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Oliver Dowden: Tells Sky's Kay Burley About Government's 3 Tier Lockdown System

Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden dancing a jig with Boris.

Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden dancing a jig with Boris.

Rishi Sunak, the current Chancellor, is one of the bright young things of the Conservative party. So, is Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, both he and Sunak, are no doubt the future of the Tory party.

Oliver Dowden was appearing on the Kay Burley Show on Sky News, telling Ms Burley, about the governments latest COVID tactics. With England, undergoing a large spike in COVID again, the government will unveil a new 3 tier system to deal with this.

Mr Dowden outlined how the 3 tier system would work. For example, in England, areas worst hit by the outbreak will be labelled 'very high', the next 'high' and after that, 'medium'. In the three-tier areas, pubs, gyms, casinos, etc, are expected to close their doors. Liverpool is one of the worst-hit cities in the north of England and no doubt, it will be labelled '3-tier'.

However, many northern leaders like Greater Manchester's Mayor, Andy Burnham has criticised the government. The hospitality industry has taken one hell of a hit during the COVID crisis and subsequent lockdown. Now, the fear is here again, for many businesses and indeed their workers, as England is facing virtually, another lockdown. The Furlough Scheme which was able to keep workers in their jobs, will not be as generous this time. The current job retention scheme finishes at the end of this month and the new scheme begins on 1 November.

Boris will outline the 3 tier system in parliament today and explain how it will be applied. Then later, Boris will announce the same announcement about the 3 tier plan, to the nation. Alongside will be, Professor Chris Whitty, government scientific adviser on COVID, and also, Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. Sunak may be unveiling more financial help for workers and businesses, but we will have to see.

Back to the Oliver Dowden appearance on Sky News. Mr Dowden told Kay Burley that he hopes the government (through the 3-tier system) will have the virus under control by Christmas. "I hope it will be sooner" continued Mr Dowden, in his conversation, with Ms Burley.

Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary, Jim McMahon, has labelled the governments 3 tier system as "awful". Mr McMahon has said that when the plan is implemented as it, surely will be, that it will be "acutely felt". Also, Mr McMahon went on to describe the "unfairness" of the system.

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The success of the 3-tier system depends on the collaboration of the public. No doubt, the spike in England, has been caused by idiotic gatherings we have seen this summer. These ignorant people gathering has to be the reason why COVID has struck again, as it were. I just hope that all those football fans, beach gatherers, illegal ravers and revellers out on a night, are proud of themselves.

Can the government take some blame? Well, without a doubt, the government went into the first lockdown too late and came out of lockdown, too early. Most of the public when it came to COVID, have observed the governments precautions. However, a stupid minority, plus a muddled and incompetent government have brought us to where we are again.

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