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Oluwafemi Ayodeji, My Story: The Billionaire and Counting

I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way


Oluwafemi Ayodeji is a very big boy known in many different countries for his many business and financial commitments. If you have never heard of him before, you probably are what the urban village refers to as a ‘Jew boy’.

Oluwafemi Ayodeji is a Hollywood Movie producer and Director. The guy is a filmmaker and owns his own television station. He is fully American from Houston but travels the world on business trips shooting films, documentaries, music videos, theatre shows, sometimes politics, plays football, and sometimes to attend social functions.

Oluwafemi Ayodeji recently released the first edition of his tell it all Biography titled: Oluwafemi Ayodeji, My Story: The Billionaire and Counting (available on Amazon, and many more sites online). His biography reveals things you wouldn’t believe exist in our world. His bio captures in detail Oluwafemi Ayodeji’s life from Conception into Adulthood. His, journey and the challenges he faced even as a boy before finally making it green in live.

Oluwafemi Ayodeji lives everyone’s dream life. He has a number of cars to include sports cars, private jets, properties and more. This guy is the hottest Billionaire and counting in town. If you don’t already know him; you probably live in a cave somewhere far away from reality.

Upon reading his biography, I realised that he is not a trust fund baby. He literarily went through some measure of pain before eventually making it big in life. So in essence, He worked his way to the top. Nothing good sometimes comes easy. He literarily made it big in life through prayer to God and dedication to his work

Oluwafemi Ayodeji is so rich and generous that women literarily throw themselves at him, both married women and single ladies, and he is just 31years old, born on the 29th May 1989.

Rumour has it that Dr. Oluwafemi Ayodeji as he is often called is humble by nature and approachable. So if you ever come across him at an event, or you find him lodging at a five star hotel or at some luxury night club somewhere in some country, please say hello to him on my behalf, and thank you in advance for that. xx

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