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Peter Strzok Fired From the FBI

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Peter Strzok has been officially fired from the FBI after a lengthy career in which he was considered a top counterintelligence agent. FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich made the decision to terminate the former agent on Friday, August the 10th. Mr. Strzok's attorney has made a statement in which he attempts to convey that Strzok's firing was improper and violated FBI protocol. The basis of his belief stems from an internal recommendation by the Bureau's Investigation’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which had called for Strzok to face a 60-day suspension and demotion from his supervisory responsibilities, rather than termination. Regardless of the words of an attorney, the termination is binding and cannot be appealed on any legal grounds.

Conduct Unbecoming an Agent

Former agent Strzok has been connected to almost every aspect of the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. He was part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, but was fired from that team when it was learned he was having an affair with another agent, Lisa Page. Additionally, text messages between the two indicated a potential bias against President Trump and that investigative decisions were likely influenced by that bias. The most notable text messages included one stating that "we'll stop" candidate Trump from being elected and another referring to an "insurance policy" discussed in Andy's office.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a report last week which stated that former agent Strzok was at the center of partisan inappropriate political messages against Trump. It also demonstrated that Strzok was in support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Inspector General drew his conclusions from texts and other communications that were exchanged among FBI agents through the FBI’s internal communications system. Also in the report, Horowitz expressed that the actions by Strzok damaged the reputation of the FBI as a neutral fact-based law enforcement agency.

The Clinton E-Mail Investigation

Strzok had previously been involved in the investigation of the Hillary Clinton E-mail probe, which led to no criminal charges being levied against the former Secretary of State. The mainstream media reported that it was Strzok who changed former FBI Director James Comey’s draft language describing Clinton’s actions as ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless (grossly negligent is a phrase with legal significance). Strzok was also the lead FBI agent who interviewed both Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's two top aides. Mills and Abedin both made misleading statements to the FBI in that interview but were not subjected to any disciplinary actions.


The 2016 Presidential election is long over, however the fallout continues to emerge with great noise and fanfare. Special Prosecutor Mueller is currently seeking an interview with President Trump while simultaneously managing the trial of Paul Manafort and a looming showdown with Russian corporations that his group brought charges against. President Trump has been very vocal about the way the entire investigation has been handled. There are still unanswered questions on the FISA warrants and the influences of Nellie and Bruce Ohr in the larger picture. With the Midterm elections coming soon, it's a guarantee that both sides will be playing their best cards in order to tip the scales in their favor. Stay tuned for more.

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Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on September 19, 2018:

I did see both of the articles - thanks for thinking about me though! This whole political theater were watching should be another wake up call to anyone who continues to be part of the Democrat Party. We are a nation of laws and laws are meant for everyone; even those who lose elections. Hillary is now demanding the Electoral College be gotten rid of and this angry woman trying to sabotage the good Judge thinks the FBI should be at her beckon call (the FBI investigates SCOTUS nominees to see they would be a security risk to the USA and to do a full background checks)

The Logician from then to now on on September 18, 2018:

Yeah, fake news is a disease that has affected the left and the right, although in this instance this is so strange that this had to be intentional and why would any pro Kavanaugh person put out such an easily debunked fake news knowing it would be immediately scrutinized being the news is all about it. Especially when Blazy-ford’s assertions are so full of holes.

My conclusion:

The left is somehow behind putting this fake story out there so they can point to the right putting out fake news. Diabolical but certainly not beneath liberal operatives. Maybe they bribed the author, maybe that whole publication is secretly run by them so they can do stuff like this - I never heard of it.

Suzie from Carson City on September 18, 2018:

Seriously?? No....Cmon! WTH??? I hate it when this happens!! Damn!

The Logician from then to now on on September 18, 2018:

Rush talked about that yesterday, apparently it’s not true, actually just the opposite, his mother approved their case. Rush said it was fake news...imagine that! You really can’t believe anything in the news anymore because so much of it is fake news.

Suzie from Carson City on September 18, 2018:

T....Quite interesting. Try this one for impact.

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Ralph....In all honesty, some names turn my stomach, send nasty chills up my spine and make me hyperventilate "Peter Strzok." is Number One! While viewing his inquiry before Congress, I could barely contain my urge to put my foot through my screen. How barbaric of me!!! LOL He's pure scum.

The Logician from then to now on on September 18, 2018:

Ralph you see this?

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on September 18, 2018:

It's being reported today that Strzok and McCabe were observed and recorded trying to delete documents from government servers - these actions were purported to have been observed by Mr. Wray and other senior leaders - both were on 24hr surveillance right up until they were released from service.

