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Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says "Second Wave" Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, "Pandemic is Over"

Dr. Mike Yeadon

Dr. Mike Yeadon

In a stunning development, a former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says "there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen." The "Big Pharma" insider asserts that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a "second wave" based on "new cases."

Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even "almost all" of tests for COVID are false positives. Dr. Yeadon also argues that the threshold for herd immunity may be much lower than previously thought, and may have been reached in many countries already.

In an interview last week Dr. Yeadon was asked:

"we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting...all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus?"

Dr. Yeadon answered with a simple "yes."

Even more significantly, even if all positives were to be correct, Dr. Yeadon said that given the "shape" of all important indicators in a worldwide pandemic, such as hospitalizations, ICU utilization, and deaths, "the pandemic is fundamentally over."

Yeadon said in the interview:

"Were it not for the test data that you get from the TV all the time, you would rightly conclude that the pandemic was over, as nothing much has happened. Of course people go to the hospital, moving into the autumn flu season...but there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen."

In a paper published this month, which was co-authored by Yeadon and two of his colleagues, "How Likely is a Second Wave?", the scientists write:

"It has widely been observed that in all heavily infected countries in Europe and several of the US states likewise, that the shape of the daily deaths vs. time curves is similar to ours in the UK. Many of these curves are not just similar, but almost super imposable."

In the data for UK, Sweden, the US, and the world, it can be seen that in all cases, deaths were on the rise in March through mid or late April, then began tapering off in a smooth slope which flattened around the end of June and continues to today. The case rates however, based on testing, rise and swing upwards and downwards wildly.

Media messaging in the US is already ramping up expectations of a "second wave."


Survival Rate of COVID Now Estimated to be 99.8%, Similar to Flu, Prior T-Cell Immunity

The survival rate of COVID-19 has been upgraded since May to 99.8% of infections. This comes close to ordinary flu, the survival rate of which is 99.9%. Although COVID can have serious after-effects, so can flu or any respiratory illness. The present survival rate is far higher than initial grim guesses in March and April, cited by Dr. Anthony Fauci, of 94%, or 20 to 30 times deadlier. The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) value accepted by Yeadon et al in the paper is .26%. The survival rate of a disease is 100% minus the IFR.

Dr. Yeadon pointed out that the "novel" COVID-19 contagion is novel only in the sense that it is a new type of coronavirus. But, he said, there are presently four strains which circulate freely throughout the population, most often linked to the common cold.

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In the scientific paper, Yeadon et al write:

"There are at least four well characterised family members (229E, NL63, OC43 and HKU1) which are endemic and cause some of the common colds we experience, especially in winter. They all have striking sequence similarity to the new coronavirus."

The scientists argue that much of the population already has, if not antibodies to COVID, some level of "T-cell" immunity from exposure to other related coronaviruses, which have been circulating long before COVID-19.

The scientists write:

"A major component our immune systems is the group of white blood cells called T-cells whose job it is to memorise a short piece of whatever virus we were infected with so the right cell types can multiply rapidly and protect us if we get a related infection. Responses to COVID-19 have been shown in dozens of blood samples taken from donors before the new virus arrived."

Introducing the idea that some prior immunity to COVID-19 already existed, the authors of "How Likely is a Second Wave?" write:

"It is now established that at least 30% of our population already had immunological recognition of this new virus, before it even arrived...COVID-19 is new, but coronaviruses are not."

They go on to say that, because of this prior resistance, only 15-25% of a population being infected may be sufficient to reach herd immunity:

"...epidemiological studies show that, with the extent of prior immunity that we can now reasonably assume to be the case, only 15-25% of the population being infected is sufficient to bring the spread of the virus to a halt..."

In the US, accepting a death toll of 200,000, and a survival rate of 99.8%, this would mean for every person who has died, there would be about 400 people who had been infected, and lived. This would translate to around 80 million Americans, or 27% of the population. This touches Yeadon's and his colleagues' threshold for herd immunity.

The authors say:

"current literature finds that between 20% and 50% of the population display this pre-pandemic T-cell responsiveness, meaning we could adopt an initially susceptible population value from 80% to 50%. The lower the real initial susceptibility, the more secure we are in our contention that a herd immunity threshold (HIT) has been reached."

Masthead for "Lockdown" publisher of "How Likely is a Second Wave?"

Masthead for "Lockdown" publisher of "How Likely is a Second Wave?"

The False Positive Second Wave

Of the PCR test, the prevalent COVID test used around the world, the authors write:

"more than half of the positives are likely to be false, potentially all of them."

The authors explain that what the PCR test actually measures is "simply the presence of partial RNA sequences present in the intact virus," which could be a piece of dead virus which cannot make the subject sick, and cannot be transmitted, and cannot make anyone else sick.

"...a true positive does not necessarily indicate the presence of viable virus. In limited studies to date, many researchers have shown that some subjects remain PCR-positive long after the ability to culture virus from swabs has disappeared. We term this a ‘cold positive’ (to distinguish it from a ‘hot positive’, someone actually infected with intact virus). The key point about ‘cold positives’ is that they are not ill, not symptomatic, not going to become symptomatic and, furthermore, are unable to infect others."

