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Overlord Theory

Abstract artist and theorist. B.A. Psychology U.W. 1999 Using Hubpages to make my thoughts eternal. All possibilities deserve consideration.

Pathways. 2018.


Overlord Theory

Overlord Theory is the idea that somehow, someway, there is a captain to this ship called Earth. I like to imagine all possibilities and Overlord is a great rabbit hole. As a species human kind seams to often go through growing pains, but we always survive. If time is endless and intelligent life has existed elsewhere, it would only seam logical to think that civilizations have all experience the same periods. Just like a human life, civilizations might have childhoods and adulthoods. I often wonder as a civilization if we are still children.

If humanity has a captain/Overlord driving this civilization, how should we conceptualize? Is Overlord the Illuminati, the Free Masons, or we can just say its Aliens. If nothing else the ship would have a guide, written long ago, and bestowed on this Overlord group. Where does this knowledge come from? Who is responsible for dictating its path? The questions will always outnumber any logical answers, buts lets try and puzzle out how Overlord would work.

Based on the idea that civilizations like ours have existed multiple times, and have grown up to become the Utopia we all like to think could happen, why are we growing up the way we are. The answer is easy, so we can see the cliff. The Captain in an endless ocean isn’t very useful. Throw a couple icebergs in, maybe a whirlpool, a band of pirates, and a Kraken for good measure. That Captain is worth his weight in gold. In a world like ours, where no captain can drive all the boats at once, where can this Overlord exist?

It has to be in the gifting of knowledge. The implementation of technology has constantly shaped our world. I feel the next 100 years are very important to not only the existence of mankind, but to the balance humanity has with Mother Earth. Where is the technology that will save us now? Does this Overlord care about human life? Only as much as it is useful to them I would assume. An overlord would want something from humanity, and what doesn’t matter. Technology will be the next big stepping stone into a better equilibrium with the pollution to population ratio.

I think the next big technology given to humanity that will change the quality of air and give us the ability to travel to space without the use of fossil fuels. At the same time the technology that can save humanity can also destroy us. Much like the atomic bomb is the negative of nuclear power. Does this mean that all technology advancements were given to humanity by some kind of Overlord? No, human ingenuity is a real thing. If there is a roadmap to how to navigate the multiple cultures, governments, poverty, pollution, starvation, and all the glorious aspects of humanity, why wouldn’t we know?

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Maybe there is no Overlord moving pieces on a chess board completing another masterful civilization. Maybe Overlord is just a map. Maybe it’s just a puzzle. Maybe Overlord is the masterful puzzle of ancient civilizations. Although thinking of E.T. calling up the U.N. for a weekend zoom is quite comical. Baring this advanced species hiding from all of mankind and only talking with select few covert government programs, we are left to decode the path alone. Knowing what was once possible, means it can be done again.

In conclusion, I personally would prefer an actual Overlord that has many histories to draw from based on the hundreds or thousands of other worlds. Overlord would be able to keep this ship close enough to the cliff that we all can smell our own mortality. The end goal is a sustainable balance with planet and civilization. A net zero effect. I guess the pathway is going to be interesting if nothing else. From where we start, to where we end, the path might look very similar.

Michael Reichelt


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