the democrats wanted was an open scandal.

Monica Lewinsky became the main mistress to Bill Clinton now that he was president of the United States and occupying the white house. Why, she was convenient.

Now that Paula Jones had dropped a bomb that rocked the Clinton administration, Clinton's advisors were becoming concerned that Monica was spending too much time with Bill Clinton. Lewinsky was promptly sent to the Pentagon in effort to keep things looking clean around the president. Lewinsky had confided to a friend and co-worker, Linda Tripp, that she was having an affair with the president. Unknown to Monica, Tripp was recording the conversations.

Big trouble was boiling when Lewinsky submitted her affidavit denying any physical contact between she and the president. Lewinsky then asked Linda Tripp to lie under oath about the her relationship with the president. Linda turned in the recorded conversations and the controversy was stirred up. Linda Tripp had also somehow convinced Lewinksy not to dry clean her clothes.

Bill Clinton lied under oath about his affair with Monica. He also lied in a famous nationally televised press conference, stating that he did not have sexual relations with "that woman." He continued to lie on television and under oath; then came Monica Lewinsky's, now famous, blue dress. The dress made its appearance with Clinton's seamen stain on it, along with Lewinsky's testimony of sexual encounters with the president.

Now Clinton stated that he did have an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Few believed Clinton's story of innocence in the first place, but his denials led to one of the strangest snake oil salesman's lines of all time from a president- "It depends on what "is" is."

Many American's were indignant at Bill Clinton for spending taxpayer money for "free prostitution." There was such an uproar about his conduct for lying to the American people, cheating on his family, and lying under oath. The media pointed out that decades earlier, Richard Nixon was impeached because he lied to the American public, and allowing Clinton to go on unscathed was a sign of the declining of moral standards in the United States.

As another awkward thorn in his side, Gennifer Flowers made her adulterous affair with the president known.

Gennifer Flowers stated that she had a 12 year affair with Bill Clinton. She denied it at first and then after being hounded by media, she made a press conference confirming the details.

Bill Clinton was not a bad president, but he lost credibility with the public because he cheated on his wife and then lied. America was still quite conservative in the early 90s and did not approve of disrespecting a spouse. Clinton should have admitted what he had done in the first place as any intelligent person does before moving forward, instead he chose to lie until all evidence made him look absolutely foolish. Is this any different from what Jodi Arias did in lying about not being present when Travis Alexander was murdered? It shows lack of character, that this person will squirm, make up stories and do anything besides take responsibility.

Sadly, especially for women of the United States, the democratic party then began to tout that morals are old fashioned, out dated, and that a president should not be expected to be faithful to his wife. When they need the vote of women they claim to be on the side of women, and when push comes to shove the democrats always throw women under the bus.

Gennifer Flowers Betrayal

John Edwards Scandal


John Edwards & The Love Child

John Edwards was a Democratic Senator from North Carolina in 2008 when a story was submitted to the National Enquirer. The story stated that John Edwards had a child with Rielle Hunter, a movie maker whom he hired to work on his presidential campaign. Edwards denied all allegations of an affair and of fathering a child. After much pressure Edwards admitted he did had an affair with Rielle, but denied being the father of her child. There was no father's name on the baby's birth certificate, and the press pursued the issue. As pressure from the media was mounting, a man who was part of Edwards' campaign stated that he was the father of the child in an effort to cool the scandal.

It was now discovered that John Edwards was seeking a doctor to fake a DNA result test, and at the same time was trying to confirm if the child really was his. All the embarrassing details were on the news stations and in the newspapers.

The public did not take kindly to John Edwards for the negative publicity. It was not just because he was having an affair, or because he fathered a child outside of marriage. The thing that demonized him the most was the fact that his wife was battling breast cancer while Edwards was horsing around.

The truth could not be kept secret forever. Intimate tapes between Edwards and his mistress were coming out publicly, confirming his extramarital affair. He now issued a statement admitting he was the father of the baby and that he was now separated form his wife and intended to divorce her. Months later his wife, Elizabeth Edwards passed away.

Barack Obama's Benghazi Ordeal


The Amature, Barack Obama

The Lybia Cover Up & Barack Obama

It was September 11, 2012, just two months before the presidential election and re-election of Barack Obama, who was then running against the incredibly successful humanitarian Mitt Romney. Obama was losing momentum due to a weak economy, increasing the war in Iraq, and overall failed policies, then, just when it seemed things couldn't get any worse for him, he had his first presidential debate against Romney and looked positively ridiculous as he had no defense for his failures; in all polls Barack Obama was sinking as Romney gained favor.