The Logician from then to now on on August 20, 2018:

Lol! Yes they make millions, and ya know who else The Democrat operatives all of whom get jobs as journalists after serving for Democrat party leaders. In 2014 Just 7 percent of journalists were Republicans. That’s far fewer than even a decade before . I’ve heard Larry Elder reel off the list of former Democrat operatives (like Acosta and Stephanopolis) who have jobs as journalists now but I can’t find it online - it is amazing.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on August 20, 2018:

This entire narrative has been another excellent example of how the swamp dwellers make millions after government service - today the President is calling them all out on Twitter. Brennan is threatening to sue the government and Trump gave him both barrels - said he'd love to get all of John's past history into the public record (thin people hate him now, wait until they see his fingerprints on his past atrocities)

Suzie from Carson City on August 18, 2018:

Call me naive, that's OK. But I have been literally blown away by the number of shady, corrupt individuals, not only in our alleged "Intelligence Community," but the massive awareness of it all that has been covered up. When we get to this point, we need to painfully accept that there is Zero credibility, trust and/or any amount of dedication to the American people, whatsoever.

Looking ahead, if I'm not being too presumptuous, don't you feel we should be reasonably concerned that any swamp-draining Trump may accomplish, will quickly flood back, once he is out of office? I don't mind telling you that it is a serious concern of mine.

In other words, I've resigned to knowing we should probably revel in this temporary clean-up. It can never take long for the libs to cause utter destruction again & again. They are a cancer that has no cure.

Ralph, I'd be interested in your opinion.....isn't this realistically bigger than ALL of us?

The Logician from then to now on on August 18, 2018:

Well, Paula she probably won’t forgive me but just so you know, I forgive her, and don’t ask me for what


as you know,

it takes two

to tango!

What do ya know, Jodah would be proud of me (inside joke)

Anyway, have you seen the forum discussion of Trump taking Brennan’s clearance away? It is so revealing of just how little people understand of the constitution and the President’s powers and responsibility for National security.

Like Ralph pointed out, Brennan has his security clearance revoked, and now Trump is considering revoking Bruce Ohr’s security clearance.If Trump follows through on the promise, it would be the first time he pulled a security clearance from a current DOJ staffer, a move that would likely inflame tensions between the president and the intelligence community. But then, can they be any more inflamed?

Ralph, wasn’t Stefan Halper the spy? No one in the Trump campaign knew that Halper was a longtime source of information for the FBI, thus he was effectively acting as a spy in the Trump campaign? I hadn’t heard all the stuf you mentioned about him but I know national news outlets are refusing to make that connection or are attempting to minimize Halper as a factor altogether.

Suzie from Carson City on August 18, 2018:

LOL......There's hope for you after all! I'll put a star on your chart today.....but always remember, I put it there, I can remove it!! LOL

I have no way of knowing if MzB will forgive you. Of course, I wouldn't blame her if she ignores your apology......She is, after all, a woman, which allows her the freedom to do as she damned-well pleases.

What?? Excuse me, T? Were you about to argue with me?

I didn't think so!.......Mama Bear

The Logician from then to now on on August 17, 2018:

Argue with you, Paula?

Yeah, I have made that mistake

and one thing that I have learned over time is that when you make a mistake, recognize it, admit to it, figure out why the mistake was made, then do everything in your power to

!!avoid making the same mistake again!!

I enthusiastically, in this case, will exercise all my power to avoid making that same mistake again.

Hope you are right about DJT... no, I mean you are absolutely right...about all that other stuff too...I don’t think you’ve ever been wrong, No, I mean you have never been wrong, I agree with everything you said....say...ever.

Suzie from Carson City on August 17, 2018:

"T".........Good man. Mama Bear is proud of you. That ice-cold heart of yours could use some warmth, not to mention a neutralizing of your acid-like tongue. Don't argue with me. I know what I'm talking about because it takes one to know one. However, I see you need 30 hours of "Targets & Timing 101." My class is filled until Fall semester. You can sign up then.

Suzie from Carson City on August 17, 2018:

I don't believe for one second that DJT is "unaware" of a thing! He knows Who the thugs of the Deep State are, he's well aware of their slippery, slimy activities, Oh yeah, he knows WHAT they've done and WHEN. He's got a handle on a precise blue print for the big DRAINING of the damned swamp.....finally, completely and once & for all.

It's stressful being patient, but I suppose it's quite true that "timing is everything." We must watch, wait & trust.

Such a massive, rude awakening for America. We have been duped repeatedly, used, abused, lied to and more than this.......ROBBED on a major scale. The blind, deaf, dumb & clearly evil libs have no choice but to be knocked out cold by a very RUDE awakening. It's a real mystery where they will run, how they will hide or how those who survive the oncoming tsunami, will handle the shame, but it may behoove the lovey bunch of coconuts to make some plans in advance. I'm just sayin...........