Overall, Dr. Yeadon builds the case that any "second wave" of COVID, and any government case for lockdowns, given the well-known principles of epidemiology, will be entirely manufactured.

In Boston this month, a lab suspended doing coronavirus testing after 400 false positives were discovered.

An analysis of PCR-based tests at medical website states:

"data on PCR-based tests for similar viruses show that PCR-based testing produces enough false positive results to make positive results highly unreliable over a broad range of real-world scenarios."

University of Oxford Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of Oxford's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, writes in a July article "How Many COVID Diagnoses Are False Positives?":

"going off current testing practices and results, Covid-19 might never be shown to disappear."

Professor Heneghan's scientific article on the topic is "Virological characterization of COVID-19 patients that test re-positive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR."

Of course, the most famous incidence of PCR test unreliability was when the President of Tanzania revealed to the world that he had covertly sent samples from a goat, a sheep, and a pawpaw fruit to a COVID testing lab. They all came back positive for COVID.

Made in China

In August, the government of Sweden discovered 3700 false COVID positives from test kits made by China's BGI Genomics. The kits were approved in March by the FDA for use in the US.

Second Waves of Coronaviruses Not Normal

Dr. Yeadon challenged the idea that all pandemics take place in subsequent waves, citing two other coronavirus outbreaks, the SARS virus in 2003, and MERS in 2012. What may seem like two waves can actually be two single waves occurring in different geographical regions. They say data gathered from the relatively recent SARS 2003 and the MERS outbreaks support their contention.

In the case of the MERS:

"it is actually multiple single waves affecting geographically distinct populations at different times as the disease spreads. In this case the first major peak was seen in Saudi Arabia with a second peak some months later in the Republic of Korea. Analysed individually, each area followed a typical single event..."

In the interview, when questioned about the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, which came in successive waves during World War I, Yeadon pointed out that this was an entirely different kind of virus, not in the coronavirus family. Others have blamed general early century malnutrition and unsanitary conditions. World War I soldiers, hard hit, lived in cold mud and conditions the worst imaginable for immune resistance.

Saudi and Korea Waves of MERS Coronavirus

Saudi and Korea Waves of MERS Coronavirus

Lockdowns Don't Work

Another argument made by Yeadon et al in their September paper is that there has been no difference in outcomes related to lockdowns.

They say:

"The shape of the deaths vs. time curve implies a natural process and not one resulting mainly from human interventions...Famously, Sweden has adopted an almost laissez faire approach, with qualified advice given, but no generalised lockdowns. Yet its profile and that of the UK’s is very similar."

Mild-Mannered Yeadon Demolishes Man Who Started It All, Professor Neil Ferguson

The former Pfizer executive and scientist singles out one former colleague for withering rebuke for his role in the pandemic, Professor Neil Ferguson. Ferguson taught at Imperial College while Yeadon was affiliated. Ferguson's computer model provided the rationale for governments to launch draconian orders which turned free societies into virtual prisons overnight. Over what is now estimated by the CDC to be a 99.8% survival rate virus.

Dr. Yeadon said in the interview that "no serious scientist gives any validity" to Ferguson's model.

Speaking with thinly-veiled contempt for Ferguson, Dr. Yeadon took special pains to point out to his interviewer:

"It's important that you know most scientists don't accept that it [Ferguson's model] was even faintly right...but the government is still wedded to the model."

Yeadon joins other scientists in castigating governments for following Ferguson's model, the assumptions of which all worldwide lockdowns are based on. One of these scientists is Dr. Johan Giesecke, former chief scientist for the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who called Ferguson’s model “the most influential scientific paper” in memory, and also “one of the most wrong.”

It was Ferguson's model which held that "mitigation" measures were necessary, i.e. social distancing and business closures, in order to prevent, for example, over 2.2 million people dying from COVID in the US.

Ferguson predicted that Sweden would pay a terrible price for no lockdown, with 40,000 COVID deaths by May 1, and 100,000 by June. Sweden's death count is under 6,000. The Swedish government says this coincides to a mild flu season. Although initially higher, Sweden now has a lower death rate per-capita than the US, which it achieved without the terrific economic damage still ongoing in the US. Sweden never closed restaurants, bars, sports, most schools, or movie theaters. The government never ordered people to wear masks.

Dr. Yeadon speaks bitterly of the lives lost as a result of lockdown policies, and of the "savable" countless lives which will be further lost, from important surgeries and other healthcare deferred, should lockdowns be reimposed, .

Yeadon is a successful entrepreneur, the founder of a biotech company which was acquired by Novartis, another pharmaceutical giant. Yeadon's unit at Pfizer was the Asthma and Respiratory Research Unit. (Yeadon, partial list of publications.)

Sweden During International "Lockdowns"

Sweden During International "Lockdowns"



Why is All This Happening? US Congressman Says He is Convinced of "Government Plan" to Continue Lockdowns Until a Mandatory Vaccine. Conspiracy Theories?