Many Americans had been fearing another terrorist attack as in Muslim doctrines reveal that part of Muslim culture is to commemorate acts of terrorism with another terrorist attack to show their power. Then, American Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three State Department employees were brutally murdered in the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya -September 11th 2012. It was indeed a terrorist attack that commemorated the September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center. A terrible, senseless murderous rampage in itself, but, in the underhanded world of democrats and their corrupt politics, simply a scandal that came at a bad time. The only thing that the democratic party cared about was brushing this thing under the rug and getting re-elected.

About one hour before the murders, the ambassador, who usually resided in the U.S. embassy, was visiting officials and staying at the consulate, had just finished having dinner with a colleague, but had been sending messages to president Obama asking the president for backup. Over the next three hours, hundreds of Muslim protesters assaulted the defenseless compound and set it on fire.

Around the same time that these crimes were taking place in Benghazi, a low budget, home made YouTube video had gained interest over the internet. The home movie displayed actors with dubbed voices portraying the prophet Mohamed and making a mockery of terrorist Muslims. The Obama administration seized the opportunity to blame the murders of the four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens on this home movie. Without missing a beat, the administration sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to publicly place blame of the terrorist attack in Libya on this small time American film maker. She appeared on several morning TV talk shows just five days after the murders took place, pointing the finger at a youtube video for the violent uprising in Libya, and repeatedly stated, "this is not a terrorist attack." The Obama administration tried desperately to keep from the public from knowing that this was in fact, a terrorist attack and tried diligently to keep Americans talking about the youtube video instead. Common sense told the most independent thinking Americans that its sure an odd coincidence that this took place on the anniversary of 9/11. Hilary Clinton, who was acting as secretary of state, also spoke out and apologized to America for the "disgusting" video clip that resulted in four dead Americans in Libya. She then stated that justice would serve this American who made fun of Muslims.

The most discerning of Americans were shocked by the lame story that the democrats were trying to pull off on the public, as Hilary is a lawyer and any lawyer knows that you can't say that," I was insulted by something someone said, so I killed four people", and then put that person who made the insulting comment in jail for the deaths of the four people I killed, yet, this is what the democrats were trying to do. Educated Americans were flabbergasted by not only the lightness with which the Obama administration took the terrorist attack, but were shocked at its attempt to frame an innocent man who should have the right to make a comedy film about Muslims if he chooses. Why is it so disgraceful to poke fun at a Muslim when its perfectly acceptable to ridicule Christians? Saturday Night Live stepped up to bat for the anti Christian movement in the 1980s when it began making fun of Christianity with its spoof of "the Church Lady" and no Christians went out murdering people because of it, and 'no' there is no truth to the SNL comedy spoof either. The portrayal is not accurate, its purely made up in effort to make people dislike Christians. For discerning Americans, this whole story the democrats were playing on the public was reason enough to never vote democrat again.

Susan Rice, Hilary Clinton, and President Obama scrambled for weeks to keep presenting the terror attack as a spontaneous reaction to the YouTube clip. They wanted Americans to believe that the attack could not have been anticipated, therefore, taking blame off of themselves as to being able to stop it, and that the instigators of the murders were ordinary Libyans angry at the freedom Americans have in making movies.

Governor, Mitt Romney raised crucial questions regarding the violence in Libya and was quickly attacked by the Obama administration for doing what they described as, "politicizing the tragedy." This was designed to scare people away from asking any questions that would put democrats in an embarrassing position. David Axelrod, spoke out and said in so many words that this incident was a tragedy and should not be talked about.

This led to much speculation that the floundering Obama administration was trying to cover up the terrorist attack in Libya because Obama was too busy campaigning for re-election. Soon, US intelligence reports were coming out that revealed the Obama administration knew the attack was not due to a video clip as, Hilary Clinton and Obama himself had said. The intelligence group who were on the ground in Libya at the time of the attack reported to the white house immediately that the attack was "well orchestrated, made use of military equipment and complex tactics." The bulk of the attack was carried out by militias who are tied to Al Qaeda. In response to these leaks, the State Department, for which Rice works, acknowledged that the assault was an organized terrorist attack. Oops!

The Obama administration had publicly rejected the intelligence report and insisted for more than fourteen days in which the vice presidential debate took place, that the administration did not know the assault was an act of terrorism against American personnel. Vice President Joe Biden was visibly uncomfortable during his debate against the sharp witted Paul Ryan as he knew he would have to face uncomfortable questions that would no doubt put him on the cover of every magazine for the next two weeks. "Joe the pro" handled the debate by laughing, shaking his head, and generally being as distracting as he possibly could. Biden wanted to interrupt and create confusion as frequently as possible in effort to kill the 90 minutes without having too many awkward questions to deal with. When the question about Libya was asked, he simply denied knowing the facts. Followed the Presidents lead by stating that he knew nothing.

