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People are circulating petitions against Joseph Biden.

In 2017, a petition was circulated and it was signed by more than 41,000 psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Donald Trump was president at the time, and the petition said that Trump was mentally ill and he was unfit to serve as president. Unfortunately, Trump was not removed from office because of his mental health problems. So, what ever happened to Trump, anyway? What's Trump been up to lately? Well, the last I heard, Trump claimed he could declassify top-secret documents with his mind.

On September 21st, 2022, Trump was being interviewed by a journalist, and they were talking about some disputed documents. When Trump left office, he took some top-secret documents with him. Government officials said that Trump acted illegally when he took the documents, and they wanted Trump to return the documents. They said the documents are government property and Trump had no right to keep them. Trump refused to return the documents. It appeared that he was keeping the top-secret documents it his house in Florida, so the government decided to send the F.B.I. to raid Trump's house and the take the documents. Trump was angry when he heard about the F.B.I. raid and he seemingly threw a temper tantrum.

When Trump talked about the documents on September 21, 2022, he said that he had de-classified the documents, so they are not classified top secret any more. Trump went on to say that he could de-classify a document just by saying they are declassified, and he also said he can de-classify them with his mind. That's right. He said he could de-classify a document just by thinking. Obviously he's insane if he thinks he can de-classify a top-secret document with the power of his mind, alone. Actually you need to use more than your mind, you need to use your fingers, for example, you have to pick up a pen and scribble the word "DECLASSIFIED", on the document, but Trump's crazy, he doesn't know that.

Now, enter president Joseph Biden. On May 12, 2021, there was a group of 124 retired generals and admirals who signed a letter that said Joseph Biden was mentally unfit to be president. It is interesting that all the generals and admirals who signed this letter are retired. If any member of the U.S. military is still on active duty, they are not allowed to question the president, since the president is commander-in-chief of the military. If they question their leadership, they could be punished for it, but they can't be punished if they're retired, since retired service members are no longer required to follow military rules and regulations. So, obviously these guys waited until they were retired, and after they retired they signed a letter that said Biden is insane, he should not be president. 125 of them signed it. It reminded me of the 41,000 psychiatrists who signed a petition in 2017 that said Trump was crazy.

On July 12, 2021 I found a story on a website that said there were more than 300,000 people who had signed a petition that asked for the Biden family to be investigated for corruption. Have you heard about that one? Joseph Biden has a son named Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden was involved in a scandal, this scandal involved a huge amount of incriminating evidence that was found in a laptop computer that was abandoned by Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden had a laptop computer, and it was full of his personal files. There was something wrong with the laptop, I think he spilled beer on it or something, and it wouldn't work. He took the laptop to a computer shop in Delaware, and he asked them to fix it. After he left the laptop there, he apparently forgot about it. So why did he forget about it? Was he stoned on dope? Maybe he took so much dope that the dope caused him to forget about the laptop. Well, anyway, the computer repairman who had the task of repairing the laptop fixed it and after it was fixed, he waited for Hunter Biden to pick it up. Hunter Biden never picked it up, so the guy who repaired the laptop referred to a rule, this is a rule that tells customers what happens if they do not pick up their computer promptly. If the computer is not picked up promptly, it is considered to be abandoned. So, after a few a months the guy who repaired the computer declared that hunter Biden's computer was abandoned, and the guy claimed it. The laptop was no longer Hunter Biden's property, it was now the property of the guy who repaired it. The guy then looked inside the laptop and found child pornography, and a few other incriminating items.

The laptop computer was filled with hundreds of pornographic pictures, including many pictures that showed Hunter Biden having sex with prostitutes. Apparently Hunter Biden made a regular practice of having sex with prostitutes, and he took pictures of himself doing it. Sometimes the prostitutes took pictures of Hunter Biden, and these pictures showed him nude. The were also many pictures that showed Hunter Biden with a crack pipe in his mouth, smoking crack cocaine. I guess he was so proud of the fact that he smoked crack that he took pictures of himself doing it.

There were also a few pictures that showed Hunter Biden playing around with a little girl. Hunter Biden was shown with this girl, who looked like she was about four years old. The picture was taken in Thailand, according to people who studied it. Apparently Hunter Biden went on a visit to Thailand and he went into a hotel room with a four-year old prostitute. The guy who had repaired Hunter Biden's laptop also found hundreds of e-mails, and these e-mails contained information that could have implicated Hunter Biden in several political scandals.

Eventually, the guy who repaired the laptop made a copy of the information that was in the laptop, and passed it on to someone who managed to leak it to the news media. Several websites published pictures of Hunter Biden showing him with crack pipes in his mouth, and so on.

