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Opinion: Why People Should Not Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

Pastor of Iglesia Conexiones (Conexiones Church) in Jessup, MD. B.A. in Bible, B.S. English Ed., M.S. in Educational Leadership. Author.

United States Census, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

United States Census, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


In this brief article, I simply want to express my personal opinion to why people should not get the Covid-19 vaccine. It is my opnion based on my perception of the situation because of what I see in the news and what I hear people say. My opinion, at this time, is not directly based on my religious beliefs or things I can prove to be facts. The purpose of this article, then, is simply to share my opinion and help others understand my own choices. Whether they set out to prove or disprove my ideas, that's up to them.

Suspicion about China and The Pandemic

I opine that the coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 vaccine spread throughout the world from Wuhan (China), that many news organizations in the United States first attempted to contradict this perspective, but now it is believed that this perspective may be right.

I find it suspicious that China did not collaborate with the governments of the world by warning them about the virus in a timely manner, closing its borders, and cooperating with their investigations about the source of this pandemic.

I find it suspicious that China has benefited ecomonically from the pandemic since the nations of the world were buying protective gear from them.

I find it suspicious that shortly after the pandemic situation stabilized itself, China is causing trouble in the South China Sea, bothering Taiwan, trying to get involved in Afghanistan, building nuclear silos for nuclear missiles, and signing defense agreements with Russia and Iran.

Supicion about Censorship

I find it suspicious that social media sites (just like several news organizations and present administration of the American government) have been censoring the former President of the United States and people who hold to Republican and conservative views about politics, social issues, and the Covid-19 vaccine. To me, this censorship conflicts with the American ideal of freedom of speech and with my desire for transparency.

In a free society, there will necessarily be different opinions about issues: some will be true, some false, some right, and some wrong. It is up to society and also professionals to identify and promote what they believe is correct information, and to single out what they believe is wrong information—but without censoring.

Suspicion about Ulterior Motives

I think also that the big pharmaceutical companies have a lot of money to make from producing and selling their vaccines to the world, and that's enough reason for me to be wary of products that have been produced in a hurry, that haven't withstood the test of time, and that haven't even been approved by the FDA.

Disagreement with The Government's Intention to Mandate

I believe no government in the world should be able to force a person to take a vaccine that the person, in good faith, does not wish to take in order to protect his own health and the health of his loved ones. I believe it should also be illegal for companies to force in any way their employees to act against their own beliefs in regards to matters of personal health—or to punish them (not accomodating them) for not complying.


In conclusion, believe people should not get the Covid-19 vaccine to show to the government and big organizations that, if they want us to get the vaccine, they must earn our trust, not force us to take it or attempt to herd us into taking it.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on August 03, 2021:

Please allow me to comment.

Your opinion seems to go back to suspicions on the virus origin, on assumed suppression of conservative views, on greed of pharmaceutical companies and on your comprehension of personal freedom and health.

I try to reflect on your suspicions.

Virus origin: In early January 2020 i had discussions with my Chinese collegues on this pneumonia virus in Wuhan. As viruses manifest themselves every year somewhere in South East Asia, the event itself was not considered unusual. When troups were ordered to Wuhan to lock up the whole megacity, this however was new and explanation of my Chinese friends was: There is an internal fight inside China between local city and province government and the central party head in Beijing. The troups were to show who is in charge in the first place and second to help lock up the city. I had no objections to this analysis because it was aligned with my personal experience in China.

This internal struggle caused a delay in information forwarding to the world and WHO. To interpretet too much into this delay.

My personal experience with China in comparison to other countries is: They are very good organizers and strategic thinkers. That is why they came out of the mess in quite good shape. On the other hand Chinese are less skilled in fast solving of problems. That is why their own vaccine is much less effective than others.

On the media and censorship:

Well, talking about getting a desinfectant injected is not really helpful to distribute scientific truth. If someone says the earth is a disk and the sun is circling the earth, he/she will probably get bashed by media. Same with people who say the name called flu will be over in warm spring or summer. Nobody takes them serious. Censorship? Certainly not, at best provoked by silly comments.

Greed of the pharmaceutical.

The mRNA vaccine was first presented by a small, family run business BioNTech in Mainz, Germany. This small company had earned it money and reputation by devloping RNA modified cancer treatment vaccines. When Covid19 popped up, BioNTech saw the similarities and adapted their vaccines to the Covid needs. In March or April they had their prototypes ready. They needed an international partner to manufacture and distribute the vaccine. This is how Phizer came into the game. Development was not new at all, only modified and adapted and then tested.

Government mandate:

Until the 80ties, i had to have smallpox and other vaccine shots to travel abroad. Getting a vaccine was part of the job. Nobody cared.

Around 1960 i got my Polio vaccine and i must have a guinea pig at that time, because the vaccine was new.

I think in most countries kids are not even allowed to kindergarten, if they were not vaccinated against numerous diseases.

What is the big deal about governments commanding this?

You may have noticed, that all my comments make reference to somepersonal experience, not something that i read somewhere, not something that i got from the media. Ah.. the brain behind the BioNTech/Phizer vaccine is a local from my region. She probably gets the Nobel prize one day, or her husband does, as i wrote, a family run business.

I have no reason to be suspicious. And yes, i am vaccinated.

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