More Information had leaked out shortly after the terrorist attacks stating that Ambassador Stevens had been asking for more security for several months. Stevens had also let the white house know that he was in fear for his life. It was then discovered that the white house watched the Americans being attacked in Libya via "real time", and basically sacrificed those four Americans for the sake of a successful political campaign and to ensure that Obama be re-elected.

In an effort to keep his campaign running as smoothly as possible, Obama created a lot more bumps by not coming out with the truth of what happened to the four Americans when he should have. But, with the media squarely on his side, the only exception being Fox News, which was willing to present the questions from family members of the murdered Americans, Obama never faced or owned up to what happened to those forgotten American heroes who died in the line of duty.

The Truth About Hillary


Hilary's email Scandal


Hilary's Whitewater Controversy

As the Obama administration was now tainted with scandal and suspicion, Hilary Clinton resigned as secretary of state in effort to distance herself from the negative publicity as Hilary's ultimate goal was to become President of the United States. She is highly supported by the shifty democratic party that knows well that the public has a short attention span and an even shorter memory. In four years the public will have well forgotten about all the scandal connected to Hilary and her dealings with the Obama administration and she will run a smooth campaign to run off with the presidency. That's the plan..

While still early in her campaign, some negative things did catch up with Hilary. For the four years that Ms. Clinton was secretary of state she never used a government email address, she just continued using her private email account that served both government business as well as her personal random fluff.

The State Department requested that she turn over her email correspondence and that led to a major scandal in itself . Hilary turned over more than 30,000 emails that she thought would be sufficient. The only problem was that more than 30,000 classified emails were destroyed. Clinton states that they were all personal, but , how can anyone be sure of that? One must ask why she used her private email in the first place. This is not just a simple $20 an hour job in which she can clown around. Her actions and attitude were completely irresponsible, arrogant and un-presidential. It is clear that she is not fit to hold any public office, yet the democratic party continues to push Clinton as their front runner. Just what was on those emails? Almost everyone simply cannot believe that they were just personal emails due to the fact that Hilary, like her husband, Bill, has proven herself to be a compulsive liar by her past actions, and even more revealing, just before the email scandal broke, she described herself publicly as a hoarder.

Most Americans still believe that Hilary will come out of this unscathed because the Clinton's have too much money and power to have anything short of mass murder hold them back. But, Republcans are angry, and rightfully so, because Nixon erased 15 minutes of tape recorded dialogue and had to resign as President of the United States, and Hilary erased upwards of 30,000 of classified emails and due to some slick talking gets away with it. Can a politician deliberately just give themselves leeway in a major office such as, Secretary of State, by saying that they will follow their own set of rules because they don't want to be bothered using a government email, as all others holding high office do? Now she has given herself a gray area in which to hide classified email. Perhaps they will scold her with, "next time use a government email and don't erase things that are classified', and she will march on to be POTUS. Ugh.

More on the Hilary email scandal- Hillary Clinton email scandal Explained.

Love Affair with John F Kennedy

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Skarlet (author) from California on July 28, 2013:

People.... Liberals.... I am sorry that you don't want to hear about liberals who lie, but this is the whole point to the hub. It is sad that so many liberals, and I have deleted some of their pointless comments, want to gripe about the fact that I am pointing out democrats and their scandals.

Instead of taking it in, they are upset that I have mentioned them. They want me to try to dig up things about Republicans, but, you can't turn on your television set and see anything and everything negative about Republicans, some true and important scandals, and many made up and exaggerated scandals. Democrats are typically saying that they are more caring towards women than Republicans and yet they have more scandals in which they disrespect women than Republicans by a long shot. The reality check is that they talk gooey about how much they care about women when they need the woman's vote. When the scandals about democrats break out they say that how a man treats women has nothing to do with being in politics. It is totally hypocritical and people need to pay attention to the facts.

I am well aware that people make mistakes. Newt Gingrich had an affair and I think he deserved to be given so heck for it during that time. I believe that after 10 years, he should be given some slack, however, in a case such as Clinton, the man was in office and should have been impeached the way Richard Nixon was. There is a double standard here. Republicans get impeached for lying, that is what Nixon was impeached for, and democrats are given a bunch of excuses and kept in office.

Sorry guys. If you are looking for yet another article that coddles liberals you have come to the wrong place. I am not afraid of analyzing the facts and writing about them. I was once a democrat and became so disgusted with being used by that party for votes and then being betrayed.

I came across several articles here on Hubpages stating that Weiner is just doing what men do and that people should vote for him because he represents the modern man. There are plenty of extreme lefty articles to read if you can't handle anything outside of your liberal box, but you are not going to scare me into writing the way that you would like me to.

Skarlet (author) from California on February 17, 2013:

That's right. Obama was supposed to be the president of peace. During his first campaign everyone was running around with peace signs on their cars with an Obama for president.

