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They've Done It Again, Gone After a Baker For the Third Time; Leave the Poor Man Alone

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Jack Phillips at work in his bakery

Jack Phillips at work in his bakery

Jack Phillips, a target of the left

Lo and Behold, who is in the news again?

He whom I am sure...prefers to just be left alone to live ‘his American dream’; baking his cakes, not forced to jump through hoops, because radical leftists insist he should!

He who once had a dream to take advantage of all of the opportunities afforded him, via our system of free market capitalism, here in the United States of America. Utilizing his God-given talents, he opened a specialty shop, in this case, the Masterpiece Cake Shop in Colorado.

I remember well the first time I heard his name, it turns out that Mr. Phillips isn’t only a cake baker, he’s also a Christian...not so unusual as some would have you believe

He has a core belief system and guidelines which he follows. He does not force his belief system on anyone. You need not accept Jesus Christ, before entering his shop and in return, you shouldn't enter in, with an agenda of forcing your belief system on him, expecting him to change for you

Simple as that.

But, that is exactly what happened to him.

He had clients he served regularly, without issue, until the day those clients, two men, requested he bake their wedding cake.

He refused, because this practice goes against his Christian guidelines.

Not so simple, the male couple could not and would not let it go.

They could not and would take their business elsewhere, instead they took it to the Courts, they took it to the public, they persisted in making a living hell for this man!

This case made it to the Supreme Court!

In the end, the baker was victorious.

But, those working against him, attempting to destroy him...haven't let it go, even the State of Colorado, will not let him be.

The World's Most Famous Baker

The next to target him, a male Attorney who wished to become a female Attorney and so, he did!

It called for...what else - but a cake!

He summoned Mr Phillips, (of all people) to bake ‘they’ a gender transition celebration cake.

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I am not being cutesy here by calling the Lawyer 'they', there was a discussion here at HP recently, about this very subject, and 'their' preferences of acknowledgement, etc., so leave the messenger be

You may be asking and thinking, as am there only one baker, one bakery in the entire State of Colorado?

Well I don’t know, I am way over here in the State of Florida, but I’d venture a guess, go out on a limb and predict that there are multiple bakers and multiple bakeries, throughout the State.

I’d be willing to bet you that there are plenty of bakers that would not take issue, that would, in fact, be pleased, honored even, with baking a cake for said subjects; said couple, said transitioned lawyer...but,

we all know, it’s not about cake or flowers or family-owned wedding is about destroying a person for their Christian beliefs

It is about pushing and harassing, until they finally succumb or are destroyed

It is about forcing them to bend to the pressure of radical, activist leftists, for only the rights of radical, activists leftists matter

Leftists will see to it that they suffer the consequences...if they dare to take a stand on principle.


If I attempt o go into a restaurant without my shirt or shoes on, if I am unruly, whatever the reason, I will be refused service and turned away and that's fair.

When members of the Trump Administration went into certain restaurants, with their shirts and shoes on, on their best behavior...

They were turned away, refused service for one reason, because of who they worked for.

They were discriminated against by some restaurant owners, for one reason and one reason only, the owner or some of the workers hated their boss, the President of the United States.

That's a fact, it happened more than once

The real kicker here, the real Eureka moment....the world's most famous baker, Mr. Phillips, has not refused service to any customers entering into his shop.

He fills many orders and has for many years, he only stops short when what is asked of him, goes against his core beliefs and against his principles!

Getting along...

Beginning in the 1970's, initially with a whisper...I began to hear that the United States is not a Judeo-Christian Nation and that we weren’t founded as such.

But that’s not true!

I could list (and I have numerous times) many quotes of our Founders, as they entered into the great forging of this Nation, “with a firm Reliance on the protection of Divine Providence"

They were crystal clear in their writings, as to whom they relied upon and as to where they believed all individual Rights come from...

However, their belief system was not forced upon us, as is the case with Islam for example.

Our Founding Fathers did not force it on us in the Constitution/Bill of Rights, nor does cake baker Jack Phillips, force his beliefs on his customers or anyone else

We accept Christ or we don’t, no one puts a gun to our head, telling us we must or else!

A Jewish person can enter into a synagogue if he so chooses to do so here, a Muslim can enter into a mosque, if he so chooses to do so here, although Islam had no part in our Founding, we have religious liberty here in America, which means, it also applies to them.

The day the United States of America forces Jack Phillips, me or any other Christian to go against our beliefs, because a group of radical activists say we must, is the day this Nation will be in serious jeopardy of collapsing....sadly, I know that's what many leftists are hoping for.

Get a life, leave the man alone!

Trampling of Rights

Don’t force your beliefs on me, I’ll not force mine on you and we will happily go along our way, as was intended by our Founders.

Maybe...just maybe...if those with 'agendas', void of core beliefs were to accept and believe in something much bigger, much greater than they, they'd be in a position to simply enjoy their one life here on earth and allow others to do the same.

Perhaps if they'd take the time to read about Jesus, instead of condemning him and those that believe in him and in his teachings, they'd understand the Mr. Phillips', the Mrs. Stutzmans', the Odgaards’ (all targeted) of this world a little better and would have no need to concern themselves with them.