The list of news items grows which reflects unfavorably upon the narrative being played out on the major television networks, of a mysterious, "novel" virus which has been controlled only by an unprecedented assault on individual rights and liberties, now ready to pounce again, on already suffering populations with no choice but to submit to further government orders.

Governors have quietly extended their powers indefinitely by shifting the goalpost, without saying so, from "flattening the curve" to ease the strain on hospitals, to "no new cases." From "pandemic," to "case-demic."

In Germany, an organization of 500 German doctors and scientists has formed, who say that government response to the COVID virus has been vastly out of proportion to the actual severity of the disease.

Evidence of chicanery mounts. Both the CDC, and US Coronavirus Task Force headed by Dr. Deborah Birx, are candid that the definition of death-by-COVID has been flexible, and that the rules favor calling it COVID whenever possible. This opens the possibility of a vastly inflated death count. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration is under federal investigation for all but signing the death warrants for thousands of nursing home elderly, when the state sent COVID patients into the nursing homes, over the helpless objections of nursing home executives and staff.

Why are the major media ignoring what would seem to be an eminently newsworthy item, an industry rockstar like Yeadon, calling out the biggest guns in the public health world? Would not the Sunday talk shows, the Chris Wallaces and Meet the Press, want to grill such a man for record audiences?

Here the talk may turn to dark agendas, and not just mere incompetence, obtuseness, and stupidity.

One opinion was put forth by US Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) when he said on the Tom Woods Show on August 16th:

“The secret the government is keeping from you is that they plan to keep us shut down until there is some kind of vaccine, and then whether it’s compulsory at the federal level, or the state level, or maybe they persuade your employers though another PPP program that you won’t qualify for unless you make your employees get the vaccine, I think that’s their plan. Somebody convince me that’s not their plan, because there is no logical ending to this other than that.”

Another theory is that the COVID crisis is being used consolidate never-before-imaged levels of control over individuals and society by elites. This is put forth by the nephew of the slain president, John F. Kennedy Jr., son of also-assassinated Bobby Kennedy. In a speech at a massive anti-lockdown, anti-mandatory COVID vaccination rally in Germany, Bobby Jr. warned of the existence of a:

“bio-security agenda, the rise of the authoritarian surveillance state and the Big Pharma sponsored coup d’etat against liberal democracy...The pandemic is a crisis of convenience for the elite who are dictating these policies,”

In a lawsuit, Kennedy Jr.'s medical witnesses warn that mandatory flu shots may make many children more susceptible to COVID.

The warnings of dire intentions of Kennedy's "elite" are coming from more mainstream sources. Dr. Joseph Mercola, of the highly trusted, mega-traffic medical information site, has penned a careful review of one doctor's claims of genetics-altering vaccines coming our way.

And it does not assuage fears that a defense establishment website, Defense One, reports that permanent under-the skin biochips, injectable by the same syringe that holds a vaccine, may soon be approved by the FDA. It does not help the anti-conspiracy theory cause that, according to Newsweek, Dr. Anthony Fauci actually did give NIH funding to the Chinese Wuhan lab, for bat coronavirus research so dangerous it was opposed on record by 200 scientists, and banned in the US.

In 1957, a pandemic hit, the H2N2 Asian Flu with a .7% Infection Fatality Rate, which killed as many people per capita in the US as the COVID has claimed now. There was never a single mention of it in the news at the time, never mind the extraordinary upheaval that we see now. In 1968 the Hong Kong Flu hit the US (.5% IFR,) taking 100,000 people when the US had a markedly lower population. Not single alarm was raised, not a single store closed nor even a network news story. The following summer the largest gathering in US history took place, Woodstock.

Mass hysteria is never accidental, but benefits someone. The only question left to answer is, whom?


Dr. Mike Yeadon Interview

More News:

Belgians File Lawsuit Against Professor Neil Ferguson and Bill Gates

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August Protest in Berlin Against Lockdown, and Against Mandatory COVID Vaccination

August Protest in Berlin Against Lockdown, and Against Mandatory COVID Vaccination

Woodstock 1969

Woodstock 1969

Masks are for the Little People!.  Socialites at Washington DC Ballet Gala "After Party" July 2020.

Masks are for the Little People!. Socialites at Washington DC Ballet Gala "After Party" July 2020.


Shmuel Chanowitz on November 09, 2020:

Hi i just only read the latest comment. I still dont see how were getting out of this covid mess yet

Sanechap on October 20, 2020:

I am in disbelief when reading much of the below.

Do not believe the supposedly official stats and figures. You are being lied to comprehensively.

Do your own research and decide on the real science, facts and evidence.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on October 16, 2020:

I cannot help your feelings of sensitivity. There is therapy for that.

munkle on October 16, 2020:

JOC Seems to me like you are the troll here.

MadelynMarie on October 15, 2020:

This is a must watch video with German-American lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who outlines the scientific fraud involved in the Covid PRC test (not designed for diagnostic purposes) and the Covid crimes against humanity with regard to the governmental response:

Video: “Crimes Against Humanity”: The German Corona Investigation. “The PCR Pandemic” Full Transcript

Please copy and share this information!!

Carla T. on October 14, 2020:

ANNNND.....the fact checkers say it's not true! Who fact checks the fact checkers???