BTW- just noticed you are from Liverpool. I have quite a few family members living there. Some in Walton.

Davidwork on February 17, 2013:


This is just brief. I won't be making any more comments on this hub, as I want to explore others, including possibly some of your other ones.

I tried not to be biased in my last comment, and I wasn't trying to make excuses for Obama. It might surprise you, but actually I'm not too keen on him as a President, mainly because of the way the drone assassinations have continue unabated under his administration.

When I said that he could not be honest about what he planned to do, and that neither he nor his party had a permanent ticket to office, well that's not bias of any kind, it is simply the truth. On major policies, your Presidents are hamstrung by Congress, the Senate and mid-term elections, and terms in office are constantly swapped between Democrats and Republicans.

Skarlet (author) from California on February 16, 2013:

@-Davidwork- I would not be a bit surprised if the media in Britain is also left wing due to the fact that you have heard about Fox News being Conservative.

All of the news stations here are extremely liberal and Fox is the only one that will present balance. I always watched the mainstream media and had to turn it off because of all the Obama groveling. I did not really want to hear anything negative, just something realistic.

They talked about him like he was going to save the world.

I used to hear all the attacks on Fox and then I decided that in effort to be open minded, I watched it. During the day time it has basic hard news. There is a mixture of liberals with their own hour shows and some conservatives with their own hour shows, they also have some libertarians presenting their views for a few hours per week. I get most of my news from newspapers, but I must say that Fox is the most balanced of all, yet all of those who have never watched it think it is some evil conservative attack on poor Obama. The other "news" stations look for clips that they can distort, and then they play it as a representation of how bad Fox is.

MSNBC, a liberal station, is being sued right now for editing tapes in effort to create news, but I'll bet you have not heard about that.

Since you mentioned that Romney misrepresented facts, I further believe that the UK press must be left. "Independent Politics" did a survey of the facts and the lies, and Obama was in the lead by a landslide. Romney's possible misrepresentations were nothing to even sneeze at.

I can't remember everything off the top of my head, but I watched what was going on, and if you were watching the debates you will remember that all of the moderators were liberals with their own liberal programs. They made effort to cut Romney off and let Obmaa ramble. Obama got several minutes more than Romney.

Also, that "Candice" one did what no moderator should do, and let Obama get away with a big lie. She took Obama's side, and then after the debate, she immediately admitted to the independent press that Obama was wrong. The problem is that most people watched the debate and then turned the television off. This led many people to believe that Romney was wrong because the moderator said so.

Those of us who were well aware of the facts were extremely angry. Even though she admitted the truth right after, she knows that you can't un-ring a bell. The majority of people watched it and were led to believe that Romney was evil for lying about Obama. It is a brilliant strategy, but one I would rather not see when it comes to my livelihood.

News is not right, it is not really free enterprise, it is union. And they have a hand in it.

But people make every excuse in the world for Obama and the left, just as you just did. But, my point is the liberals will not give a break to any conservative who has a change of plans in the white house. I don't expect everything to be perfect, but Obama has lied and failed in every way. They made up a bunch of lies about Romney to keep people from looking at what is happening here.

This Obama not raising taxes on the middle class was his ticket into the white house. Immediately after he was re-elected he began saying that electricity costs will necessarily go up under his plan. I just got tagged with my first does of BS with a "special" safety tax, and I know that there is more to come.

As a business owner, I cannot hire employees because of the threat the liberals are to my business. Our unemployment is still super high, and all the business owners I associate with are not interested in sticking their heads in the noose either.

Thank you for your comments.

Davidwork on February 16, 2013:


A very interesting response. Analysing all that you’ve said, your anger seems to be focused on your perception of media bias, falsehoods and inaccuracies, particularly with respect to support the media seems to give to the Democrats, and the way that media has influenced people’s opinions.

As I do not live in the US, I cannot give an informed opinion on that, but from what research I have done, the vast majority of the media there, TV, newspapers, radio, is privately owned and controlled, so I would have thought that most of it would have had a tendency to be right leaning, to support free enterprise, and consequently the Republican Party. Certainly, Fox News has a well-known reputation over here for being right-wing. I have only experienced US TV for a short time, during holidays in 2008 and 2009, so I was unable to form an opinion on bias, but I did not perceive bias towards Barrack Obama as a Presidential candidate on US TV when I was there in October and November 2008.

Here in the UK, the TV news tends to be unbiased and factual, though some people occasionally accuse the BBC of leaning to the left on issues. The UK press is different. Our main newspapers are The Daily Mirror, The Guardian and the Independent, which lean to the left, and The Daily Express, The Daily Mail and The Sun, which lean to the right. Because the UK is smaller, we have national newspapers here, yours tend to be regional or city-based, The Washington Post, New York Times, etc.

