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Open Letter to the Bernie or Bust movement

Jerry Bradshaw, an avid music and horror fan, is an English major at the University of Michigan - Flint.

Circumstances change choice. If I had the opportunity to choose a car with AC, power windows, a quiet exhaust system, brand new tires - I'd choose that over a clunker. If I was being chased by a maniac and the only keys I had were to that clunker - I think we all know which car I'd choose to climb into. That is how I am looking at this election. Options start to dwindle. But there is still a way to keep the door open for progress. We might even have to walk instead of plowing through on brand new tires. But, we can still move in the right direction. You can't build a pyramid in an hour.


What really disappoints me are the people who trickled away from Bernie right after the California primary. I understand the argument of not wanting Trump to win. I do not understand the accolades over Clinton. I still don't trust her. It wasn't Bernie that made me not want to vote for Clinton. It was Hillary Clinton's lack of acknowledgment, lies about direct quotes as if she never said them, acting like she deserves the presidency even though she lies outright to the American people constantly. I want Bernie to be able to continue his fight - but don't think I don't see what Hillary Clinton really is. Those of you praising her now - are you being honest with yourselves? If my last option to help Bernie continue his fight is a vote for Hillary Clinton, I will still believe she is a corrupt, lying, untrustworthy, privileged, arrogant individual. Not because she isn't my choice. Because of her choices. She could have chosen to be honest, take responsibility, and be direct instead of spewing contradiction after contradiction. She could have done a hell of a lot better. I will never feel the same about the Democratic party. If it comes down to it - this will be the last time I punch a ballot for either of the two parties in a presidential election. I feel like I'm being forced against my own beliefs. But I believe in Bernie Sanders. I believe he will continue his work and continue to fight the good fight. If voting for Clinton opens up more doors for Bernie and a third party - then we need to be smart about how we play the game. We need to be strategic in our choices.


We still have options. Hear that. We STILL have options. We may have to travel a path we don't favor to arrive safely to our desired destination. I trust you, Mr. Sanders. Can we trust her to do the right thing? I used to adore this woman. I have read many books about her - two written by Hillary herself. I put my faith in her. I admired her. I defended her. I was severely let down. But - and this is important - we CAN NOT allow the GOP to destroy the progress made by the Obama administration. If this was the only move you could make to win the chess match, wouldn't you do it? It's no longer about pride. It's about survival and sacrifice. Bernie has lit a fire in many of us and he has ignited true change throughout the mindset of millions of people inside and outside the USA. Trust him. We said we would stand with him. Let's f****** stand with him! Even if it means sacrificing what we truly hoped would become reality. It's just not the right time - YET.


I stand with you, Bernard Sanders. I will trust your strategy. It may be the only chance we get to begin a true revolution. Patience. I struggle with it. But now more than ever we must practice patience and utilize the power of our passion for Bernie, for the revolution, for change, and for progress. Trust him, Berners. I won't let him down in November. We MUST NOT put our votes in a jar that will not be full. Be pissed off. Be disappointed. I am, too. But, be smart. The greater good is the bottom line. I'm angry that she may be the last resort to opening doors for our candidate. But, if it is so - it is what it is. I just want what is best for myself, those I love, and getting the door open just a little further for a third party victory. This election has surely planted the seeds. Let's tend this garden before we try to harvest.

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