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on October 13, 2020:

This is a very interesting theory. Only time will tell if it is true.

Andrew Sutton on October 04, 2020:

Mike Yeardon is right This should go vira,l lock downs don't work everyone should listen to this

JOC from Syracuse, NY on October 04, 2020:

You're the moron comparing a virus with zero purpose to the death from something necessary like driving.

Sweden? 5,876 deaths with a population of just over 10 million. Norway and Denmark, combined population of about the same - 900 deaths. Again, over six times the death rate. If we make it to the vaccine, that's about 4,900 people that were lost to help keep an economy open. We see where your priorities are.

And again, no one is saying to stay locked down. Your claim of people not living their lives is comical. Let me know when you've climbed 70 mountains in the past four years instead of just sitting behind your keyboard being an internet troll - then we'll be on equal footing.

Plus, the research had confirmed that early lockdowns helped to save lives:

In terms of the death rates, we will not agree with the data. You're going to take the CDC information, which has been confirmed to have been altered by Trump's people at the Department of HHS to align with his downplay strategy. I'll take the Johns Hopkins data of known cases and known deaths collected from county dashboard all across the country.

munkle on October 04, 2020:

JOC said: "Driving serves a purpose. This virus does not."

This is typical the jumbled thinking of those who internalize the COVID hysteria campaign. Who said the virus "serves a purpose" you blithering idiot? It is WORKING which serves a purpose, to EAT AND FEED YOUR FAMILY without arbitrary and useless limitation due to a bug which is less deadly than flu up to age 65.

Sweden never locked down and now they have a LOWER per capita death rate than the USA.

The service economy cannot run on 50% capacity. In the restaurant business alone you need a full house at least Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings to turn a profit. You would know nothing about this as sheep living in your hovel. This is a deliberate collapse of the economy and the worst is yet to come. Wait until starving people are prowling your street.

JOC said: "Again, your 99.8% survival rate is complete fabrication."

You have been presented with the updated CDC rate accepted even in the major media, .26% Infection Fatality Rate which is about a 99.8% survival rate, probably higher due to higher estimates of asymptomatic cases. WHO estimates that is 80% of infections, a source someone like you would trust. So you keep calling what you don't like "a complete fabrication" with zero support, just your empty words.

You have said nothing to address the similarly severe pandemics, per capita, in the US in 1957 and 1968, in which not a word was whispered anywhere about any "lockdowns." So you are seeing what you want to see, and ignoring the rest. The miracle is how you trembled through life even this far. All I can conclude is some people actually like living in fear, and love the chains it imposes on them.

They say slaves learn to love their chains. I never knew what that meant. Now I do.

"The CDC Just Gave Us the Biggest Reason to End the Coronavirus Lockdowns"

"According to the CDC’s current best estimate, the case fatality rate of the coronavirus is .4 percent. And that’s just amongst symptomatic cases, which, the CDC estimates, is 65 percent of all cases. This means the CDC estimates that the fatality rate for all infections across all age groups, symptomatic as well as asymptomatic, is approximately .26 percent."

"The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data" by Dr. John Ionnadis (Stanford)

"Interestingly, despite their differences in design, execution, and analysis, most studies provide IFR point estimates that are within a relatively narrow range. Seven of the 12 inferred IFRs are in the range 0.07 to 0.20 (corrected IFR of 0.06 to 0.16) which are similar to IFR values of seasonal influenza. Three values are modestly higher (corrected IFR of 0.25-0.40 in Gangelt, Geneva, and Wuhan) and two are modestly lower than this range (corrected IFR of 0.02-0.03 in Kobe and Oise)."

"COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios"

JOC from Syracuse, NY on October 03, 2020:

Driving serves a purpose. This virus does not. Again, your 99.8% survival rate is complete fabrication, and likely explains the choices you make in regards to putting your fellow Americans at risk.

Your claim that anyone is still saying to stay inside is right-wing propaganda. The fact that you believe lies makes you the useless one to our society. People are saying to wear a mask and socially distance as you go about your daily lives.

munkle on October 03, 2020:

CHRIS57 Yes let's ban driving since the highways are slaughterhouses killing millions of people a year, and end bike riding samey same, we need to stop all economic activity and lock ourselves in house arrest until nothing bad ever happens again and the world is safe for unicorns and children. In 1957 and 1968 as many people died per capita in flu pandemics in the US, yet you never even heard about it. Anyone who can't see by now that they are being played by a non-stop "case-demic" for a 99.8% survival rate disease - same as flu - should just keep living out their useless lives inside like they were doing before. The reason they don't mind lockdowns is their lives are not much to begin with so they don't really notice any difference.

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on October 03, 2020:

I don´t know if it is still worth while to contribute to this article. Everything is said - excess death statistics as published by the CDC - importance of bringing active cases down - importance of social/physical distancing - knowledge about the very limited impact of herd immunity (some already recontracted)

yet people still think this is something inbetween a hoax and a mild flu. Unbelievable

Shawn Hubbard on October 02, 2020:

By isolating, we are making the Human Species weaker! We are becoming aliens in our own home planet earth! In a future generation, (soon) will will need to wear spacesuits on planet earth, and live in a sterile environment!

