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Our Sick World: Where Destruction Comes First, and Peace Takes the Back Seat.

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The Business-as-Usual Approach to Conflicts and the Blood Money of Wars.

The list goes on and on. Think of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya... and now Ukraine.

It's impossible to describe this sick and crazy world in any other way. For instance, why should you deliberately destroy (sometimes beyond repair) and then hypocritically claim to seek peace in the end?

Check your history; you will see how the pattern of conflicts or wars has been systematically similar.

I cannot believe how cruel we can be to ourselves as humans! While young people, the elderly, women, and children are brutally murdered, in the meantime, the so-called businesspeople who supply these deadly weapons smile as they go to their banks with billions of dollars in their hands. For them, it's just business as usual.

The Urge for Destruction and More Destruction.

As you investigate the causes of conflict in detail, you end up asking yourself many questions. You may eventually have more questions than answers.

When Putin attacked Ukraine recently, only the word "attack" infuriated half of the world, and they gave thousands of reasons why Putin's Russia should be punished.

Whether they're right or not, the point is that wisdom and understanding go out the window when things get to this point. At a time when the whole world is experiencing an acute scarcity of almost everything.

Everyone seems to have lost it!

Their senses, their humanity, and what have you. The only thing they can think about now is destruction, destruction, and more destruction. No matter if it leads to a third World War or even to the end of the human race.

Western leaders' body languages and tones lately reflect what's to come.

At the moment, there is a palpable atmosphere of gloom and doom in the world.

And the utterances from what are supposed to be responsible quarters and stakeholders in Ukraine’s conflict don’t help matters.

As a result, all the actions taken by EU-member countries and the US point in the same direction: militarization. Increasing the defense budget will likely increase both war materials and human capacity.

The UK army chief's comments didn't come as a surprise, urging his troops to prepare for war. "There is an urgent need to create an army that can fight alongside our allies and defeat Russia," Sir Patrick said.

“We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again,” he said. UK army chief: Britain 'must prepare to fight' amid Ukraine war (

It was even more frightening when Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, said, "we need to steel ourselves for a long war." "The UK and its friends must respond by ensuring that Ukraine has the strategic endurance to survive and ultimately prevail." The US and other allies don’t stop increasing their defense budgets.

The NATO Defense Plan for Short- and Long-Term.

As part of NATO's Road Map, it challenges Putin's intransigence to commit to a peaceful settlement in Ukraine.

Therefore, the EU-member countries and the US as an ally took a swift and consensus-based step, essentially saying that, since Putin won't let go, a joint defense plan was required. This was the essence of and reason for the Madrid summit on June 29-30, 2022.

EU and US reaffirmed their commitment to increase their defense budgets and continue to provide Ukraine with military assistance.

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During the Madrid Summit, NATO Leaders made strategic decisions that will shape NATO's short- and long-term strategic plans.

The guiding outline of NATO includes, among others, the following:

  • It identifies Russia as the greatest and most direct threat to the security of the Allies,
  • for the first time, it addresses China and includes other challenges like terrorism and cyber and hybrid warfare.
  • The emergence of a brand-new security reality since the 2010 Strategic Concept

Increasing Defense Spending

  • By 2024, the Allies will spend at least 2 percent of their GDP on defense
  • NATO should receive more common funding

The US administration's spending on Ukraine has also increased astronomically and by billions.

Improved Deterrence and Defense

  • Since the Cold War, Allied collective defense and deterrence have been overhauled in a significant way

  • A change to defense plans to include more forces at high readiness with concrete details pre-assigned to defend specific allies.

  • The eight multinational battlegroups of NATO will be enhanced by more troops, equipment, and weapons stored in the east of the Alliance.

Assistance to Ukraine and other regional partners.

  • Ukraine should receive an enhanced Comprehensive Assistance Package, including support in fuel, anti-drone systems, and secure communications.

  • Ukraine needs support to transition from Soviet-era military equipment to modern NATO equipment in the long run.

  • The Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Georgia have also been offered new support packages.

Alliance Adapts to Emerging Challenges.

During the next decade, NATO will cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 45 percent, aiming to reach net-zero by the year 2050

NATO Innovation Fund to invest EUR 1 billion in start-ups developing dual-use emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, over the next fifteen years

Allied societies will continue to build their national and collective resilience to meet any threats or challenges.

For the first time, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the Republic of Korea attended a NATO summit to deepen cooperation and address global issues.

Taking on the Challenges of the South

Reaffirmation of NATO's dedication to deterrence and defense in the fight against terrorism

Inauguration of the Alliance's southern neighborhood and the food crisis resulting from Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Mauritania and Tunisia receive new support packages

Affirming NATO's Shared Values

NATO's transatlantic bond unites allies and reaffirms their commitment to collective defense

Allies share values such as individual liberty, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law, as well as a commitment to the rules-based international order.

In addition to advancing gender equality, NATO has agreed to integrate the Women, Peace, and Security agenda across its core missions.

The redesigned NATO Strategic Concept was adopted at the Madrid Summit.

The purpose, values, and tasks of NATO are reaffirmed in this crucial document. NATO will undertake political and military missions to address the Alliance's security challenges.

Internal consultations among Allies were conducted along with external engagement with partners, other international organizations, expert communities, youth organizations, and civil society.

Not only that, but they're willing to go the extra mile with Putin in pursuit of his Ukraine invasion. The EU has also taken immediate steps to admit Sweden and Finland to its umbrella. An action that reflects and reaffirms NATO's Open-Door Policy for aspiring members to see.

In conclusion, the West has devised a strategic plan to put up with whatever challenge and eventuality from Putin’s Russia.

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