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One More Amnesty Merry-Go-Round?

Author is a retired government worker at the state and federal level. He has freelance/publisher credits in national papers and magazines.


The 15 would-be immigrants who died this week in a van crash on a southwestern country road in America had been smuggled through an unrepaired hole in the border wall, along with another nine injured and survivors. according to the Sheriff's office there.

That is just one instance of "24 at a time" (the 25th occupant being the smuggling driver.)

Others wanting to move to America wait a very long time to come in legally.

The solution to these problems is called Immigration Reform which requires that Congress speed up the legal process. Congress may attempt to do that. President Biden has committed to doing that, and, if the Congress is successful in doing that, immigrants will not be paying gangs a life's savings, and dyiing in the dessert to come in illegally

On 9/5/2017 President Trump urged Congress to reform the United States' immigration laws, but the last sweeping immigration reform in this country was signed by Republican President Ronald Reagan, in 1986.

In 1986 The word, "amnesty", was as controversial as it is now.

25 years of knowing problems are serious, and 25 years of not dealing with them legally, is a sign of just how ineffectual a generation of politicians has been.

Some of those same politicians have been playing "hot potato"with the badly needed reform for the whole 25 years. In President Biden's case, nearly double that. Talk is cheap, and actions always speak louder than words.

The current bill in the House of Representatives is 353 pages long and presents another amnesty proposal, now nuanced as "a pathway to citizenship". Its details have been made public to the extent that more potential immigrants are dangerously sailing from Cuba, and traveling from Central and South America in a rush to get into the United States any way they can...like the dead and injured of a few days ago.

25 years have meant that once again any reform has to deal with internal problems as well as the external problems.

By most estimates there are more than 11,000,000 illegal aliens already in the United States for whom little or nothing is known of their backgrounds. While those people represent only a relatively small percentage of residents, it is obviious that there is a threat to public safety that comes from not knowing who they are and why they are here.

25 years is certainly too long to let such a problem go unattended.

Perhaps, just perhaps, a bipartisan Congress will finally fashion a legal solution for one of the problems they were sent to Washington, D. C. to solve. but haven't.

"It's a long, long road a'windin'..."


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