Breeze on October 02, 2020:

2 of 2

Those who got sick and went to the hospital, the tens of thousands who needed treatment and not aymptomatic, was because if conbtracting the virus not their imaginations. I pray to the magical sky wizard nobody catches this and suffers long term multi organ damage or suffers debilitating symptoms for 100 plus days. Why would you (munkle mike) not give a damn about the health of your family and friends, its obvious you dont care about your own, this virus surged then we locked down and went to mitigation techniques and the surge dropped. Mitigation works, look outside of your own countrg to see what's happening elsewhere, its the same in most places. Sweden has several thousand deaths compared to their lockdown neighbours who locked down that have deaths in the low hundreds. Those who don't think covid19 is real should volunteer at covid units in hospital, no ppe as you're invincible, tell the relatives of those who have died and those dying and unable to have family close to them it's fake and not really happening.

Disgraceful of this scientist spewing lies.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on October 02, 2020:

Surprised the author published that response that was so filled with incorrect information. Actually, based on the side he likely sits upon in the Covid fight, not really surprising when you think about it more.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on October 01, 2020:

Munkle - I can agree that there are likely many cases where people are asymptomatic and do not realize they have had it. At the same point, the experts have actually said we are likely undercounting the actual deaths - not overcounting as the right-wing media continues to contend to help Trump's case for reelection.

No one wants to go back to a lockdown. Everyone wants to reopen the country, one party wants to do safely, the other wants to pretend the virus doesn't exist any longer or won't still infect people. And we could, as Redfield and Fauci have been asking, mostly by wearing masks and social distancing which Trump and his supporters continue to refuse to do.

And having actually gotten Covid, I can understand why people should be scared about the long-term health effects. Those who have not gotten it or know anyone who has, would not understand why that fear should be taken seriously.

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on October 01, 2020:

The current (active) case fatality rate in the US is some 0,5%, or the other way around: survival rate is 99,5%. Just take the death toll of past 2 weeks and divide by average active case count of same period. May be a little laymans way, but if you do this for other (not politicising) countries like Italy or Germany, you get the same 0,5% for September.

So the key is really the number of active cases. Because Germany had an average of 25.000 active cases in the past 2 weeks, only some 120 people passed away. In the US, there are almost 2.3 million active cases, consequently the death toll for past 2 weeks is more than 10000 and still the same 0,5%.

The statements and maths of JOC are correct - and the number of munkle is almost correct (better 0,5% and not 0,2%). Active cases make out of 0,5% case fatality the horrible numbers you encounter in the US.

With due respect, i simply don´t understand why you folks allow this mess to happen. Just do the distancing, wear masks and get the active cases down. All countries did this, only the US knows better and kills its own population.

munkle on October 01, 2020:

JOC says: "Add to the death rate, the long-term recovery from this virus and herd immunity strategies might not be the way to go: "

Any respiratory illness can have bad after effects. Why is the media trying to scare you into thinking COVID is special?

Because they want to continue to lock us down until they can force us all to take a vaccine needle. And with that needle comes your biochip, right in the same syringe. Then you are a slave of the elite forever, and so are your children.

Notice this won't be for billionaires:

"Elon Musk says he and his family won't get a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available"

munkle on October 01, 2020:

JOC said: "Nationally, look at 100 of your friends and figure out which 3 of them that you'd be fine living without. That's what you're saying. Of the 7,000,000 US cases, 204,000 have led to fatalities (204,000/7,000,000 is around a 3% death rate)."

JOC you are badly misunderstanding the difference between the CASE fatality rate and the INFECTION fatality rate. Because the vast majority of COVID infections are asymptomatic (never show symptoms, people get immune without knowing it) the actual number of people who catch it is much higher than the "cases" who test positive. Now we can't even believe that number. I believe vast numbers of ordinary flu case are being passed off as COVID. The case fatality rate may be 3%, but that does not tell you the actual death rate of infection, which is more like .2% or even lower. In other words, a 99.8% survival rate, similar to flu, which is 99.9%. Under age 50, look around at your friends and understand that more of them will die of flu if they catch it, than would die of COVID if they catch it.

You may understand this now that I have explained it, but a lot of people will not. Elites understand that a dumbed-down country which is bad at math is easy to fool. They just hit the emotion button constantly on TV, and like magic, you give up your rights.

Also I hope you don't believe that all those 200,000 people actually died of COVID. Especially when Dr. Deborah Birx and CDC tell you right to your face that COVID is always listed as the primary cause, even if you died in a motorcycle accident.

WKSwanson on October 01, 2020:

If as many as half of the tests are false positives, and who knows how many death certificates show that a person died "of the virus" instead of correctly stating "with the virus" -such as the motorcycle accident death in Florida falsely attributed to the virus as the most egregious example, then one must be very skeptical of any official statistics. The Democrats politicization of the virus has been nothing short of breath-taking (pun intended). Their philosophy of victimology knows no bounds -even to the point of complete hysteria and irrationality to achieve a political advantage. For them the ends always justify the means.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on October 01, 2020:

I'm going to argue both sides of the issue.

