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The 2012 Pole-Shift, The 2013 Solar Storm, Earth Anomalies & The Nibiru/Planet X Connection

Marc Hubs is a writer/researcher on mind, science, and conspiracy. He is the author of "Know Your Enemy: Reflections of NPD."


Nibiru Confirmed

Disinformation tactics abound, earth anomalies seem to be increasing rapidly. Could it be that the conspiracy theories about Planet X/Nibiru being the cause of many of these anomalies actually hold some truth after all?

In 1982 NASA officially announced:

"An object is really there far beyond the outermost planets."

Prior to this, in 1981, many newspapers had also reported that something seemed to be affecting Pluto's orbit - A US Naval Observatory astronomer had announced at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society that irregularities in the orbit of Pluto indicated that there must be a tenth planet... or at least, that there must be something there.

The astronomer also referred to Zecharia Sitchin's research and book, The 12th Planet, which had been published three years earlier claiming that Sitchin was right. Due to his strong research efforts, it is claimed that Sitchin was let in on the secret of the discovery of Nibiru in our solar system. However, Sitchin's work is portrayed as nothing more than pseudo-science by the powers that be.

Dr. Thomas C. Van Flandern and Dr. Richard Harrington of the Naval observatory calculated that the tenth planet must be two to five times the mass of Earth with a highly elliptical orbit, which takes the planet 5 billion miles beyond Pluto.

In January 1983 NASA announced:

"irregularities in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus suggest some kind of mystery object is there."

According to a 1983 report in the New York times:

"Something out there beyond the furthest reaches of the known solar system is tugging at Uranus and Neptune. A gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits." and "Astronomers are so certain of this planet's existence that they have already named it Planet X--the 10th Planet."

Nearly a year later, in December 1983, according to the Washington Post, the Chief IRAS Scientist of JPL reported:

"A heavenly body as large as Jupiter and part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation of Orion by an orbiting telescope."

Despite such confirmation and that fact that NASA were so adamant they'd found the object, it seems that a disinformation campaign kicked into action around this time and one year later, in 1984, US New World Report reported:

"Scientists are hopeful that the one-way journeys of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes may help to locate the nameless body."

That's right, the object had conveniently been "un-found" and the search seemingly continued.


Despite the cover-up, in 1999 the UK's most mainstream media station, BBC News, reported:

"A UK astronomer may have discovered a new and bizarre planet orbiting the Sun, 1,000 times further away than the most distant known planet."

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BBC News also reported:

"the new planet cannot be a true member of our Sun's family of planets. It may be a planet that was born elsewhere, and roamed throughout the galaxy only to be captured on the outskirts of our own Solar System."

Then in 2001, the object was picked up by three separate observatories in South America, Switzerland and Arizona. The Lowell observatory in Arizona reported:

"April 04, 2001, 03:06:45, Wed:

The operator described the object as diffuse and of approximate magnitude 11. The coordinates (in degree! minute! second format), with a margin of error according to the operator of +/- 20 seconds (about .006 degrees) RA and +1- 10 seconds (about .003 degrees)"

Then Switzerland reported:

"A whole team was contacting every observatory in France, just sent a message. The Neuchatel observatory got it. They are very excited; wondering if it is a comet or a brown dwarf"

Despite the reports, the Neufchatel observatory later denied that the event had ever occurred.

However, Father Malachi Martin who died in 1999 and "worked in the highest echelons of the catholic church and had an ear to the pope", later came forward and claimed that there is a "celestial body" approaching which could cause millions to perish. He claimed that when this "celestial body" eventually becomes visible it will look like a red cross in the sky. The timeline for such an event, according to Father Malachi Martin, is 2013 to 2025. However, if calculated correctly, the predicted date in Zecharia Sitchin's book, The End Of Days, is actually 2087.

Allegedly the Vatican did not want the existence of Nibiru/Wormwood and the fact that it may be related to the third secret of Fatima to become public knowledge. In Portugal, in 1917, an apparition of the virgin Mary appeared on the same day for six consecutive months and in July 1917 the third secret of Fatima was revealed by the apparition - this third secret was not revealed by the Vatican until June 2000.

Later, in 2011, a St. Petersberg observatory in Russia claimed they had been watching a planet which they called "Hercolubus" for more than three years and claimed that they were worried about the potential destruction that "Hercolubus" could cause as it passes by Earth. A Planetary Defense Conference was arranged and was attended by hundreds of international experts to consider a response, should Earth be impacted.

Russia had clearly known about "Hercolubus"/Nibiru/Planet X before the three years they were watching it because as early as the year 2000, Russian scientists had met to discuss the consequences. Russian officials stated that "Hercolubus" could cause:

"a string of calamities and a massive population shrinkage"

Additionally, a Canadian observatory at Victoria Island also claimed that they had been watching the same planet but were unwilling to comment on the potential destruction it could cause.

Government officials from agencies such as NASA, DoD (Department of Defense) National Military Intelligence, CIA and SETI have all made speculations that as many as two-thirds of Earth's population could potentially perish during the passing of Hercolubus/Nibiru/Planet X.

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins claims in his book, The God Delusion, that the Miracle Of The Sun in 1917 was nothing more than mass delusion or hallucination. However, Andromeda alien contactee Alex Collier claims that it was actually extraterrestrials using holographic technology to try to teach us our history.

Oddly enough, if we consider religious images and paintings such as John The Baptist And Jesus, a painting by Aert De Gelder from 1710, Madonna And Child from the 14th century and The Crucifixion from 1350 it does appear that Collier's claims seem like the most probable, although not the most logical (according to our science).

Miracle Of The Sun (1917)

In 1917 the three secrets of Fatima were given by an apparition of the virgin Mary, to Lúcia Santos and two of her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto. When the Bishop of Leiria asked her to reveal the third secret, Lucia became unsure of what to do and claimed she was "not yet convinced that God had clearly authorized her to act."