The press does have a lot of power in this country, certain newspaper headlines helped to swing elections in the past couple of decades. Also, my late Father was an immigrant, and I myself used to work with refugees, so I was sometimes quite angry about the way our right-wing newspapers used to constantly attack immigrants.

Regarding the way you perceive that certain Democrat supporters respond to US media, well that is a problem of people generally allowing themselves to be led, and not making any attempt to think for themselves. Again, all political parties will do whatever they can to get into power, Labour and Conservative do it here, and I have become dismayed with our parties misleading people, being economical with the truth, or not answering questions directly. If Obama was guilty of misinforming people, then so was Mitt Romney; many people here followed the US election with interest, and Mr Romney did also dish out some misinformation during his campaign.

Regarding Obama not being able to do what he said he would, well no US President will ever be able to do exactly what he, (or she, let’s hope there’s a woman President within the next decade) wants to unless his/her party is in an absolute majority in both Congress and Senate, so any President who tells you that he/she can do anything is not telling you the truth.

Regarding the Democrats using misinformation to “…keep themselves in office”, no US political party can ‘keep itself in office’; it’s down to the voters. As US presidents only have a maximum of eight years in office, Obama certainly isn’t on an automatic ticket to re-election, and the Democrats can no more keep themselves in office than the Republicans could. I have been following US elections since 1968, when the Republicans got into office for the first time, and since then US parties have swapped power regularly, Republicans 1968-76, 1980-1992, 2000-2008, Democrats 1976-80, 1992-2000, and 2008 - present. As you can see, the Republicans had the longest run, 12 years.

Regarding what that woman said, well that is just plain silly. Cheating on a partner is something that all men (and women) are capable of, regardless of political affiliation, nationality, colour or culture.

In the US, the UK and other democratic countries, where political parties have to compete for power, the problem is partly with political parties, the way they misinform and manipulate people, partly with media that can be biased either way, and partly with voters who generally are not well enough informed to make balanced voting decisions.

Skarlet (author) from California on February 16, 2013:


I live in the U.S. and up until about five years ago I considered myself an independent. After having my business attacked by the liberals here in California, and tiring of the lies that the left constantly throw at the middle class while they take our money and then blame the right, I am more of a conservative. Not easy being conservative here because people in California are trained to hate you the minute they hear that.

The press is extremely lopsided towards the left and therefore my hub is a scandal in itself as it is based on the things that our media conveniently leaves out. Honestly, we cannot hear the name, Nixon, without hearing the whole Watergate thing, but we talk about Clinton and how great he and Hilary are without dredging up any of the embarrassing facts. Hilary is free to run for office and if she were a Republican, she would be torn to shreds by women's groups for being a doormat to her man. Ann Romney was called a "stepford wife" just because she had several children and did not have a job, while Hilary was always left alone.

It is truly outrageous how people fall into the little army that the press gears them into.

The media tends to have a soft attitude and brushes off what democrats do while they want to hang any conservative for a minor slip of the tongue.

This is damaging for those of us who want real results in this country. If a conservative were president and raised taxes after saying he would not, I would not be sitting here smiling, believe me.

When George Bush was president my whole office was screaming about the war. They were saying, "we should not be at war with any country", and there was no talking about it. Obama then said that as soon as he was elected he would have troops coming back. To me it was obviously a way to get into office and start jerking us around.

The deocrats used the media to build up hate towards Bush, even after everyone voted on it. Yes, Bill Clinton said we must go to war, and then Obama comes out with lies about how he will make everything peaceful. After being elected, he stops talking about it, and so does the media.

All the kool aid drinking employees in my office were applauding Obama's phoney campaign promises while I was saying, "he is full of it."

I said he was full of it because I know that Obama simply can not do what he said he would. I would rather hear the truth.

Sure enough the war continued and even intensified, but, the liberal magazines that were being read in my office, Newsweek, and some others stopped printing war photos and all the employees, even the ones who had sons in Iraq, were smiling. I opened my mouth and said, "Obama did not deliver", "your son was sent to Iraq, and now Afghanistan, "are you mad? " What I got was, "no, because we have to be at war with them." That from a woman who claimed she wanted to shoot George Bush because her son was at an age that might make him eligible to go to Iraq.

When I point out how hypocritical they are they just looked sheepish and walked away. They will bend over for anything Obama does because we have media constantly ramming it down our throats.

I am familiar with Labour and Conservatives in the U.K. because I have family who live in the North of England and in Glasgow Scotland. I see a similar pattern there. My grandfather said, "always vote labour because that way you are voting for the people." That is what dems think they are doing. As long as we think that way, the dems have a ticket to consistently be elected and take our money, as they have been doing.

