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A Mockery of Democracy


Being president is a part time job

In just under 2 1/2 years Donald Trump has made a mockery of what was once an esteemed and highly regarded position. He has turned it into a position that is ridiculed worldwide with his daily diatribe of lies and misrepresentations. What he fails to realize is the office of the president is a part time job that lasts only four years and if you are good at what you do, you may get extended by the American people for an extra four years. The biggest problem with this concept is the whole Republican party has also forgotten this concept.

As they blindly follow his lead by allowing him to destroy our long established American values, or what are perceived to be values, he is exposing just how corrupt our government is. The Republican party is now operating like an organized crime family while the Democrats are showing just how disorganized and discombobulated they are. Both parties are showing the American people just how unqualified they are to govern this nation.

While the president can only be elected to two four year terms at most, congressional leaders can be elected as long as people will vote for them. The way that some districts are set up, this can mean they are going to be there for life without ever being challenged for their seat. So why are they so afraid of this president, a man who is filled with so much hatred? We place so much power in the hands of someone who will only be in office for a maximum of eight years.

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

The Mueller Report

Robert Mueller's report was very thorough and proved just how corrupt the president wanted to be. Although he found no verifiable proof of collusion or obstruction of justice, it was only because no one around him found him competent enough to follow in his attempts to break the law. The Russians took him as a joke and did not directly provide him with the information that he publicly requested to hack Hillary Clinton's emails, nor did they provide his son with any information after promising him information that they thought wound sink Hillary's run for they presidency.

Instead the Russians launched their own cyber attack on Hillary's campaign using social media to influence voters. Mueller's investigation proved that the Russians were successful in interfering with our election and he wound up indicting 34 people, mostly Russians and top level people in the Trump campaign.

34 People Indicted

Is This A Crime?

The report also alluded to at least ten attempts he made to get his people to commit what would have been crimes, in an attempt to obstruct the investigation. Fortunately for him, they knew the law and refused to follow through with these illegal acts. Just look at how many people have resigned or were fired because they didn't feel comfortable working under this man. Some have ruined their political careers because they almost crossed that line and lied about what they refused to do in order to protect him.

So, is it a crime to order people to break the law if they refuse to follow your orders? I guess it depends on how rich you are or what title you hold. I've seen cases where someone has attempted to hire someone to commit murder, only to find out they were paying an undercover cop. What about the people who were planning to commit mass murder and were stopped before they carried out the crime because of what they posted on social media?

Mueller, and now congress, have to determine if it is a crime to order someone to break the law, even if they don't carry out the act of breaking the law. Just think of how many lesser crimes this could apply to.

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Donald Trump ordered people to carry out crimes that he was to big of a coward to carry out himself. This is what led to the many loud arguments that were often heard by staff in the White House between Trump and his appointees. These arguments were often followed by resignations or firings.

The one man who did ruin his life by following Trump's orders is Michael Cohen, who is about to spend several years in jail for his blind loyalty and stupidity. His most memorable statement during his televised hearings before Congress to me was:. "I did the same thing as you're doing now, for 10 years. I protected Mr. Trump for 10 years, the more people that follow Mr. Trump as I did blindly are going to suffer the same consequences that I am suffering."

Putin Believes He's Destined to Make Russia Great Again

If I Ruled The World

Donald Trump was used to having people follow him in his business life because he could just fire anyone who didn't show loyalty to him. In most cases this was ok because he was running a private business where he was paying people to work for him. But it is not ok if he was asking them to commit illegal acts on his behalf. What he has found out is that this concept doesn't always work in governing a country. He also is not used to people smarter than him telling him how he should do things.

This is why he is infatuated with dictators such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud. It is also why he is such an ineffective leader. It goes back to him forgetting he is only a part time employee. He is so jealous of these leaders who will basically be ruling their countries for the rest of their lives. He is especially infatuated with Putin who has managed to guarantee he will be Russia's leader until he decides he doesn't want to be.


Trump Forever

This is the kind of power Donald Trump wants to have over America. He is trying to overthrow the government legally by putting people in place who will change the Constitution and keep him in power. I believe that all of the meetings with Putin are meant to achieve this goal. Putin is openly defending Trump and he is even trying to interpret the Constitution to the American people. That's why Trump has been accused of being a Russian operative.

The Saudi prince had an American reporter killed and Trump defended him. Kim Jong Un has just said he would like to meet with Trump again, but he has to get rid of Mike Pompeo. So now the North Korean dictator has so little respect for Trump that he has started openly testing his missiles again and he is setting the terms on which he is willing to talk. He also is set to meet with Putin, probably to get an idea of how truly weak Trump is.

Four More Years

Let's get this back in perspective. Donald Trump is only one man. He has ordered his people to commit crimes and they have refused. Now that the Mueller report has confirmed this, those other powerful dictators now see him as a weak leader unworthy of being on their level. He has put our country in serious jeopardy internationally. Russia is building up their war machine as well, without fear of American retaliation. Our allies see his weakness as a threat to their countries as well.

The Republican party sees the ineptitude of this man but still tries to build him up as a flawless leader. He has diverted the country's attention from fighting Isis to fighting unarmed Latinos seeking asylum as the biggest threat to our country, yet we have no one in charge of the Department of Homeland Security. The top military adviser resigned earlier this year.

Don't think I am going to let the Democrats off of the hook. They are so confused by what is going on that they don't have a plan for defeating Trump. Now that they have control of the House they can slow him down, but without the Senate he can appoint whoever he likes and they will be confirmed.

They are split on whether to try to impeach Trump or wait for the people to try and vote him out. They don't even have a clear plan on which way to take this country. Everyone has their own idea and that's why so far 20 people have declared they are running for office and none of them have the same, or even similar plans for leading this country. None of these people have shown that they have what it takes to defeat Trump.

This is a sad outlook for the future of our democracy and with another four years, Putin just might teach Trump how to change the Constitution and remain in power.

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