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Patel: Signs Deal to Repatriate Illegal Albanians.

Patel Wants to Kick Out Foreign Crooks!


Both Sunak and Truss have addressed the issue of migrants crossing the Channel. Of course, playing to the Tory gallery both have stated they would be tough on such people.

Admittedly, whatever reason these people come here, they must be desperate to cross the busiest sea lane in the world. The response of the UK government so far has been to tow these people to shore. The government has been attacked over allowing a so-called 'invasion' of our borders. Which makes the government look rather hypocritical when they said Brexit was all about controlling our borders. In other words, who we let in and who we don't.

It has emerged that the majority of migrants crossing the Channel are largely Albanian. Apparently, the Albanian mafia is telling people to come here telling them it is a land flowing with milk and honey. Obviously, Albanian criminal gangs are fleecing their own people to make the dangerous journey to the UK.

6,000 Albanians have crossed the Channel this year alone. Mainly young men looking for a better life or to take part in Albanian criminal gangs already here.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has signed an agreement with Albania to repatriate illegal Albanians. Albanian officers will be present in the UK to sort out who is illegal and who isn't. How they will do this is not known but hopefully, genuine people will stay and illegals sent home.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has signed a similar deal with Pakistan and other nations to remove illegals from the UK.

Her Rwanda policy was stopped in its tracks by a legal challenge. Lawyers acting on behalf of those to be deported managed to get a stay of execution. So the plane that was to carry approximately 11 migrants on board to Rwanda is grounded for now.

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Whether this policy will be enacted or not under Truss or Sunak will remain to be seen. Will lawyers challenge the Albania or Pakistan policy of sending illegals back? Obviously, Patel will be aware of this and maybe take legal advice herself over this.

As stated before, one has to feel sympathy or empathy for genuine migrants. But the UK has been facing an invasion with migrants landing on our shores. We cannot keep taking people forever and ever.

Our welfare, NHS, and housing are creaking and we are an island nation already overcrowded. Our own people have faced cutbacks to services that are vital to some of the most vulnerable in our nation. Now we are facing huge energy bills which are misery upon misery.

Controlling migrants is not a right or a left thing it is simply common sense that we know who is coming into our country. Where they are from, do they mean us harm, etc?



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