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Our America the Beautiful, Shes Still Here

Evidence of ability is the ripples in time produced from its inception. Effects are measured by people touched throughout eternity.

When Katherine Lee Bates Penned the Lyrics to Samuel A. Ward’s America the Beautiful, she saw an America few would notice or understand today. She wrote about the America that offered opportunity, an America that offered immigrants a future brighter than from whence they came. She spoke of Amber waves of grain, fields of ripened wheat moving gently in the breeze, the result of hard work, and effort. She described symbolically, a future and a promise to those willing to work hard, to accomplish individual task, a pathway to success, in a free country that rewards those who dare to dream.

She spoke of spacious skies, a land that could support a vast country of people, a place to call their own, and take pride in. She spoke of the ambiance of a mountain range towering over farmlands and orchards, teaming with necessities that the new world would need for this societies existence. A country whose citizens, in times of need, stepped forward to protect the foundations they believed in. A country built on determination, the sweat of their brow, and tears of blood shed for and by Americans to defend it.

It’s very doubtful that she even contemplated that the people, elected by this country, to serve and protect everything America represents, would manipulate, and guise the populous with self-serving agendas. Elected individuals, empowered by us, altered the very framework this nation was built on, cheapening the fabric sewn by millions of immigrants through out history, who came from other countries, dreaming of a future. Immigrants who endeavored to learn our constitution and language so they could stand with pride and pledge themselves to a nation offering prosperity and freedom.

“America! America! God shed his grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood, not division, not with deceit and manipulation, but united as one people seeking not only personal wants, but establishing laws fair to all. This Nation was founded on integrity and honor, It still exists in its people, and the foundations are set in stone, But “We the people” need to step back and ask ourselves what future lies in store if we continue to follow the current path, America the Beautiful is still there, but we are the people that will decide its future..

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