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So, did we get any action from this? So far, the U.S. government has not made any meaningful attempt to prosecute Hunter Biden for his crimes. Recently, president Joseph Biden announced that he was writing an executive order that would grant amnesty to all the people in the U.S.A. who had been prosecuted for marijuana offenses under federal law. That's interesting. Does he intend to pardon his son Hunter? Maybe president Biden is so senile he forgot to grant a presidential pardon to his son. You know, when people become senile, they often lose their memory. They forget things all the time. Hunter Biden is probably sitting around somewhere, thinking, "Dad, remember me? Dad, don't forget to pardon me!"

The Biden family certainly is forgetful. Maybe loss of memory is a family trait. Hunter Biden forgot his laptop, and his daddy Joseph Biden forgot to issue a presidential pardon for his son Hunter, so Hunter can get off the hook for all the trouble he got into with the cocaine and the child prostitutes.

The fact that a president is allowed to pardon people for their crimes is crazy. It makes a mockery of the criminal justice system. If somebody is found guilty of a crime, there should not be any pardon to get him off the hook. On January 6, 2021 there was a riot at the capitol building in Washington D.C., and it looks like Trump is the one who was responsible for organizing the riot. There were several people who were arrested for their participation in that riot and some of them said that they expected to be pardoned by Trump if they were arrested!

On May 19th, 2021, there was story on a website that said more than one million people signed a petition that asked president Joseph Biden to cancel all the student debt. This means that an upper class of college-educated professionals should not have to pay back their student loans. Since they are members of a gentrified upper class, they are apparently entitled to have their loans forgiven. It means free money for them. I suppose Biden had heard about this petition, because he later signed an executive order that said student loan debt is forgiven. It may be tied up in the courts, because there were several people who went to court and said president Biden does not have the authority to forgive debts. So far, it hasn't been settled in court.

On February 2, 2022, there was an article on a website that said more than 43,000 people have signed a petition that said president Biden should pay homage to the Tesla car company, a company owned by the billionaire Elon Musk. So, what does this mean, anyway? Does this mean that 43,000 people have signed a petition because they want president Biden to get down on his knees and grovel before Elon Musk? I suppose some people are so seriously screwed up mentally they actually want the president to worship the loins of Elon Musk. The people who circulated the petition said that president Biden must stop ignoring Tesla! What do they expect him to do, anyway? Do they expect president Biden to nominate Elon Musk for a Nobel prize?

The petition (which was apparently circulated by Elon Musk's fan club) said that the president must acknowledge the Tesla Motor Company's leadership in the field of electric car manufacturing. In other words, they are asking president to glorify Elon Musk.

Finally, there was an article that appeared on a website in June 10, 2021. This article said that more than 21,000 people signed a petition to protest against a vote to refuse communion to president Biden. Basically, Biden is a Catholic and Biden is a supporter of abortion. Biden has made pro-abortion speeches several times, and in these speeches he said he would defend a women's right to get an abortion. The Catholic church is totally opposed to abortion, so why is Joseph Biden still allowed to show his face in a Catholic church? The leaders of the Catholic church have always said that abortion is murder, abortion is the sinful act of killing a baby. So, why are all the leaders of the Catholic church refraining from kicking Biden out of the church? If Biden is in favor of abortion then Biden deserves to be kicked out of a church that says abortion is a sin. The Catholic church should kick out Biden immediately. In Catholic tradition, the process of kicking someone out out of the Catholic church is called excommunication. The leaders of the church should declare that Biden is guilty of heresy and then Biden should be excommunicated. Basically this petition was a letter that was signed by more than 21,000 people and the letter asked Catholic bishops in the U.S.A. to cancel their plans to hold a vote on whether or not the church should refuse communion to Biden. Biden has got to the the biggest hypocrite in the world,m if he goes prancing around calling himself a Catholic, and at the same time, he goes prancing around making speeches about how much he's supporting women's right to abortion. Biden ought to make up his mind and decide if he wants to be an anti-abortion Catholic or a pro-abortion politician, but I guess that would be to much for his feeble mind. Refusing to give communion to Biden would be a slap on the wrist. Biden deserves the full punishment, which would be excommunication. The Catholic church should lose it's tax-exempt status, because they are clearly not functioning as a church, they are functioning as the Joseph Biden fan club. I cannot say that the Catholic church has maintained a sincere position on abortion if they have continued to allow Joseph Biden to remain as a member of their church. The catholic clergy deserves to lose their tax-exempt status, and they should start paying taxes. That would be the punishment they deserve for groveling at the altar of of Joseph Biden.

© 2022 Anthony Ratkov

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