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Our Ancestors are From Heaven

People are always interested in the origins of the esoteric, and all that is part of human nature is one.

Is our Origin Clear?

Where are humans really from? Why is that such a question died with the first answer that came along, though it equated the mankind to cultured monkeys? What is stopping people from bothering about such a question, that too when speculating, meditating, or thinking over abstract matter, belong to the favourite pastimes of the mankind?

Start with a Peculiarity

What is it we have been overlooking? Well, human society always is, unlike that of all the other forms of life, a bunch of contradictions. Many of which are the topics, I get to choose for my hubs. What surprises me is, other than observing, lionizing, or taking pride in all those as unique features of our race, we do nothing about it. And in addition, we are always occupied with it, either venerating and celebrating, or opposing and despising, each and every one of those. Which effectively keeps those under wraps, while acting as a natural protection against whatever one’s inquisitive nature may prod one to.

The Effect of that Peculiarity

The result is - no prying eye shall ever fall on it. Not even by accident, since there never will be one such feature that is not currently, fully engaged or occupied, where prying eyes generally fall. Where does that take us to? We continue to maintain the same idea, or the lack of one, about ourselves, as we used to, many centuries back.

How is this possible? We all know, humans have a wandering mind that always comes up with something new. So, the new things we come up with, though results in changes, revolutionary or otherwise, everywhere else, when it come to the matters of human life, those new things should be making our age old beliefs, even more appealing to us. We humans achieve this impossible transformation, in a remarkable way. That is, when it comes to human race, their ideas about the current reality are constantly on the move, always in an effort to tie seamlessly, the factual reality with the age old notions. This, even when their ideas about everything else are constantly changing, reflecting faithfully and keeping in step with whatever they appreciate as the current reality. (In fact this could be seen as the main cause for the turbulence that is there in all our societies. Humans' self-awareness do not keep pace with the times. To compensate for which, they take positions, perhaps very much against their natural propensities, and satisfy whatever age old idea they happen to subscribe to.)

Surprisingly, on all matters other than certain human specific features, we are always more than eager to have prying eyes in our midst, both to look for questions and to seek answers. And, whatever is going well with human society is nothing but a side-effect of such answers.

What the Effects Show

Now, two things stand out.

One, it is the prying eye that is constantly leading us to new ideas. Which is what gave us all that is good today, and lifted the world from the land of the uncivilized brutes.

Two, it is the lack of a prying eye that makes us ignore the gap between the times and our ideas about ourselves, and we quietly put up with the ensuing contradictions, at all times. The land is always made to keep pace with the times by the ones who occupy that land, but the occupants themselves are not at all keen to keep pace with the times. (They of course would like to look ahead on a few chosen areas, though) In addition, we reward those who are the last to keep pace, by naming them guardians of tradition. And we are able to continue with it for ever, since we manage to keep the freshness or desirability of such an idea always intact by calling it as something unique for the human race. (Here, a good technique is silently in action. The meaning of words used in connection with such an idea constantly change over time, unnoticed by all)

What else Can be Deduced

I think terming human as a highly complex entity, is not a small, or harmless issue. As a matter of fact, a little reflection will show, we have been losing a valuable opportunity - one to learn more about ourselves. You see, rather than examining critically and analyzing this imbroglio, as we do for all other matters in relation to the living and the non-living, we are dumping or wasting away a clear paradox like this. For what reason? We would have found that out, examined, and instituted corrections by now, weren't we been blinded by the pomp and the glory we accord to human race.

Let us look at Human, as just Another One

Say, we look at human race disregarding the pomp and the glory. What will strike us instantly? That each member of the race is far different from every other one. Why is there such a wide variation within the same race? Is each human made up of a different life altogether, unlike all other species? The reason for such a disparity between human and all the other species of life could be attributed to the origins of each, I think. Perhaps, rather than cultured monkeys, our forefathers are descendants of something extraterrestrial.

The Origin of Humans?