The Logician from then to now on on August 17, 2018:

I hope you are right, but if true and the deep state knows it, I think they could be so out of touch with reality they don’t, but if they do, will he be around as we get closer to the elections? That is a gamble I wouldn’t take if I were as “loved” by them as he isn’t. Besides if he dropped the hammer now it wouldn’t land for a year or two anyway as slow as things go in Washington DC. I don’t know Ralph, healthy people die in their 70s everyday.

But I hope you are right.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on August 17, 2018:

Tsad - I think Trump knows a lot more than people give him credit for & he's playing the long game; as we get closer to the elections I assume he'll drop the hammer hard and often

The Logician from then to now on on August 17, 2018:

I heard Rush say today 25, I think, people have been fired or left the FBI and DOJ so I googled it and found this which I think is very interesting, maybe it’s a start to draining the swamp?

A Listing of Participants

It is an attempt to begin compiling a more complete list of individuals with possible involvement or affiliation in Trump Surveillance, Steele Dossier and/or the Russia Narrative.

The Logician from then to now on on August 17, 2018:

Ok Ralph, that makes sense.

MzB I apologize for everything I said and promise never to “pick” on you again (I hope that pleases mama bear Paula). Although I don’t expect forgiveness in the interest of mending fences I hope you can agree to same.

Ralph, there are between 243 and 247 people in the deep state put there by and still operating on behalf of Obama ( and Hiliary). Why do you think Trump hasn’t done anything about that yet?

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on August 17, 2018:

I'm going to ask that you guys try to mend the fence please - there are obvious ideological differences in the commentary. Pivot back to the story. Strzok is fired, Brennan has his security clearance revoked, and now Bruce Ohr and his communist wife are being moved from the back burner to the frying pan. And just new today, we have more information about Stefan Halper receiving exorbitant contracts from the Pentagon and how an Obama-era official stripped the whistleblower of his clearances and demoted him for questioning the contracts. You'll likely be hearing more about this in the coming weeks. Like it or hate it, but the Deep State is being exposed and the American public will get a chance to decide for themselves how to assess the damage.

The Logician from then to now on on August 16, 2018:

If you think pointing out how absurd something you say is a personal attack then you have the thinnest skin I ever saw in anyone “involved with writing law books!”

What exactly kind of job is “involved in writing law books” anyway? What was you involvement? What does that mean or is it just another one of your purposely vague descriptions of your bio?

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on August 16, 2018:

That's right TSAD, attack me personally when you get caught in one of your own webs. Your comments are some of the most irrational I've read on Hubpages. I said what I said sarcastically and I said that from experience. The agency I worked for had a policy. The employee has the right to an opinion, but must remain nonpartisn on the job at all times. I know of a person who did the not-so-bright thing of making a comment in an email that got her fired. Another employee posted something stupid on Facebook. What kind of experience do you have besides myopic armchair quarterbacking? I'll not even try to compare my IQ with yours, especially since I helped with the writing and publication of lawbooks for 30 years.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on August 16, 2018:

Seems as if Bill Kristol is caught up in the Strzok affair.

I'm personally waiting for the Ohr's to both get their feet put to the fire

The Logician from then to now on on August 15, 2018:

Given Strzok’s success with go fund me Trump should start a page to raise money to pay him to not run in 2020! He can pledge that if his target is reached, say $500 million, he will not run and give the money to charity.

The left wants him gone? Let them put their money where their mouth is like they are doing with Strzok.

Then run Pence for president and we get a conservative and are rid of TDS at the same time.

The Logician from then to now on on August 15, 2018:

Not surprising mzB twists what I said to mean something totally other than my point which was obvious to anyone who can reason without emotion which she is incapable of doing and her historical record of comments bears that out.

My point being to say Strzok has no intelligence (what then is he, an amoeba?) is at best hyperbole and at worst just plain stupid ( or you could say unintelligent) If you didn’t get that from what I said then you really have a problem because someone who has the bio he has and position in government can’t possible be devoid of intelligence. I’m certain his IQ is far higher than MzB or she would never have said “Nobody with any intelligence would ever express a personal opinion in government email when he or she is in a position that is viewed as nonpartisan, such as the FBI.” Which is actually the most unintelligent statement. Of course, next I’m expecting her to say it depends on what your definition of intelligence is (or is is?). But then what wouldn’t you expect from a Clinton groupie, yes she said she dated Bill and has defended him and Hiliary repeatedly here on hubpages even years ago.

And Paula, I never said Strzok made a mistake, I said intelligent people make stupid mistakes. I assume from what you said Strzok didn’t make a mistake and what he did therefore shows “nobody with any intelligence” applies to him? He has no intelligence? I doubt even you believe that.

