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Oliver Dowden: Told Sky News Christmas Will Be Okay.

Tory Party Co-Chairman: Oliver Dowden.

COVID Virus.

COVID Virus.

Boris in agreement with Oliver Dowden.

Boris in agreement with Oliver Dowden.

Speaking to Sky News stalwart Kay Burley, Oliver Dowden reiterated what other Tory ministers have been saying. That is there will be no Christmas lockdown or restrictions as long as people, get their 3rd jab.

Mr. Dowden, in conversation with Ms. Burley, could not emphasize enough, that those eligible for a third jab should book one right away. Or alternatively, he mused, when you get the call to attend for your 3rd jab, you should go right away.

This is why Mr. Dowden, said what happens, is largely in our hands. Mr. Dowden along with other ministers and the Prime Minister himself stated "We will have a decent Christmas". Mr. Dowden said at present "There are no plans to stop Christmas" as the "situation, (compared to 2020), is different". Mr. Dowden repeated the much-repeated mantra that the vaccine has been a stunning success.

When Kay Burley pressed Mr. Dowden about travel restrictions to those going abroad, the minister would not be drawn.

On Sunday there 36,517 cases and 63 deaths all related to COVID. That compares with 30,305 cases and 62 average deaths for last week. The latest 7 day average for cases is 37,488. Before this, it was 40,000 cases and the death rate stood at 156 compared to 117 a month before.

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448,670 people had a booster jab on Saturday. Taking people who received a booster jab to 12,613,256.

Professor Tildesley, an expert in his field, said boosters could be offered for years to come, "to keep the virus at bay".

Both the Prime Minister and Co-Tory Chairman, Oliver Dowden, have both said now there will be no catastrophic wave of COVID, like there was, last year. In Europe right now, there is a dangerous wave of COVID, and Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, for example, are taking measures. Let us hope, Captain Catchup, (as Sir Keir calls Boris), and his lackey Oliver Dowden, are correct in their assumptions about Christmas, for all our sakes.

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