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Parole for Convicted Murder Clara Harris About to End

Who is Clara Harris?

Clara Harris' Parole Conditions

Clara, her husband's convicted killer; parole will run out in February 2023. The conditions of her parole are:

  • To stay away from Dr. Gerald Harris, Jr, Barbara Harris, Gail Thompson, Lindsey Ngo, and any other members of her late husband's, David Harris' family.
  • Wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.
  • To take regular alcohol and controlled substance testing
  • Demonstrate sixth-grade educational skill level (She was a dentist, so this one is a no-brainer)
  • Be gainfully employed
  • To stay and reside in the legal county of Galveston

Obtained from KPRC-TV 2, NBC affiliate in Houston

Where is Clara Harris? Who is Clara Harris now?

Oprah interviews Clara Harris

Oprah interviews Clara Harris


What happened to Clara Harris?

What happened to Clara Harris after her 2017 prison release? The answer is simple; I don't know. She is possibly living in plain sight. I sent a letter to Harris’ former attorney, and I have not received a response as of today.

It would seem like she has been abiding by her parole, living in Galveston County, keeping her head down, and staying out of trouble. Or we would have heard about her if she was not compliant with her parole. Her parole ends early next year, in February 2023.

Clara and David

Clara and David Harris

Clara and David Harris

You can tell they were once happy when looking at this picture of both Harris' smiling.

The Crime

Was it cold-blooded murder? Or was it a justified crime of passion?

Remember that David Harris’ daughter was inside that Mercedes-Benz when Clara Harris decided to strike her husband, David Harris, with her car. She then proceeded to run over him repeatedly. Let’s start from the beginning…

The Harris family

The Harris family

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The Love Story Gone Bad

David and Clara seemed to the outside world as a loving couple in a ten-year marriage. Both dentists started a successful practice together; they had young twin boys, David had a daughter from a previous relationship, and they lived in a mansion.

Since David is dead, we cannot know if he was unhappy in his marriage, but we do know that David had started seeing their receptionist, Gail Bridges; the Harris’ were well-known as dentists in Friendswood, Texas. Someone at the dental practice told Clara that David was having an affair, and Clara didn’t believe it until David confessed that he had been having an affair with Bridges. Clara hired Bobbi Bacha, a private investigator, to follow her husband to get the truth.

The Terrible Reality

According to her appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, David told her that he wanted to work on their marriage. Clara had conditions. Those conditions were, that he would fire Bridges, agree to go to marriage counseling, for him to tell his parents and their pastor.

Oprah’s, Shattered Lives Interview

In that same interview, Clara told Oprah that she asked David why he cheated on her. David's answer? "That she had zero fat," Clara remembers. The comparison was devastating. According to Clara, not only did David admit to having sex with his mistress, but the sex, he said, was a fantasy come true. He noted that Gail had sex with him three times a day. Clara says that she decided that she would double that. Clara also claims to have hired a personal trainer, got a membership at a tanning salon, and planned to have her hair and nails done daily. She also placed a deposit on liposuction and went shopping for sexy clothes.

After David confessed eight days later, he was dead…

File: Hilton Hotel -- Nassau Bay, Texas

File: Hilton Hotel -- Nassau Bay, Texas

I found him...

Bacha called Clara, telling her that Bridges' and her husband were located at the Hilton along Nassau Bay in Houston. She rushed to the Hilton. A fight broke out inside the Hilton between Clara and Bridges and they were asked to leave the hotel. David's daughter from a previous relationship, was sitting inside her stepmom's car.

Bacha caught the infamous murder by Mercedes-Benz on videotape.

The Confrontation in the Parking Lot

Clara confronted her husband's receptionist-turned mistress in the parking lot of the Hilton hotel. Moments later Clara used her Mercedes-Benz to kill her husband.


The 60-year-old, released Friday, May 11, 2018, who was granted parole after serving fifteen years of her twenty-year prison term, parole will end in February 2023. What happens next? That question is up to Clara Harris.

What do you think about Clara Harris' parole?

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