Nationally, look at 100 of your friends and figure out which 3 of them that you'd be fine living without. That's what you're saying. Of the 7,000,000 US cases, 204,000 have led to fatalities (204,000/7,000,000 is around a 3% death rate). 750-1,000 people still die a day from this virus. For the flu, the death rate is closer to 0.1%.

Add to the death rate, the long-term recovery from this virus and herd immunity strategies might not be the way to go:

The data from the scenarios in our area certainly could be used to support your herd immunity case though. We're a college town, from the beginning of this pandemic until August 4 (six months), our whole county had 250 cases and four deaths. In the two months since the college students have returned to the area, the county has seen 400 cases (with 277 attributed directly to the college), but thankfully no additional deaths. We're fairly rural, so the at-risk populations will tend to be a little lower than a larger city.

Carol Hetzler on September 29, 2020:

No one has mentioned there was a recent very long FB article, complete with a very long bibliography documenting everything, that Fauci creates vaccines, that Bill Gates has supported Fauci's foundation for years, that Bill Gates has ID2020 (you can add . org and come to his site) which goal is to give everyone an international number. Their plan is to require everyone to have that vaccine and be given a number. Bill Gates was quoted as saying, yeah, and no one would be able to buy, sell or work without it (the vaccine with the number)!

Andrea on September 29, 2020:

I have come to the conclusion that the best way to tackle this is for human beings to leave social media and stop watching the news. If we stopped watching and reading the news there would be no lockdown because nobody would know about it. I've been angry towards media and the news and now that has shifted to the people constantly feeding it by watching it. I'll believe in a pandemic when I see people collapsing in front of me. For now I wish to believe in love not fear. Peace to you all xx

irish 68 on September 29, 2020:

only the sheeple fall for this nonsense over the flu.its been fake since day one.

munkle on September 27, 2020:

And yes Virginia freedom comes with a cost as you said. It always does, it always has. The cost can be terrible, like those brave Americans who stormed the beaches at Normandy so we could remain free. Just to give it all up because we are afraid of a flu? I hear those brave men turning in their graves. In the American Revolution they fought in the middle of a small pox epidemic. The did not call off the fight for freedom. Look it up.

Life is dangerous, no two ways about it. Eventually we all die. But you may have heard "Those who would give up liberty for a little safety, deserve neither." Benjamin Franklin.

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on September 27, 2020:

Ah, Munkle, freedom comes with a cost in this case. I live in Florida and our nickname for our governor is Ron DeathSantis. The deaths in the state and the number of new cases have not dropped enough to warrant this. Two weeks from now, the numbers will explode.

munkle on September 26, 2020:

BREAKING SEPTEMBER 25 MASKS AND LOCKDOWN GONE IN FLORIDA! Call your state representatives. Win your freedom too. Florida has the oldest population in the US and they are not afraid.

"TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted all restrictions on restaurants and other businesses in Florida on Friday, and banned local fines against people who refuse to wear masks as he seeks to reopen the state's economy despite the spread of the coronavirus."

Lois Foster on September 26, 2020:

This info needs to go viral. The lockdown needs to end. The elite pushing for mandatory vaccines ie Gates and Fauci need to go jump in the lake. And the fear mongering needs to stop. I have been saying this since March.

askmenot on September 25, 2020:

BREAKING Elite moving hard and fast on ID2020, rolling out in Austin for "homeless people" to obtain better services. Social Security, all health and financial data, will be on one chip, all that's left is to put it under your skin. Since when do homeless people need total ID for services? You are hungry you go to a soup kitchen. You line up for a bed at the shelter.

Now watch the "Bill Gates conspiracy theory" denouncers kick into action, but you can see under-the-skin biochip technology being developed by the Defense Department (DARPA) right here, Profusa Inc.:

"A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection"

And who has given funding to Profuse? You got it, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation! The Foundation grant is described as “Implantable multi-analyte sensors for the continuous monitoring of body chemistries”

Sure just crazy conspiracy theory.

"Welcome the City of Austin to the ID2020 Alliance!"

Remember the way to stop Gates is to prosecute him for his vaccine experiments on unsuspecting, illiterate families in India, which violated consent rules. These are a violation of the Nuremberg Code put into place after WWII to stop medical experiments with no consent after Nazi Josef Mengele.

"Economic Times of India: Controversial vaccine studies: Why is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under fire from critics in India?"

"The committee found that consent for conducting these studies, in many cases, was taken from the hostel wardens, which was a flagrant violation of norms. In many other cases, thumbprint impressions of their poor and illiterate parents were duly affixed onto the consent form. The children also had no idea about the nature of the disease or the vaccine. The authorities concerned could not furnish requisite consent forms for the vaccinated children in a huge number of cases."

