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Politics of Insults Is a Threat to Public Health and Peace, Please Be Tolerant

Post Graduate from University of Ghana-West Africa. I am a Public Health Advocate with interests in Tolerance, Quality Health, and Peace.

Does Politics of Insults Build A Peaceful Foundation?

Politics of insults in whatever form, is a big no in politics that creates confusion and violence, not only amongst politicians but family or religious members. Most at times people feel shy to be called politicians because of the bad practices “Threats of politics” that has given it a “Very bad name” (Bekker, 2018). The strongest “foundation” of any house is the one made of concretes and iron rods. Even with the concrete’s foundation, the one made of quarry dust and iron rods is stronger than the one made of gravel and iron rods; but it is also stronger than the one that does not have iron rods.

Peace building is like building a house where a “Solid Foundation” needs to be built! The foundation of every house determines how strong the house is and how long it will last. The strongest foundation of peace is the one that is built on “LOVE” (Matthew b. , 22:34-40, 1611). It begins with loving yourself and your neighbors. But this seems to be gradually getting missing in our today’s politics as seen in Ghana, 2012 to date. Politics of insults in Ghana is becoming deeply rooted in our politics in which even sitting presidents are insulted by anyone, including even children and no one says anything.

Research findings prove that parents are the ones who influence their children development in their immediate environment (Worthman, 2016; Thomas, 2018; Ferguson, 2013)! If even little children can insult a sitting President for no offence, it means that these children might have heard their parents did likewise or were even advised by them to do so. This is a strange behavior that is not part of our cultural upbringing; it is gradually adulterating our culture with politics of insults and unnecessary hatred or disrespect.

Democracy must not be “democrazy” or disrespect for leaders or elders in our modern democratic world! Almost all our sitting Presidents, especially Former President Mahama have suffered from political insults! Heads of some public institutions, like the Electoral Commission (EC) have suffered from serious unhealthy insults.


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From My Designs and Writings

From My Designs and Writings

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Benjamin Pulle Niriwa (author) from Ghana on November 17, 2020:

Preparation is Peace! The best preparation for political peace is tolerance and respecting your opponents as partners or friends in nation's building. This is my opinion. What is yours, please. Kindly share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

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