Years ago I went through a major education that would take a hub itself to present here, but I became thoroughly disgusted with how narrow minded people are, and how unfair our press is. People are afraid of looking at the conservatives with an honest view. They automatically believe that its all about racism, and being rich, ect., and on close examination, that is not true. This is nonsense that the left use to keep themselves in office. The ugliness of American history is slavery, which was conquered by the Republicans and supported by the democrats. This part of history is ignored and skewed my the media these days.

What I discovered is that overall the conservatives have allowed us more freedom, and been more honest that the liberals. I learned this from real research, not from swallowing the BS. The liberals say they are the kind ones who are for the middle class, but that is simply a way to gain votes. They have raised taxes and kept the little people from being able to get ahead. I have been self employed for years and I don't want big daddy taking care of me. I want to have the freedom to take care of myself.

Obama just spent the last year lying to the "little people" in order to be re-elected. They used those who do not have a clue to get votes by saying that taxes won't be raised, and then they stirred up class warfare by making working class people resent those who have achieved.

I knew Obama was going to clobber us with high taxes, and I just received by "special" tax bill of $250 for "additional safety" on the mountain road.

One of my inspirations for writing this hub, perhaps I should have mentioned it at the beginning, was when I walked into a place of business and heard a democrat zombie lady say, "oh, conservative men are just neanderthal, they cheat on women." Years ago I would have kept quiet, but as this thing has become such a problem, I speak whenever It is not completely out of place. I mentioned that the liberals talk about how much respect they have for women when they want our vote, and when it comes right down to it, they are the worst when it comes to disrespect and cheating. I then rattled off names while she stood there looking stupified.

So, I guess everyone remembers Nixon. Even those who know nothing about politics are aware that they should hate Nixon and that he was a Republican, while Obama has several issues going right now that we would have had any conservative ripped to shreds over.

The other dems I mentioned here should keep the media believing liberals a little off balance.

Davidwork on February 16, 2013:


Yes, the Chappaquidick incident was appalling, and Teddy Kennedy should have faced firmer justice, but the fact that he didn't would have been down to the flaws in the legal and political system, not solely due to the fact that he was a Democrat.

It may surprise you to know that I can remember the Chappaquidick incident very well; I'm 57 now, I was 13 in July 1969 when it happened, and I remember that photo of a smiling Mary Jo Kopechne on the TV news here in the U.K. as if it were yesterday.

You've titled your hub "Political scandals and affairs...", therefore it would have been balanced and fair to include stories of misdeeds by ALL U.S. politicians, of all political parties, otherwise it would have been more appropriate to title it: "DEMOCRATIC political scandals and affairs". Now do you see my point?

I lean towards the left, I'm what you'd call a liberal in the US; but I'm very critical in some ways of Labour, which is the U.K. equivalent of your Democratic party. We had an expenses scandal here in the U.K. a couple of years ago, and Labour MP's (Members of Parliament) were just as bad at claiming false expenses as the Conservatives MP's. (Conservatives are our Republicans). I was equally critical of them both.

Skarlet (author) from California on February 14, 2013:

Well, Watergate was MADE to be the most damaging scandal in political history, but Chappaquiddick should have been. Someone lost her life at the hands of a drunken Kennedy.

He was not only not held responsible for it but was later praised as being the "Lion in the Senate." Nobody even dared bring it up. Everyone writes about Watergate, and we still talk about it, as we do anything we can tie the word "Republican" to. Democrats get away with murder. Literally.

Nixon was impeached for lying, as I pointed out. Clinton lied and was caught repeatedly, but managed to stay in office. That is a scandal on top of a scandal.

When a normal citizen is guilty of drunk driving they are rounded up and hauled off to jail, but Kennedy lived in the lap of luxury. This seems highly scandalous to me.

Davidwork on February 14, 2013:


I notice that you have conveniently overlooked the most damaging political scandal of the lot - Watergate. Is that because Nixon was Republican?

Skarlet (author) from California on January 26, 2013:

Thank you Kasman. Glenn Beck can be very funny. Its incredible how these politicians just hang around and wait for people to forget, and then do it all again.

Kas from Bartlett, Tennessee on January 26, 2013:

I'm glad you wrote about the Anthony Weiner scandal. I just remember all of the "Weiner" jokes after it happened, like Glenn Beck munching on a hot dog while talking about him. And now the man is wanting to run for another office again. He was disgraced, he got caught......wanting to run again. Amazing. Very good hub overall, great details. Voting up!

Skarlet (author) from California on October 22, 2012:

ImKarn23- Thank you for stopping by. Actually when I was reading back the Anthony Weiner part I was cracking up. They do such weird things, and I guess being in such a position of power, they believe that they will never be caught.

Haha. I guess there are more Dems to choose from. I remember when I was finally of age to vote and I voted Democratic because they always said they cared so much about women's issues. I soon found out that they don't care about women after elections, and when they actually said that being abusive to one's wife is a sign of superior intelligence in effort to protect their guy, I was done.

