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Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good

Hey! My name is Claudiu Radu and for the past decade years or so, I've been working as an article writer and blogger, among other things.

Black Lives Matter - Daniel Arauz, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Black Lives Matter - Daniel Arauz, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Where’s the harm in political correctness?

I constantly see aggressive and bitter people not willing to discuss the problems of our society. The problem with this direction is obvious as most people, when facing aggression, will respond with aggression, which leads to confrontations and bitterness.

This is not a way forward and most likely will lead in a dead end like all similar endeavors.

It all started with the Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) movement, a very commendable effort of the black community in the USA to ask for their rights to basically live a normal life in what is a democratic county ( at least in theory ).

The leaders of the movement were demanding the right things and had the correct arguments but then, the spotlight started to be taken over by politicians and directed towards voting ( which we all knew, deep down, won’t make any difference ) and slowly but surely it started to die out.

But where there is death there is also new life and that was exactly what happened in this case as the BLM movement was replaced by newly born feminist and transsexual movements.

Although I support all people demanding their rights I can’t support the means by which these movements took place.

Everything started to move on social media ( and we all know how social media creates little dictators out of the people engaged in social issues ) which gave these movements a bad reputation, some extremist leaders and really irrational arguments.

People started fighting against words ( you can’t say black, man, woman, mother, anything! ) which just pushed these movements into the realm of ridicule.

Social media gives many people from around the world a public voice but that’s not always a good thing as most people just spread clichés seen on TV which gives those, mostly incorrect, ideas more credit.

Different people from around the world are free to state their views on various subjects and, quite often, they are very, very wrong and off topic so don’t take anything you see on social media on face value.

Freedom of Thought - Benjamin Franklin by k_donovan11, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Freedom of Thought - Benjamin Franklin by k_donovan11, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This war on injustice fought by the means of social media raises two major problems:

1. Misunderstanding social media’s purpose:

The purpose of the social media is to entertain you when you’re bored, help you meet some people, sometimes “bang” some people, but definitively not to change the society.

People are misusing social media as it gives the wrong impression your message will be heard around the world. Your message can be heard around the world but that doesn’t mean it will be taken seriously by all the people reading or hearing it.

You can’t change the world with a few posts online, if you really want to do it you need to get your arse of the couch and start doing the things you preach online.

You can gather a following from social media but the act of demanding your rights and freedom will need to be done the old-fashioned way by taking it on the streets.

Don’t expect for one second your memes to have a meaningful impact on how our society functions.

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2. Bringing division instead of unity:

Another obvious problem with the internet driven PC movement is the way it brings more division among people by tagging them as soon as the gurus of the trend hear, or think they hear, a word they don’t like.

Everybody can suddenly become a racist or a misogynist, all white men are slave owners and all men are rapists. This is creating a domino effect of exclusion that leaves the very starters of the whole PC trend alone.

There is a clear problem with this attitude as a crazy guy yelling in the streets is taken far less serious than an angry mob.

Also, the habit of creating division among people is only useful if you’re already a leader and not a person trying to start a movement.

Look at our leaders trying to divide us in many tiny categories like white/black, male/female, religious/atheist, educated/uneducated, rich/middle class/poor, vaccinated/unvaccinated, and the list goes on and on.

Leaders know a divided nation won’t be able to form a party capable of throwing them from leadership and that’s why they do it, but the supporters of the PC movement can’t afford to take the same route as that will leave them alone and without power because, as it stands, all of their power comes from their followers.

Fake News by mikemacmarketing, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fake News by mikemacmarketing, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Political correctness is as fake as press-on nails

Leaving social media behind ( fingers crossed ) we must also dive deeper into the subject of political correctness and see what it actually means and wants to achieve.

The answers to both these questions are: nothing and nothing. Political correctness doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t want to achieve anything and it definitively doesn’t stand for anything.

Some people timidly demanded some rights and the mass-media took over and, like it usually does, created a hideous perverted freak from what previously was a cute little baby.

In fact, politically correctness in mass-media and Hollywood show that these media branches don’t know anything about PC and are probably run by old white men.

This mainstream version of feminism created fictional women that are nasty, bitter, screw a lot of women/men and then dump them, they like to drink a lot and fight random people and drive aggressively which is clearly a male cliché and the so-called PC people of Hollywood have just taken what they think are male desirable attributes and applied them to women which shows they clearly don’t understand anything about social equality and feminism.

To clearly explain this cliché, I usually take the example of Alien, the 1979 movie in which Sigourney Weaver played the main protagonist of the film. She had her weaknesses but also determination, leadership, intelligence and when the chips were down she took control and ultimately managed to survive when many others died.

This was a credible female protagonist but, unfortunately, the last, as what followed next were the “butch” women I’ve talked about earlier. This clearly shows that Hollywood is extremely misogynist to this day.

The same goes for black or Asian characters in Hollywood that are extremely one-dimensional and portray the clichés that the typical Hollywood producer/director/writer thinks are enough to create a realistic character for the black or Asian demographic.

And now people sit and wonder why the TV and social media educated children are racists and misogynists.

Social media relevance poll

IDK. Why?

Because mass-media and the film/movies industries fail to educate us, they are built with the purpose of bringing profit to their creators and wasting your time, hence they should never be considered as viable sources of valid information.

School offers much more information than the internet, mass-media and movies industries although it has also been perverted, but that’s another problem and I’ll talk about it in future articles.

The awful truth is: you alone are responsible in making yourself a better and smarter person and, as sad as that sounds, all information surrounding you is more or less false and everything needs double-checking before being spread to other people.

As for the social media political correctness, it was created on the go and is constantly changed on the go to the point nobody understands what these people actually want or demand and should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

It’s hard to take seriously someone who speaks gibberish and inspires violence and aggression and, unfortunately, that’s what PC stands for at the moment.

The bottom line is, nobody understands political correctness, as it’s just the latest witch hunt from the nation that loves witch-hunting like no other: USA.

Don't agree? Have your say in the comment section below or remain forever silent.

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