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Political Science: Ideology Quiz

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Political Science Quiz About Political Ideologies

I recently came across a Political Science book that was written in 1958. It was quite popular at the time, though it has now largely disappeared. On Amazon it is listed as the 29,348th Best Seller today. So I guess it hasn't completely evaporated. But I had never heard of it and I thought myself pretty well read on the subjects of History, Political Science, and Political Ideologies.

The book outlines the Political Ideologies of a particular group of intellectuals. The book details the strategies of their Political Party as to how they plan to fundamentally transform America, slowly and gradually, one step at a time.

I thought it might be fun to give you some of the major points of this strategy and provide a one-question Political Party Quiz to see how many of you can rightly discern whose plan it was. I have left out many parts that would have immediately given away the correct answer.

In the next capsule are some of the main parts of the strategy of one Political Party in America of 1958. Here we go!







What American Political Party Had this Platform in 1958?

1. Feminize the American public through the schools and media.

2. Disarm American citizens.

3. Change immigration laws so as to import tens of millions of "people of color" from the Third World. Institute an open-borders policy if possible. Force integration upon the populace and use multicultural education to denigrate white Western civilization in the United States.

4. Work to give the World Court full judicial authority over America and individual Americans.

5. Work to coerce the United States to give up the Panama Canal.

6. Teach young people that rebellion and revolution are the avenues to hope and change in America. Teach students that they should become community organizers and foment violence among groups of "oppressed victims" to fundamentally transform the social, economic, and political systems of America through the use of force.

7. Separate children from the influence of their parents as much as possible. Teach them that their parents are backward, prejudiced, and bigoted. Teach students that only by ignoring their parents and any church influences can we build a better, more just world.

8. Work through education and the media to belittle and ridicule the traditional American family. Encourage rampant promiscuity and work for laws that facilitate easy divorce.

9. Grant social agencies the power to have citizens arrested. Spread propaganda that teaches that all behavioral problems including criminal actions are not the fault of the perpetrators but merely psychiatric disorders caused by the society in which they live. Embed the idea that only psychiatrists can understand anti-social behavioral problems and only they can treat them effectively.

10. Gain control of the labor unions in America and unionize the public employees who work for the taxpayers (the government).

11. Work to give the federal government complete authority over all parts of American culture, especially over public education and social services.

12. Ridicule traditional American culture in all its forms. Obfuscate the true history of America. Rewrite history to make America the world's bad guy—oppressive, exploitive, and not worth defending.

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13. Denigrate the Founding Fathers of America in the eyes of students. Proclaim the Founding Fathers as not only nothing special but in fact as evil slave-owners and selfish aristocrats who cared about nothing but themselves.

14. Demean the American Constitution in the minds of students by portraying it as an old-fashioned anachronism, out-of-step with postmodern times, inadequate to solve the problems America faces today, and as a document that gets in the way of our true calling: to become citizens of the world.

15. Work to prohibit prayer or any and all free expression of the Christian Faith in the public schools first and then eventually in the public square. Use the excuse that Free Expression of the Christian Faith anywhere in America but in ones own home or church violates "separation of church and state."

16. Gain control over as many churches as possible and replace the Christian Faith, which is based on Revelation and Reason, with the "Social Gospel". Teach that the Bible is a phony book written by men to oppress women, children, and others. Teach that an enlightended, modern person has no need for Church, Religion, or God.

17. Use the public schools and the media to persuade the American public that all forms of sexual deviancy and perversion are in fact normal, natural, and healthy. Promiscuity is to be promoted as the road to personal happiness.

18. Destroy all traditional American standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity through all forms of communication and media.

19. Work to repeal any laws that prohibit obscenity by proclaiming them to be merely a tool to suppress free speech and the free press.

20. Infiltrate museums of art and take over positions of art criticism to promote ugly, repulsive, meaningless art.

21. Deprecate all forms of artistic expression by replacing beauty with sacrilege. Eliminate all beauteous art from public spaces and substitute shapeless, awkward, meaningless forms.

22. Gain control over all forms of media for propaganda purposes.

23. Infiltrate the key positions of the media, so as to control book reviews, editorial stances, and marketing departments.

24. Take control of the public school curriculum and textbooks. Use them to promote what we will call "social justice" and other propaganda. Lower standards so as to "dumb down" the citizens of tomorrow. Get control of teachers' labor unions. Rewrite textbooks to include the political ideology of the party.

25. Use the federal courts to weaken traditional American institutions by claiming that their activities constitute a violation of civil rights. We must eliminate the Right to Free Association.

26. Promote the United Nations as the only hope for mankind. Work to rewrite its charter and demand that it be set up as a one-world government to redistribute the wealth of the world. The United Nations must have its own independent armed forces.

Political Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. The 1958 Book in question outlines the strategy of which political party?
    • The Republican Party
    • The Democratic Party
    • The Communist Party
    • The Libertarian Party

Answer Key

  1. The Communist Party