Mazzy Boler0- Thank you. I really don't know how they do it, but I suspect that it really adds to the stress in the overall picture of things.

Levertis Steele- I just wrote what I could think of right now. I usually add more after my hubs are published. My method is to get them out as fast as possible and then build them up.

But, the title is affairs and scandals- The Obama/Libya is the latest scandal. Thank you for commenting.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on October 22, 2012:

Why didn't you mention Nixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal since your report on Obama is political? I suppose Obama has not racked up on any known marital affairs during his term. If he is smart, he won’t. This Obama part makes the hub somewhat humorous since the others were about marital infidelities.

I hate the ways of cheaters. They are such egotistical daredevils. Power makes some people feel that they can do anything. I suppose that my statement is not fair considering that most men and women cheat, I believe. I cannot understand why such smart people like these politicians do some of the dumbest things imaginable. What is most frightening is that half of public figures and lesser cheaters have not been discovered. They get away with it and can stand back and point fingers at the exposed ones. If we knew them all, one book could not contain the stories that would be written. Women are just as guilty of this behavior, if not more, as men. Usually a man has more than one outside woman. Consider the declarations of some stars who reported having over 200 women a year. When it is exposed, the women tell all and are ready to write a book and rake in the bucks! They are seldom scandalized like the men.

Thanks for sharing an interesting hub.

Mazzy Bolero from the U.K. on October 22, 2012:

A very interesting hub, Skarlet, that had me amused, appalled and outraged in turn. What has always amazed me about Presidential sexual antics is how they can possibly find the time and energy to do this while simultaneously dealing with all the problems of the most powerful country in the world! Kennedy was also said to have a really bad back, you would have thought that would have slowed him down:) When I was a teacher, I used to collapse exhausted when I got home - no energy left for anything. Maybe I should have gone into politics instead :)

Karen Silverman on October 21, 2012:

Lol..i can't say as to why, but - i found this silly grin on my face as i read about the famous follies of these powerful men! Some of these men are branded as disgusting, while some of them could do almost anything - and still be swimming in a sea of popularity! JFK and Clinton are excellent examples - they remind me of charlie sheen and that mafia guy - the teflon

on the other hand - john edwards is a good example of a lying, cheating narcissistic megalomanic - and weiner's just, well - a weiner! lol..

as far as obama goes - libya is definitely not his brightest moment - altho, he did mention 'terrorism' in some context on both day 1 and day 2 after the attack - it did seem they were trying to shift the blame to a stupid video! Even this dumb canuck smelled something fishy - i kept asking myself 'WTF? forget a stupid video - anyone who does this is an animal and a terrorist - period - and some amateur video should not even be on the table!

in other words (pantpant) - great hub - very enjoyable, entertaining, informative, interesting - and even a tiny bit funny - even though i notice you chose only democratic

sharing on, my friend..

Skarlet (author) from California on October 20, 2012:

@fpherj48- Haha. Yes, I think I have to agree :)

Suzie from Carson City on October 20, 2012:

Well, Skarlet, I'm a brutally honest woman. If Hillary were Prez and ran around with interns and staff, I'm pretty sure, the American public would say these interns and staff have some really bad taste in a mistress!!

Skarlet (author) from California on October 20, 2012:

Thank you billybuc- We are flawed, I agree. When the media comes up with, "he smoked pot in high school" or "he was mean to his high school girl friend 50 years ago" It does not phase me. But, when a president is in the white house and blatantly disrespects the American people, I say we have a problem. Being president is special and should be respected by person in that position.

If I were to get a management job and started pimping all the men and young boys I could find, and then the office experienced a loss of income due to something major I ignored, and then lied about, I would be fired pretty quickly.

If we don't hold our president to any standards, we will end up with even bigger problems.

My opinion... Thank you billybuc and fpherj48

That raises a curiosity. What would the American public say if Hilary Clinton were president and it were discovered that she were running around with her interns, white house staff, ect.?

I have a feeling people would hold her to a higher standard than her husband...

Suzie from Carson City on October 20, 2012:

Amen, brother bill...Amen. As I suggested in my hub....if we would accept that "they" are who they are....very FAR from perfect, honest or moral.....we simply wouldn't HOLD them up to higher standards....Period. Politicians are plain old seedy characters....they master in lies and manipulation......lust and greed. We have not a single privilege to be so "Shocked and aghast" when they do what they do....My stock response has always been.....Oh, my, shock and surprise......what's for lunch?

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 20, 2012:

Nice job as always Skarlet! I am a bit different from many on this. I have such low expectations of people because I know they are flawed. I fully expect each and every politician to lie and spin the's what they do. It makes no difference that they shouldn't do it; they have been doing it since the beginning of this country, so my expectations of them are quite low. :) Show me an honest politician and I'll show you someone I can actually support completely.

