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Pathso Village Info

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Pathso Village.

The Whole Village is not fully captured. The image shows only the middle part of it.

The Whole Village is not fully captured. The image shows only the middle part of it.


Pathso is a large village, situated in the eastern part of Nagaland in India and located in Panso hq circle of Noklak district. It is a home to approximately 500 families with the population density of 2117 according to 2011 census.

Types of Agriculture

Different types of agriculture, the villagers' practice today are as follows.

  1. Shifting Cultivation – In this type of cultivation, a large part of forest land is cleared by cutting down trees, where it will keep for several months to be burnt. Here, the crops are grown for only two to three years due to the loss of fertility of the soil.
  2. Terrace Cultivation - It is a method of growing crops on sides of hills or mountains by planting on graduated plots of land, built into the slope.


Shuttle services are available between Tuensang and Pathso village. (Private and government Bus)

Road connections from Pathso village to the areas are:

1. Pathso to Tuensang.

2. Pathso to Noklak.

3. Pathso to Yokao.

4. Pathso to Shamator.

Village Demographics

Village population density

GenderPopulation Census











Majority of the villagers follow Christianity.

Academic Institutions

List of Academic Institutions in the village are as follows

List of Private Schools

  1. Union Mission School - Established in 2017. – Class A-2

List of Government Schools

  1. Primary School Pathso – Class A-4
  2. Government High School – Class 5-10

The form of Government (Panchayati Raj System)

"Mahatma Gandhi advocated Panchayati Raj as the foundation of India's political system, as a decentralized form of government in which each village would be responsible for its own affairs".

However, Nagaland has no Panchayati Raj system as it had exempted under Article 243M(2) of the Indian Constitution. So, inplace of this system, Nagaland has autonomous district & council created under sixth schedule of the constitution.

Therefore, Pathso village is governed by a system of self government (Village Council) within autonomous district council. – Today, the Incumbent 'HGB’-Head of the village council is Mr. 'Pengchang'.

Literacy Rate 2011 Census

Literacy Rate2011Census


58.07 %






54.87 %


Pathso Village Map


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