If only they could have found their way into trying to understand what many people saw as a last stand in preserving this Nation, in their choice of Trump, they'd have had no need to discriminate against his staff members or to get in the faces of his many supporters.

Once again, this baker, is having his character questioned, his Rights trampled upon and his quality of life affected.

Once again, over a decade later, he is having to spend time outside of his bakery, doing what he has no desire to do, in an attempt to salvage what he loves to do!

Stand up for people like Jack, America, it's past time!

© 2018 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on January 14, 2019:


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 17, 2018:

Hi Tim, so true, I’m sure that Mr. Phillips is a class act and would never bake-in any “surprises” my mind went there too. I don’t want anything from anyone, that is forced against their will to provide thanks!!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 17, 2018:

Hi Pop, I am sick of their behavior too.....the Left has lost it, that’s for’s a real shame that they can’t just mind their own business!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 17, 2018:

Hey Brad,

The lawyer thought....I need a ‘celebration’ cake, hmmm who can I have bake me a cake...oh I know, Jack Phillips!

Yeah right....this poor guy has a target on his back as big as Colorado. It’s so ridiculous!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on August 17, 2018:


Interesting. I submit: this guy is being unjustly singled out.

Really? Would you want to eat a cake from someone you forced to cook it? I wonder if "they" considered what surprises may be waiting in that cake. These are strange times.

Poor baker.

Maybe Mr. Jack should become affiliated with a church. Then, maybe he would have more protections because this is absolutely insane.

God bless that man. We don't want cake or "pie" in our faces.

Much respect,

You got it right again, my friend.



breakfastpop on August 17, 2018:

I am totally tired of this whole Issue. The baker has a right to run his business the way he sees fit. If he refuses to bake a cake for a transgender couple that is his prerogative. If his business suffers, that is the way the market works. The left has lost their collective minds, and I am sick of them.

Brad on August 17, 2018:


Even a 7-2 SCOTUS decision didn't do anything but make a Supreme Court decision useless. Justice Kennedy said in the future it will be a case by case decision. That isn't why we have a Supreme Court.

And I submit that any business that is not controlled by the government should be able to decide whether to do business or not do business without having any grounds other than they just don't want the business.

The use of the religious defense shouldn't be needed, and unless the business is the only source, then it is just a political attack, which itself should be rendered benign.

I would also submit, that being forced to work for someone against your will is an act of involuntary servitude. Akin, to slavery, and the keyword here is involuntary. Your example, of no shoes, no shirts, no service should be made as a business code.

In the private workforce, many people are forced to work under the employers, "At Will Employment Contract" which allows both parties to breaking what was a real contract. Now the employer can just At Will dismiss the employee. There is no expectation of employment with this contract. No reason, discriminatory or otherwise need be given by the employer.

Where is the SCOTUS on this one?

All the employer has to do is saying, we no longer need your services. Yes, this allows the employee to do the same thing, but the employ has always been free to do that. And even today, if the employ gives no notice and leave the company is there any protection that the employer will not do anything negative to the employee, like bad references.

My point is that adding the element of religion to this situation of being forced to do work for someone is unnecessary. Why should a reason be given. In the Philips case, doing the work could cost him business from his regulars.

The constitution didn't help the workers, with the At Will Employment Contract, and the constitution worked against the business owner.

What we need is for congress to make a law that allows businesses to choose and not the reverse. Businesses survive because of their customers, so no law is needed to force them to do business with someone or some company they choose for whatever reason they don't want to do business.


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 17, 2018:

Paula, looks as if we have officially started the GO, Jack Movement here at HP! (I need emojis)

I admire that he is taking a stand, but hate that he feels forced to do so!

As for lawyer dude-ette, good grief, it's so hard to keep up, but I do like your idea. :)

Suzie from Carson City on August 17, 2018:

Post Script: I have a sure-fire suggestion for the lawyer. Dear Mr. Hopeful Trans, Since you believe you are a woman, despite being born a male...............for your "celebration," order a pizza and pass it off as a cake. Problem solved.

Suzie from Carson City on August 17, 2018:

Angie......I have become so very sick & tired of the foolish games. This outrageous "game" that is being repeatedly pounded upon dedicated Christian business owners by the left, has one specific (& diabolical) purpose. You have addressed the obvious & the common sense of these fiascos: In the case of a "cake," there are numerous cake makers willing to comply with a customer's order. It's unnecessary to demand a baker who has refused (& expressed his/her reason for refusing) make this cake & threaten to or pursue legal action! The clear purpose here, of those playing this game is exactly as you say, Angie. It is their way of applying pressure, of pushing hard & unfairly, to FORCE their agendas upon everyone, despite reasons, objections or acceptable explanations. Is the public suppose to be so unaware & unintelligent that we cannot see right through this annoying nonsense? How many times will this scenario be repeated & a public spectacle be made of someone holding firm to their religious convictions?

We do know what "the point is," It's simply a matter of the right to hold convictions. Why is this not respected? Never mind, we KNOW why and quite frankly, no one is impressed. GO, Jack!!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 17, 2018:

Jack Phillips has now filed his own lawsuit, he is accusing the State of Colorado of anti-religious hostility.

He felt it necessary to be able to move forward with his life, which has been continually disrupted.

Go Jack...Godspeed!

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