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People Are Dying

America does not deserve a leader like Donald J. Trump. He will destroy the country.


The Victim's have No Life-You Do

The coronavirus is airborne dangerous and a silent killer. When I think about the 192 thousand plus victims who lost their live to this deadly virus , I am deeply sadden. Every day of live my life I live in fear for my family and all the people walking around pretending the virus is something made up.

Some American's including the president have never taken the virus seriously. President was elected to serve and protect our country and the people, he hasn't. This Pandemic has defeated Trump, he has no idea what to say or do except lie.

The president omitted to the America people he lied about the virus because he didn't want to start a panic. This is America the greatest country in the world, we don't panic we find the solution. The president igonored medical experts when they told him social distancing and wearing masks would save lives. Trump refused to wear a mask saying it didn't make him look good. It was the president job to encourage every American to follow rules and regulations to stay safe.

Teenagers And The Virus

Every American has been effected by the coronavirus especially teenagers and the elderly. Teenager are mentally and emotional effected because of life time changes. Some teens didn't have a prom, a graduation or to party with their friends for the last time, due to the Coronavirus. It's understandable while these children feel depressed and anxious to join the world freely with a Virus that is still deadly. It's irresponsible to hold parties or go to crowed beaches without wearing a mask, knowing you could effect a family member or your friends. The coronavirus is a virus that has taken the lives of so many, these victims are no longer here to be with there families. Life is hard for everyone because of a virus who continue to kill.

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Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on September 21, 2020:

I see families in my neighborhood having gathering eating and drinking as if the coronavirus doesn't exist. People this virus is dangerous and deadly. Please don't take this Pandemic for granted. The life you save might be a family member a friend or yours.JMD

Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on September 21, 2020:

The coronavirus is something that none of us expected.195plus lives has been lost and most of everyone seems to forget what these victim's families are going threw. These victim's don't have the opportunity at life, we do. It's time to do what ever we can to protect each other until this virus is gone. JMD

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