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One such possibility is, they could be having their origins in a comet like object that traverses a widely varying path through different regions of the skies. Say, life originated, when some of the current parameters of pressure, temperature, etc., was conducive for it.(I have seen a similar line of thought in a few books like 'Chariots of The Gods', where, the impetus is on the visible signs that connect the human and the extraterrestrial.) And a life like constituent of such an object got dropped here during one of its visits, which successfully endured the earth. Further adaptation occurred over many a century, during which, it acquired the shape, size and other traits necessary to survive and flourish in this planet with ease, progressively losing some or all of the original characteristics or features. The possibility of intermingling between at least one of the many forms of life here, and the visitors, cannot be ruled out. So also, the possibility of this being the very first form of life on Earth. Either, by the time the comet made another visit, they or descendants were not able to recognize each other, or, another visit is yet to take place. In fact all the observations and deductions of human evolution fits here perfectly well. Which can also explain easily, the existence of intermediate forms for the human, like Neanderthal, and the absence of any such, for all the other forms of life.

How the Theory Fares

This could be fitting quite well with findings and discoveries of anthropology. Think of human life in its entirety, to start with. They begin their life as terribly weak ones, and continue the same manner for some more time to come. And they are unable even to stand erect, unless supported. Thereafter, one slowly grows up and become capable of doing all that, but in a rather error-prone manner, unlike all the other occupants of this planet. In short, they need to spend much of their life, just to learn, how to stay alive. Not only that, there is a need to practice, whatever one learns. Then they go ahead with their life, constantly adding novelties and discoveries, and learning finally, more harm than good has been coming from all of this.

Does this look as natural as rest of the nature? Say, we imagine of a different planet, where, the prevailing gravity shall not prevent the new-born ones from standing erect, on their own? Won't that obviate the need for a prolonged childhood needing every sort of attention? Making our planet, one of a different ambience, where our nature will be error free, like that of all the other species?

Or, think of all the activities that make up our life. On the whole, the most admired ones are those that lead to destruction, of the current social order, or of the way the people progressed their life. Think of a few great names chosen at random and one can easily confirm it as a fact. Like, Hannibal, Napoleon, Karl Marx, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Buddha, or Mohammed Nabi. (Here, the huge, inordinate praise we shower upon these great ones is what is making us blind to the destruction that would have taken place.)

Think of resources. Those available in this planet are constantly depleting, posing a threat to the seamless continuation of human species. Either our pattern of utilization, that is our life itself, is an unsuitable one for this planet, or we belong to a different part of this universe where everything that meets human specific needs is a part and parcel of the natural environment itself, and as a result, unlikely to be in short supply.

Think of human child. Unlike the new ones of all other species of life, why should there be a need to learn everything afresh, like learning to walk? Or, why should it be told what not to eat?

Think of human lifestyle. We have adopted one that is totally unsuitable for all other forms of life, and also to the planet, little reflection can show. In addition to which, the lifestyle is constantly adding difficulties to the race itself.

Think of human intellect. One that is always coming up with fresh ideas. Mostly with the potential to cause some harm to humans themselves, if not to destroy the race completely. But, on a few occasions, such ideas could result in something good too. And, by extolling beyond all proportions, the latter, the former, though abundant, gets overlooked easily.

What does It Lead To?

What do all these indicate? Humans do not belong to this planet? I feel so. The forefathers of humans would have been the constituents of a different planet, or a comet as mentioned before. And some of them happened to reach earth, which would have been uninhabited.

Say, at least a few of them survived, and continued to live in the new environment. They would have been spending their days in total discomfort, trying to meet the necessities of life with whatever limited was their adaptability to the planet. The initial generations faced severe issues related to food, shelter, coverings and all, setting in motion, an evolution spree. A wide variety of creatures would have resulted. Successive generations of which adapted well, putting a brake to it.

So, our roots could be elsewhere. Where, the prevailing environmental parameters would have been a suiting one, whether for humans, or for the real stock of that species, to live in total comfort, all through one’s lifetime. And as a result, all their intellectual transactions get absorbed in a seamless manner. We are yet to locate their descendants, or they haven’t been able to meet their ones of this planet, or both are unable to recognize the other one.

© 2020 ROY T JAMES

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