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Pandemic and the Law of Jungle: Those Powerful Calling All Shots -- A Satire

Val is not a medical scientist, but a free thinker capable of telling apart true science from a politically tailored one.


I never thought I would see the day the bank was staffed by an army of masked bandits.

-- Steven Magee

How Much Is Left of Authorities' Credibility?

Let me start with one of my observations which are still making me wonder if there is really any sense in writing this article:

For all those in their deep sleep of complacency, no awakening words are possible; and for all those already awakened, no words are necessary.

With no ambitions whatsoever to add just another conspiracy theory to those already out there, I just can't but wonder why it hasn't become a household truism yet that we cannot trust any authorities anymore.

For, politicians keep lying to us just about everything of some public significance, and their main tool, the news media, will propagate any lie for a juicy fee;

and religions are ever busy feeding us some sterile lies about "divine love", which no one seems to take seriously, according to the discords on every level of coexistence;

and medico-pharmaceutical establishment is having us play their Russian roulette with their questionable treatments, while in the US alone some 350,000 die each year from their screwups;

and nutrition authorities get paid to promote one or another "best diet for humans", that depending on which branch of food industry is hiring them.

It's like all the authorities are on their holy mission to care for our spiritual and physical well being -- and yet, some over 50 million people are dying worldwide each year, and only in the US every fifth person is suffering from one or another mental issue.

With a reason for which a justification is almost impossible to figure, those highly educated leaders worldwide seem to be unable to sit at the same table and once and for all decide to establish some harmony on this beautiful planet of ours.

Then it gets even crazier, as we remember that we are the ones actually electing such shit-disturbers who instigate hate between nations, which otherwise would have absolutely nothing against one another.

Which brings us to our blind trusting the Grand Poobahs of Medicine with this pandemic.

Without being liable for any side effects from their vaccines, their producers could, hypothetically, poison a huge part of the mankind and get away with it -- possibly explaining it with a "new superbug that is resistant to their vaccine".

But we keep trusting them, although the vaccine could be nothing more than a placebo making those who take it strongly believe that now they are safe. If you ever got solidly familiar with the power of placebo effect, you would be asking yourself the same question.

Now, nocebo is the opposite of placebo, as it makes a strong negative expectation so powerful as to make people sick, or even kill them. Couldn't we ask ourselves -- and there will be a lot more of these questions here -- if the powerful propaganda machinery primed the world with a nocebo for a burning need for this product?

It doesn't even have to be so massively applied in order to be effective. Take those cases of someone being misdiagnosed with cancer, and then die -- while in anticipation of death.

Or those in whose family runs a genetic predisposition for cancer or a serious heart disease -- so they are just waiting for their turn to come, ending dead way before their time, because of that false genetic verdict. I say "false", because the new science of epigenetics has proven it time and time again that we can override that gloomy prognosis with our lifestyle, and especially mindstyle.

Now, imagine what size of the nocebo effect has affected all those who out of habit trust everything that their authorities are telling them. Day after day, those dark warnings making everyone paranoid, with daily reports about those infected and dead, and with those draconic restrictions being enforced and making those claims even more believable.

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Since we all know by now that a prolonged stress kills, couldn't we explain massive infections with a drop in immunity caused by all that fearmongering -- while the virus itself didn't even have to be all that deadly.?

Think of those, one-in-five mentioned above with mental issues, how their already unstable immunity got crushed by that persistent fearmongering. Think of the elderly who were already lonely and with a low will to live, maybe with a diagnosis or two, and now even forbidden to see their loved ones.

Actually allow me to repeat myself from another article -- if our yearly flu had ever been so brutally advertised like this coronavirus has been, we would have had a similar numbers of those infected and dead.


Malnutrition is a pandemic in the USA.

-- Steven Magee

A Pandemic or a Grand Charade

Questions about those vaccines seem to multiply like rabbits once we open our minds. Like, isn't anybody bothered by the fact that the safety of those vaccines is not approved by any independent lab, other than the one of the producers themselves?

Then, let's look at this illogical fact that they are coming up with new "necessary" shots, including the ones for kids under age of five. Isn't that a kind of shocking that it took them two years to discover that kids under five could also get infected, so they need to be vaccinated? Of course, if they do at all, like the rest of us.

Which cries for one simple question: Are we out of the pandemic, or we are not? For, if we are, then why these new shots, which would be, presumably, good for some future outbreak -- but without their knowing if that will be the right protection for that yet unknown future strain or variant?

We know from the many examples of flu shots that the ones of the last year may not be good for the next flu season.

And then, if we are not out of the pandemic, why this worldwide lifting of all restrictions; thus what's the use of this new -- is it the fourth one so far? -- if the previous three are still having people ending in hospitals? It's like we are at the same spot as we were at the beginning of the pandemic, with the only difference that now we don't care all that much.

Even bigger question could be, how the hell have all unvaccinated ones -- counting up to more than half of the world's populace -- survive this "highly deadly virus"?