Skarlet (author) from California on October 20, 2012:

@fpherj48 -I know we are all human and have done bad things in our past, but I believe that while in office as president, we are held to a higher standard. The president is given many bonuses, and is our employee after all.

@Carol7777-Thank you Carol- I know what you mean about this new scandal. It keeps getting worse.

@Davesworld- I really do feel sorry for Monica. In fact I felt sorry for her when it was all taking place. Clinton continues to parade around like a hero and manages to get respect from his party. I don't know how they still give him credibility. He has proven that he can repeatedly lie with a straight face, and not tell the truth until backed into a corner with a lot of hard evidence.

Angela Blair-Yes, the latest scandal is the worst because it endangered the lives of four people, and then attempted to railroad an innocent film maker for the violence. I have not seen the film, but I know there are anti Chrisian shows playing downtown, on youtube, and even on television. People are displaying their opinions all over this country and sometimes it is offensive. For the white house to basically say that its not a Muslims fault if he commits murder provided someone insulted his religion, and then take after the person who insulted him is outrageous.

Angela Blair from Central Texas on October 20, 2012:

Loved this Hub and it's excellently written. I find myself agreeing with fpherj48 as to the the frailties of human beings -- no matter who they are -- we do expect more of our elected officials and those in the public eye and how often we're disappointed to find out they're only mortal. Perhaps of all the scandals you mentioned in this Hub I find the one concerning the Libyan cover-up the most reprehensible and inexcusable. The others concerned the perpetrator and another person -- the Libyan mess caused four Americans to lose their lives. There's no excuse for that whatsoever. Best/Sis

Skarlet (author) from California on October 20, 2012:

Thank you ru blog,

We are being updated about this issue on a regular basis now. It is a very sad situation. The result of trying to hide things is snowballing into a big coverup. As much as they didn't want to the right thing in the first place, in retrospect, the reputation of the Obama administration would not be so questionable right now. It seems silly to hide things and try to get away with.

Davesworld from Cottage Grove, MN 55016 on October 20, 2012:

You should feel sorry for poor Monica. Can't land a decent job because nobody is sure how she will act in the workplace. Can't find a boyfriend because, well, she has a reputation for certain things ... Couldn't make it as a handbag designer. Poor girl is broke. So she is attempting to write a tell-all book, as if anybody cares any more.

Meanwhile, the scumbag is a multi-millionaire and making more money each and every day. He is worshipped as a hero to his political party. He more than likely has his libido constantly stroked, so to speak. Sometimes it's hard to figure.

carol stanley from Arizona on October 20, 2012:

We all like a little gossip and you did a great job in presenting all the past indiscretions...Great photos on all the cases. It was just a great read...and thanks for sharing. I knew about most of the affairs but you added a few extra. As for Obama well....lets not go there.

Suzie from Carson City on October 20, 2012:

Skarlet......You have presented an excellent, well-written hub, as you always do. I read with great interest, all the sordid details that swirled around these men during their time in office, which became public at some point.

I may have a bit of a different slant on this particular issue. I do not believe that because a man is capable of "cheating"....he loses his intelligence or ability to make sound decisions in politics/business or becomes less productive. ALL politicians there's nothing new or unusual about that. He may lose some credibility or respect, temporarily, from the public. But I always wonder WHO these self-righteous, pure and perfect people are?

Human beings DO these that, I mean, they make foolish decisions, give in to weaknesses and trip over their own stupidity. These are unintelligent actions by intelligent men. Believe it or not, $ex has been a favorite past time since the beginning of time.....

No, I do not approve nor defend this sort of irresponsible behavior....nor do I have the power to stop it. Few do.

What I am saying is.....Men who have been CHOSEN to sit at the highest position in our nation......are, before, during and after their reign, HUMAN beings.....not gods, not SUPER Heroes......WE place these men above and beyond being human. Notice Jackie and Hilary hung in there? The public has much to say about their "dedication and loyalty?" as well. Every once in a while, I allow myself to accept the hard core facts of REALITY....of human nature. Men desire power, money and sex....(not necessarily in that order) Women (if they are completely honest) desire comforts, luxuries, love and money. When people have what they want....they keep doing what they've been doing. That's the way it is.....whether we ALL agree and approve or we don't.

ru blog from Anchorage, Alaska on October 20, 2012:

I like the article. What maybe interesting to you is the fact the embassy had been attacked twice in the two months preceding the final lethal assault. Yeah, it just keeps getting better. Also, there is evidence arising that we had real time video of the assault. Which, of course, showed no riot. Any way, liked your piece. I just wrote a bit about the upcoming debate on foreign policy and how we should compare current policy to the Clinton era. You may find it interesting.

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