Strzok, void of intelligence has now raised almost 400,000

breakfastpop on August 15, 2018:

It certainly took long enough to axe this guy. He disgusts me, and his Go Fund Me page is beyond hideous.

Suzie from Carson City on August 15, 2018:

Ken.....It appears Trump haters can be very generous with their cronies.

Ken Burgess from Florida on August 14, 2018:

An UPDATE on Strzok:

He opened up a 'fund me' site and people have donated over $250,000 to him at the time I type this.

He is still on the CIA payroll.

Suzie from Carson City on August 14, 2018:

MzB......Actually, I didn't read all the comments, but I went back now and did read them. It's hard to tell what Tsad meant or if he was being serious or sarcastic. It's difficult to believe he truly sees Strzok as "intelligent".....or an intelligent person who made mistakes. MISTAKES?

Tsad, mistakes are usually unintentional/accidental......Strzok made a complete pile of CRAP for himself, exposing himself as beyond a creep, dirtbag and blatant moron via very intentional actions & declarations. And who knows...maybe he IS an amoeba. Tell me Mr. Science Major, are amoeba's slimy??? It fits, "Slimy Strzok"....nice ring to it.

You weren't by any chance, being disrespectful to MzB, were you? I wish you'd curtail that nasty habit of picking on women.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on August 14, 2018:

Now, now, Paula, TSAD just got through saying that Strzok is an intelligent man! See his comment to me, girlfriend. Tsk tsk.

The Logician from then to now on on August 14, 2018:

Strzok is just the tip of the iceberg of deep state activity like his and much worse. None of which would ever come to light had Hiliary been elected. I’m not sure Trump understands the depths and lengths to which these people will go to subvert the truth and undermine the power and authority of our democratic government. If he did he wouldn’t be tweeting at them but putting them in jail starting with Obama and Hiliary, both knew Hiliary was using a private server illegally and both lied about it, just for starters. If Trump doesn’t nail all involved in anyway, even people just knowing of illegal activity and not speaking out, it will be worse than Obama not punishing the “too big to fail” company execs for causing the crash of 2008.

Suzie from Carson City on August 14, 2018:

Ralph.......Finally the RIGHT thing has been done and a total jerk has been held accountable for unacceptable activity and their obnoxious (dangerous) behavior. This idiot disgusts me so completely, I can't publicize my extremely low opinion of him.

He's a literal disgrace to the F.B.I.....and to America itself, more importantly!

He should not be able to be hired even as a WalMart greeter!!

Great article as always, Ralph. Paula

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on August 14, 2018:

I'm also heard that Strzok sent a classified search warrant to his personal e-mail account, but what really did him in were contradictory statements he made to Congress in July (he claimed to have nothing to do with the FISA memo but it was later discovered that he was the one who started the actual investigation)

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on August 14, 2018:

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving fella, but in fact, I would like to see a very lengthy prison sentence, and a few other names in the same story of headed to prison former democrats.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on August 14, 2018:

The guy has a lot of nerve - yesterday he started on Twitter with a new profile and get this...A Go Fund Me page for himself

The Logician from then to now on on August 14, 2018:

Btw, the real reason Strzok was fired wasn’t his void of intelligence behavior with text messages. Listen to what the reporter says after Hannity introduces her:

The Logician from then to now on on August 14, 2018:

So Strzok hasn't any intelligence? What is he, an amoeba? Intelligent people can make stupid mistakes.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on August 13, 2018:

It doesn't matter which side of the fence you're on. It is a fact that Nobody with any intelligence would ever express a personal opinion in government email when he or she is in a position that is viewed as nonpartisan, such as the FBI. By government standards, everybody has an opinion, but they must keep such to themselves while on the job. To have done so was really stupid of Strzok.

The Logician from then to now on on August 13, 2018:

Ralph, this is more like Poe’s “The Pit and The Pendulum” where Trump is the pendulum, Hiliary is the narrator and the deep state are the rats.

Ken Burgess from Florida on August 13, 2018:

Correction Strzok was the Chief of the Counterespionage Section and led the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server.

He was also the lead investigator in Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation into any links or collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on August 13, 2018:

I think Trump is dangling the carrot over the collective heads of the Democrats - maybe he's trying to slow them down on their foolish witch hunts by letting them know the pendulum swings both ways.

The Logician from then to now on on August 13, 2018:

Nice pic there if Strzok. He looks like a villain from a Marvel comic. Anyway, Trump said this, “Just fired Agent Strzok, formerly of the FBI, was in charge of the Crooked Hillary Clinton sham investigation. It was a total fraud on the American public and should be properly redone!”

Should be redone? Duh, well you’re the president, you’ve had two years to see to it getting redone, how many more years do you plan on waiting?

She should be sitting in jail awaiting trial long ago.

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