Read more at:

John Wynne on September 25, 2020:

This is what happens when totalitarianism is allowed to progress because of some declared emergency be it true or a lie. The people become an enemy unto themselves. This is how Hitler was able to turn ordinary German citizens into brutal Nazi killers, and accomplices to the murder of millions of HUMAN BEINGS by the State with the COOPERATION of the CORPORATIONS and the CITIZENS. This is how Lenin and Mao were able to transform Russia and China, with fear and deprivation and suspension of civil liberties one by one and all at once they are gone with the full support of the majority, they call themselves Democratic Socialist States. Wake Up People. We are already forgetting about the killing of so many of our senior citizens by neglect and by policy. Nobody has been held to task for that, it has been allowed to happen, and now they say they will reform the system, and make it better and they sure don't want to ever kill so many old people all at once again like that, is what I am hearing, and that for me is not enough by far. We have allowed them to commit atrocities and we are all culpable in consenting to anything illegal to which we have given consent, by voice or by our own inaction when action was required. I do indeed indict myself along with all other Canadians, and will continue to do so until this matter is once and for all drawn to closure and reparations for damages done by all illegal orders are complete.

munkle on September 24, 2020:


Here are the Pennsylvania state representatives who signed onto the Impeach Gov. Wolfe over lockdowns resolution. At least 24 state reps in the whole US are doing their jobs.

Representatives who signed on to the impeachment articles

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R., Butler County)

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (R., Clinton County)

Rep. Lee James (R., Venango County)

Rep. Jim Gregory (R., Blair County)

Rep. Marci Mustello (R., Butler County)

Rep. Jeff Pyle (R., Armstrong County)

Rep. Dawn Keefer (R., York County)

Rep. Rich Irvin (R., Huntingdon County)

Rep. Barry Jozwiak (R., Berks County)

Rep. Dan Moul (R., Adams County)

Rep. David Zimmerman (R., East Earl)

Rep. Russ Diamond (R., Lebanon County)

Rep. Bud Cook (R., Washington County)

Rep. Mark Keller (R., Perry County)

Rep. Garth Everett (R., Lycoming County)

Rep. Cris Dush (R., Jefferson County)

Rep. Lou Schmitt (R., Blair County)

Rep. Brad Roae (R., Crawford County)

Rep. Frank Ryan (R., Lebanon County)

Rep. Tommy Sankey (R., Clearfield County)

Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R., Lawrence County)

Rep. Rob Kauffman (R., Franklin County)

Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R., Wayne County)

Rep. Eric Davanzo (R., Westmoreland County)

“Wolf’s unconstitutional dictates and Orwellian overreach into our lives and the marketplace has caused immeasurable harm and hardship for far more Pennsylvanians than the virus,”

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on September 24, 2020:

Some remarks on my earlier comment:

As i was addressing excess death - that has nothing to do with inflating Covid19 associated deaths or anecdotes about traffic victims with Corona. This link: is talking about "all causes".

If you think old people are mostly walking the plank - just wait. If you are right then within a year or so there may be an undercut in deaths (the plank for natural deaths is empty then).

Referring to a comment by Martin Haditsch:

In Germany it took 12 days to get reproduction rate (R-factor) from 3,4 down to below 1. The first days of bringing R down had to be attributed to common sense of the people = physical (social) distancing, the other days were simply shutting down all schools.

From then on mask wearing was enforced to keep R low to reduce active cases, which took a good 2 months to reduce to 12%. Today it is 30% of max. active cases in April.

The dynamics of the pandemic can be easily understood here in G. It is almost like petri dish. The US is a different story. Mask wearing is politicized, society and economy are very vulnerable to lockdowns, schools and universities are opened. Of course this will not work out well. The US will have to wait for the virus to mutate itself into harmlessness in the next year. Wonder what is faster, availability of vaccines or selfdestruction of the virus.

Food for continuous partisan ranting...

Sean Ryan on September 24, 2020:

When you have near to complete dependence, you have a near to total lack of independence.

I don't fear "covid-19" one bit.

I haven't yet masked.

I haven't socially distanced, nor self-isolated.

I haven't changed my life/habits one iota.

Neither have most of my friends/acquaintances.

And I don't know a single person that has been "infected".

I used to suffer from chronic pneumonia, often getting infected up to twice yearly.

I used to rely on the U.S. medical industry, for antibiotics/antivirals, which took 7-10 days to start clearing that infection, only to have it come back 6-12 mos later.

I then began using steam inhalation with Eucalyptus and/or Tea Tree oils, both of which have shown effective antibiotic & antiviral activity.

Using that steam inhalation, I've been able to reduce recovery time from pneumonia to a mere 24-48 hrs.

Plus, I don't get infected every year, as I used to.

In fact, I haven't had pneumonia for over 6 years now.

Also, my previous chronic sinus problems have most completely cleared.

Where I previously most often could not breathe from my nose, now I rarely have any problems doing so.

Though the U.S. medical and pharmaceutical industries have largely labeled traditional/herbal medicines as mere quackery, some 50%-70% of all pharmaceuticals rely on natural compounds found in herbs, and the likes (like aspirin, originally from Salix Genus of trees).

