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Path of Progress


A message from the Harmonic Society

How can we move forward? What does the path ahead look like?

1) Endangered Species Protection We need to expand nature preserves to provide refuge for endangered species. We can’t keep fouling the planet with ever-spreading human habitation and industry.

The Nature Conservancy

2) Population reduction We need to employ drastic measures to reduce the population, especially in Africa. Population will be reduced in even more drastic fashion (famine, war, disease) if we fail. Africa will never progress unless the overpopulation problem is solved. We must import radical feminists and LGBT activists to Africa.

Ten African Women leaders we admire

U.S. cuts aid to Uganda, cancels military exercise over anti-gay law

3) No meat We must stop eating meat. Producing meat is cruel and requires far too much land.

Meat and the Environment

Humans and Big Ag Livestock Now Account for 96 Percent of Mammal Biomass

A Dutch City Is Banning Some Meat Advertisements in Public Spaces

4) End Zionism Israel and its racist, apartheid system will end. The last malodorous remains of the rotting corpse of imperialism will finally disintegrate.

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Israel airstrikes kill 8 children

5) World government In the future a world government will advance. It’s just more efficient. Asians will necessarily play a bigger role in this world government.

6) Robot explorers Space exploration will be performed by robots equipped with AI. Humans are too fragile.

Our Generation Ships Will Sink

Movie plot: Our robot explorers evolve into merciless killers who swing back and attack earth. They bring with them a gift: a set of asteroids to destroy our largest cities.

7) Virtual reality We will inhabit highly entertaining virtual worlds. We will immerse ourselves in realms of fantasy. We’ll hide out in these fantasies. Let’s face it the real world is never entirely safe or satisfying. As the robots develop there won’t be much for us to do anyway. We’ll just have to learn to relax.

Robots could push unemployment to 50%

Tolkien Video Games Through the Years

It’s time for mankind to step down into the shadows and let other life forms and robots step up onto the stage.

Thus ends the Age of Man,

and with it human sorrow.

Maybe this is what God had planned all along:


Maybe flimsy suffering conscious creatures are an aberration.


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