Whether you are noticing it or not, but I am having a great fun playing with logic here. And I find it extremely strange that people can be fooled to such an extent to believe everything that they are told by anybody that is in a position of some authority.

Let me shoot another question: Since hospitals are full of patients even without a pandemic going on -- why this story about "hospitals being crowded by covid-19 patients"?

It's like anybody coming to the hospital with a broken leg is instantly becoming a covid case. By the way, through all this time of pandemic, what happened with yearly flu? How about common cold, allergy attacks, bronchitis, pneumonia, any respiratory crap that people are massively experiencing? None of that suddenly in existence -- covid-19 grabbed the monopoly over all ailments imaginable.

For a moment, let's talk about the numbers of coronavirus victims.

Did anybody ever verify those numbers at all, or they are taken as true, just like the word of the Bible?

While I am not contending that the pandemic is a hoax -- why is there so much questionable material for a solid conspiracy theory? For, look, if -- and I am saying IF -- it were a hoax over an otherwise relatively mind virus, but made deadly through its massive propagation which lowered the people's immunity -- everything would look exactly as it looks now.

Namely, trillions would be spent on vaccines and the vaccinated people would be still filling up the hospitals. Could it be that the vaccines have been messing with their natural immunity? What about all those people who got vaccinated and then got stroke, paralysis, heart muscle inflammation, cerebral palsy, or reproductive damage?

Now, for another point to be made -- authorities are not banning production of sugar, which is directly or indirectly behind more deaths than coronavirus has caused. Statistically, there have been some 6,32 million of people worldwide who died of the virus -- whereas 17.9 million are dying from heart disease each year, with another 9.5 million of cancer victims.

But who would dare to touch sugar, since it's one of the top commodities on the stock market.

Those wizards in biochemistry could easily come up with a massive production of some natural sweetener, like stevia, for example, which doesn't raise insulin and cortisol like sugar does it, with a whole other damage that it does in the body.

Likewise, Monsanto flour should be banned as it instantly turns into sugar in the body, besides being extremely addictive, with its gliadin form of protein in it, which is making you crave more and more food, as it blocks the signal of satiation in brain.

But again, who would dare to tell the Monsanto giant to switch back to growing the species of wheat from Biblical times, the one that was nutritious and healthy.

Well, it's not in the interests of the Big Pharma to have a healthy population -- they need customers, and they are among the most influential lobbyists dictating to the government what regulations to enforce.


So much of left-wing thought is kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot.

-- George Orwell

Are the Authorities Playing With Fire?

This whole racket is begging for the question -- how long before the people lose their patience with authorities and some hell breaks loose?

Like good old Abe Lincoln used to say it better than I could:

"You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

We know that history was not made by the complacent ones, even when they were making the majority -- but rather by those who had balls to make a difference. Were it for the former ones, we might still have kings and the earth would still be flat.

And, although I am not condoning that attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 (while being a political cynic and not affiliated to any political ideology), I am wondering, for how much longer such people, pissed at the governments and their medical puppets, can hold that steam in their chest.

The word started being louder and louder about the whole pandemic racket being about control, not about health. Thus, in my humble opinion, the authorities are downright crazy if they got encouraged by success from the first round, as to plan for another round of lockdowns, masks, and the rest of the intimidating crap that would be aiming at further breaking the spirit of the masses.

In that lower brain's center called amygdala -- the seat of our instinct for survival -- there is that infamous flight - fight mechanism, with fear and anger being their respective emotional expressions.

I think there is no need to elaborate on what happens when, after two years of fear, amygdala shifts the gear to anger.

My prediction doesn't have to materialize, but history has this nasty habit of repeating itself, and if the humans have basically stayed same over the eons -- which they have been proving in so many aspects -- once they have enough, it just might turn a little ugly.

Those daring truckers may have given a warning to the authorities in Canada, actually so strong one, that our Prime Minister announced an illegal Emergency Act -- obviously scared shitless of its possible escalating into something much more threatening.

He even rushed, taking his family with him, to his big daddy and mentor Joe Biden, to cry on his fragile shoulder and ask for his advice what to do about that "rebellious mob" -- while he actually called them much worse, like "Nazis". What a name coming from a leader that's acting like one himself.

Then he, equally illegally, froze the bank accounts of those arrested truckers.

It's the law of the jungle, just in its human, sophisticated version: "The strong ones calling all shots" -- with elected servants of people acting like kings.

Well, from time to time, on those animal shows, we get a chance to see a bunch of pissed off buffaloes kicking the ass of a lion, forgetting that they are supposed to be his natural food.

But O.K., it's time to end this text, albeit the topic has many more unanswered questions by many others who are probably labeled as conspiracy theorists, whereas merely practicing some healthy skepticism armed with logic.

I hope at least some of you are of the similar views to the ones expressed in this post. For the rest, well, I gave you an opportunity to see "just one more conspiracy theory full of misinformation deserving a sharp criticism". LOL.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2022 Val Karas

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