The powers of natural phytochemical/compounds, like phenols, tannins, lignans, anthocyanins, and others, are still little known or understood.

askmenot on September 24, 2020:

It is getting pretty obvious that governors, the media, and the full force of the mainstream medical establishment is committed to ramming this down our throats no matter how many people "wake up," are against it, don't buy it. They have force on their side, as long as they command law enforcement and all government agencies. You won't be able to force your way into a DMV to get a drivers license if they won't give you one without the COVID vax. You won't be able to buy groceries without a mask or vax, they will just call the cops on you. With every news "panic porn" story and governors pronouncement, even with all the overwhelmingly negative comments. It is clear they do not give a SH^T what you think! They are going to do what they want to do anyway. I think the fight is in the State Legislatures, where the state representatives have been sitting around as if this has nothing to do with them, just collecting their salary. In Pennsylvania, an impeachment movement against Gov. Wolfe has started which has 26 legislators onboard. That's what we need. Now people have something to rally around, and they are taking back control of their government. People should be sitting in offices and chaining themselves to desks until these criminal governors are OUT.

Blake Cushing on September 24, 2020:

Thank You so much for this. At the beginning, We felt that all kinds of deaths were reported as covid 19. N were doing research to prove it but lost interest because of the overwhelming so-called scientific evidence. Never trusted doctor Dr Faucci at all. Now less than ever.

B. Rex: 102

munkle on September 24, 2020:

GracieZG - I was not talking about seniors such as yourself. Brilliantly said. You are my hero. on September 24, 2020:

I do not wear a mask, will not have a vaccine or be chipped. This is a totally criminal and evil bid to control the world and everyone in it. There are too many of us who are beginning to wake up to the attack and see the lies and brain washing that are going on.

anon0sean on September 24, 2020:

Good essay.

I wanted to add something in regards to your info on Sweden.

Take a look at the average yearly deaths, from all causes, from 2010-2020:

2019 was somewhat of an anomaly, with fewer deaths than the 10-year average, but still within expected averages.

This year is playing out the same, perhaps a couple hundred more total deaths than last year, but still below that 10-year average.

I find it interesting that so many people are comparing Sweden to comparable countries/U.S. states, but failing to note this stat.

It seems many other countries are not providing total deaths for 2020 yet.

Must be too eager to fan the flames of the "covid-19" narrative fire.

lcmm55 on September 24, 2020:

GracieZG on September 24, 2020:

Munkle, I'm 71. You can call this a generational war on steroids, but for us healthy seniors who haven't crashed our health with lifestyle diseases and don't think the body has pharmaceutical deficits, we want a completely open society, because we actually understand how the immune system works. I have many friends, and almost none of them want the society closed down. Almost all of them see past the propaganda. This is a war that Rockefeller started in the early 1900s after his oil monopoly was busted up, and he realized he could make pharmaceuticals out of petroleum, and started creating his new monopoly of pharmaceuticals over natural health remedies. Marry that up with the monopolist oligarch Gates and his peers, and we have an attempt for total control by propaganda, and if that doesn't work, force against the recalcitrants such as we are seeing in Australia. It isn't a war between generations. It's a war of monopolist oligarchs against humanity. This goofy war is coming from them. It has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with money and control. A virus is just their perfect weapon, except that it just didn't turn out to be the killer they were hoping for, and there are cheap remedies. So they have to falsify test results and include fraudulently counted deaths, to keep the world in fear. We aren't afraid. We refuse the lockdown. I can say that because I live in a state with an enlightened governor. If I didn't I would probably have moved by now, like a number of my friends.

munkle on September 23, 2020:

This is the long awaited Generational War on steroids. Financially secure Boomers wanting everyone else to stop living so they don't get sick. Instead of locking themselves up, a small slice of society, lock everyone ELSE up, anybody under 65 and especially young people who statistically have a better chance of dying of the flu.

But hey, they have the money to contribute to political campaigns, and they vote. So let waiters and the small businessmen trying to raise young families starve. The final gift of The Most Selfish Generation.

David A Howard on September 23, 2020:

Trump... is scum. Biden... is scum. Captain Mark Richards and Bob Lazar, may team up for a 2020 presidential run

Laura Seel on September 23, 2020:

I personally think the deep state is behind the inflated numbers and the virus. All planned to kill the economy and raise unemployment rates....impeachment didnt work...let lose the virus! Cant go into an election year with the economy booming and unemployment at an all time low in decades now can we? Cant give Trump credit. In one fell swoop they undid what he accomplished that matters most to the people. Hit them in the wallet! And as far as that chip goes...we should all refuse the vacine! They cant lock us all up. I for one will not be getting it, even if that means they take my social security away, wont let me drive or fly etc.... I will not get chipped!

munkle on September 23, 2020:

Martin Haditsch - I would go with the close to a million count on that crowd, it is a very wide boulevard and looks like almost a mile to the Brandenburg Gate. And the photo does not even show the lower end-point of it. I have seen 40,000 people that is WAY more than 40,000 people.

Martin Haditsch,MD PhD on September 23, 2020:

Some brief points: Germany imposed lockdown and masks only AFTER numbers were already on a drop.And the picture from Berlin showing a huge crowd of people got an official count by mass media of roughly 20.000 to 40.000 (others estimate 500.000 to 1.300.000). The numbers of posi