By October the Bishop had ordered her put the third secret in writing, so she wrote in down, placed it in a sealed envelope which was not to be opened until 1960, claiming "It will appear clearer" at that time.

Although the third secret of Fatima was officially released by Pope John Paul II in 2000, many people believe that the entire secret was not revealed by Lúcia. The sealed envelop was sent to Silva, where it remained until 1957, before finally being delivered to Rome.

In 1960, instead of releasing the third secret as wished by Lúcia, the Vatican stated that it was "most probable the Secret would remain, forever, under absolute seal."

When the third secret of Fatima was eventually released, it sparked controversy amongst Portuguese Catholics who claimed that if there was no mention of some kind of catastrophic event such as war, holocaust or apocalypse then there would be absolutely no reason to have kept it secret.

Critics who believe that part of the secret has been kept concealed offer the following evidence in support of their claims:

  • Bishops who have worked directly with several popes claim that the secret was written on one piece of paper, not four.
  • Lúcia clearly stated that she wrote the message as a signed letter to the Bishop of Leiria.
  • Lúcia's text contains words attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • The full secret contains information about the Apocalypse, a great apostasy, and Satanic infiltration of the Catholic Church.

More information can be found at Wikipedia.


Disinformation, Earth Anomalies & Erratic Weather

According to Wikipedia, the idea of the existence of Planet X/Nibiru and a possible cataclysmic event was first proposed by founder of the Zeta-Talk website, Nancy Lieder. This simply isn't true.

Nancy Lieder was not there with the Sumerians, who sufficiently documented the existence of Nibiru and the Annunaki back thousands of years ago or she wouldn't be writing and publishing material today.

Additionally, Zecharia Sitchin also sufficiently documented the existence of Nibiru in his 1976 book, The 12th Planet, and the internet wasn't public back then, proving that the information published on Wikipedia is not information at all but is the exact opposite - disinformation.

Currently, the official reason being put forth to explain the erratic weather and other Earth anomalies being experienced in many parts of the world is simply because of peculiarities in the jetstream. Whilst it is acknowledged that the jetstream is affected by the rotation of the Earth, the MET Office has remained silent on the issue of the geomagnetic pole-shift we are currently undergoing, as officially announced by NASA.

Much of the uneducated general public are of the opinion that geomagnetic pole-shifts are completely harmless. However, scientists agree that such polar shifts do indeed cause the increase of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, erratic weather, etc. Despite this fact, NASA have either moved or removed the original announcement from their website and posted new articles also claiming that geomagnetic pole reversals are completely harmless, even though the original announcement accurately explained how it does result in a higher number of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

Despite the general consensus amongst scientists for decades upon decades, they are now have reversed their logic and are now also trying to sell us the idea that erratic weather caused by the jetstream is causing an increase in the movement of tectonic plates, and not the other way round.

The PBS have already announced that anomalies in the rotation of Earth's core are causing disturbances to the generation of Earth's magnetosphere, the magnetic shield which protects us from space radiation. See here for more information.

  • Do TPTB really expect us to believe that the jetstream is causing disturbances to the orbits of Neptune and Pluto??
  • Do TPTB really expect us to believe that the continuing depletion of the sun's heliosphere is because of the jetstream??
  • Do TPTB really expect us to believe that the jetstream is responsible for the 40% diminishing of Earth's magnetosphere??
  • Do TPTB really expect us to believe that the jetstream is causing the magnetic poles to shift??

Their explanations make no sense. NASA actually released an official Solar Storm Warning in 2006. This solar storm is now expected in May 2013. In June 2010 NASA administrator Charles Bowden released a warning to all NASA employees telling them to prepare in case of an upcoming disaster. Some parts of the world are being hit with solar flares causing heat-waves which have already seen several people die, other parts of the world are being hit with freezing temperatures, earthquakes are increasing as are volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, etc and yet the anomalies in the warming and cooling down of the planet continue to fluctuate as Earth's magnetic poles wobble back and forth, building up momentum... and now geo-engineering is being introduced, supposedly to combat global warming.

Climate change is simply not a logical explanation for all of these anomalies.

If Planet X/Niburu is all just a myth and is not really there then why all the controversy and secrecy surrounding this issue and why all the anomalies?

The presence of an extra body in our solar system is simply by far the most logical scientific explanation that can be found to explain what is currently happen to planet Earth.

By Sparkster


Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on September 10, 2014:

Sparkster, because it would disrupt their little religions. Some people would lose their tenuous holds on their faiths and actually commit suicide. We are special, God chose us, you know, and it can't be any other way.

Anyway, I wonder how many times this Planet X has been found and unfound. When I was in elementary school in the early 1950s, a teacher taught us that "scientists believe there is another planet out there beyond Pluto." I grew up believing that the planet was there, and reading Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series has convinced me. I don't know where this teacher got his information, but I would guess from reading Popular Science magazine, which was a big part of our curricula. But -- nobody listens to us old folks. They think their generation discovered sex, the planets, the jet stream yada yada yada.

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on July 22, 2014:

I agree @ truth. everyone should be taught about Sumerian prophecy/beliefs, etc..... Which wonder why they aren't?

truth on July 22, 2014:

more people should know about the Sumerian historical fact which explains the missing information everyone should be taught in primary school

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on April 09, 2013:

I doubt it Jim, as the main theme of the event is to establish the facts surrounding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. However, I think the the whole UFO disclosure thing may be a vital first step towards discussing Nibiru more openly and creating public awareness.

FitnezzJim from Fredericksburg, Virginia on April 09, 2013:

Is there an expectation that this topic will be discussed at the upcoming disclosure meeting the end of April 2013?

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