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To Be Honest, I Don't Know That we Can Keep It {Our Republic} Mr. Franklin

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

What was won, what type of Government were we given? “A Republic if you can keep it” - Benjamin Franklin

"Let it lie, don't make waves", they said.

"Dismiss the occasional liberal loon", as they began running for office, winning a political seat here and there.

"Ignore the takeover of academia", "ignore the takeover of journalism" radical leftists!

"How much damage can they do, really?"

They are few and far between...

It will dissipate in time...

And so, on and on it's gone for 30+ years, we've let it lie, we've not made waves, we've turned a blind eye to it and now, they say...what happened and when did it happen?

When did such bad behavior receive a place of honor at the front of the classroom?

How did the haters of America gain such power?


Did Benjamin Franklin foresee this day, when he made the statement, "A Republic, if you can keep it"?

Betsy Ross and George Washington

Betsy Ross and George Washington

Heavens to Betsy, By George

Heavens to Betsy.....have people lost their ever loving minds?

  • Multiple historic statues/monuments have been removed...on a whim...and what's worse, many behind this move, feeling empowered, could not wait for them to have a proper, respectful removal. Oh no, they are incapable of understanding the time and the labor which went into the creation of these pieces of history and so, with criminal intent they've thrown paint on them, they've graffitied them, they've dislodged them and they’ve toppled if, like everything else to the criminal element, they have no value or significance.
  • The PEACE Cross, honoring a small town's fallen soldiers, is marked for removal....for what reason? A likelihood that a lone pedestrian, a infiltrator...was offended or may be offended by its this reason enough for its removal? Offended by the idea of Peace, offended by the concept of wanting Peace and not War; a hope, a desire...a prayer, that not one more of their native sons, be lost to war?
  • Our Founders...those men that wanted all power to lie with the People, so we'd never be forced to live under a Dictatorship. Those men that sacrificed so much, so that we may have freedom, are demeaned, maligned and rejected. Movements to completely omit them from our history are prevalent and so far, many 'successes' have been chalked up. If our children learn anything about them at all, about the many battles fought, the many lives lost during the fight for Independence...(in the infiltrated Government run school system) it is revised, with negative connotations or dismissed completely.

In the leftist world, feelings rule - history drools, by George!

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We've allowed this to happen, we were assigned a task, "to keep this great Republic", to "guard our liberty with jealous attention", we were given the means to do so, the U.S. Constitution, and we have failed, miserably!


Leftists, progressives, radicals, socialists...whatever we call them, they've infiltrated and are doing great harm to our Republic

We‘ve allowed it to happen.

Radical leftists have been ignored, unchallenged and overlooked:

  • ignored, as they infiltrated the People's Government
  • unchallenged, as they infiltrated academia
  • overlooked, as they infiltrated journalism and the media

I do not think there is any question about any of the above.

First, in Government; there are self-avowed socialists, working for the United States of America, elected by the people, as their a Republic!

There are presently others running for office, that do not even attempt to hide the fact, they are socialists. Wishing to continue the transformation of America, started by our former President, they cluelessly wear the label proudly!

If they aren't claiming to be socialists, they are radical in their views nonetheless, as they work to turn America into something else...something other than what America is!

They don't try to hide it, they're empowered!

These radicals continually criticize America as Founded and oftentimes are getting a standing ovation while doing it! Remember President Barack Obama?

In there any doubt?

What has become of History?

What is happening in the field of Literature?

Whatever is viewed as acceptable by the radical Left is what's promoted in the Government-run schools.

Even some of the best Writers to have ever lived, because they are from a different time, a completely different era, are not promoted and are oftentimes banned.

Young people will never know their names, much less the genius of their gift!

In Media, Journalism; talk about obvious and in your face...nothing subtle about tuning in, to get the local News, the latest election results, the weather and instead getting lectured at, in hate-filled rants...directed at the President and all of those who support him. It gets worse with every tune in, until you finally just tune out and find your News/Election results/Weather, elsewhere.

Replacement gods

When was God replaced with the latest craze, the latest cause, the latest crusade, did the three-pronged infiltration turn these unworthy things into replacement gods?


We, the God-fearing, America loving, family-oriented citizens are paying attention now.

Count on it!

While the radicals are currently losing it with their every loss; the election of Trump, lost congressional seats, the smaller courts and the Supreme Court adhering to and upholding the United States Constitution. With a constitutional conservative Justice now seated on the Supreme Court, with the possibility of gaining another very soon, we, the typical law-abiding, hard-working U.S. Citizen are facing each day, from here on out, with our eyes wide open.

Never again will we blindly accept....just let it lie and yes, Mr. Franklin we will fight with all our might, "to keep"... this great Republic!

God Bless America!

The Peace Cross has stood for nearly a Century in Bladensburg, Maryland. Built in memory of (49) local men, who died in WWI

The Peace Cross has stood for nearly a Century in Bladensburg, Maryland. Built in memory of (49) local men, who died in WWI

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Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on June 29, 2018:

Yes we did....Now if we can just get through to the young minds of mush, so that they may have a future (or rather, so that they may have a promising future!)

breakfastpop on June 29, 2018:

The good news is that despite all the efforts of the eft to disrupt and dest, we won!

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on June 29, 2018:

I definitely see more ‘personalities’ within the Republican Party. We are always seeing, hearing about the Freedom Caucus, the Constitutional Conservative wing butting heads with the Moderates. There has been a lot of head butting amongst them throughout the process of attempting to get a handle on Immigration and Healthcare.

With the Dems, they are globbing together on all things and weighing themselves down. If they have any issue with the leftist wing Socialists taking over the Party, they aren’t putting up much of a fight.

Changing subjects, I am trying to find a video that I caught a part of yesterday, it was of multiple people on the beach being asked why we celebrate on the 4th of July.....OMG Scary. The Socialists have a large pool to choose from, they need not look any further than the local beach. (I need to find it and share it here)

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 28, 2018:

I believe 30+ years ago is a fine time to note, that is around the time they passed NAFTA, Glass-Steagall, revamped the Community Reinvestment act, made changes so that government funds could be funneled to 'non-profit' organizations, etc. etc.

One could also point to the first invasion of Iraq, where our new focus on destabilizing the Middle East began, though it didn't take on its current intense focus of destabilization until 9/11. You could say we've been in Iraq now in one way or another for almost 30 years as well.

As for a new Governor, well, I used to vote for who-ever I thought was the better candidate regardless of party, but these days one has to vote for one side or the other, unfortunately it has come down to that, you are with the Socialist Democrats, or the Conservative Republicans.

You either want to preserve what this country has stood for or you want to destroy those things, rewrite its history, and how it is run.

30+ years ago, there weren't such extremes, and voting for a Republican or Democrat didn't make such a difference, we were all pretty much Americans wanting what was best for America. Not these days.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on June 28, 2018:

Thank you Tim, I appreciate the support. I am not ‘planning’ to go anywhere.

Hi Ken, haven’t chatted with you for a while. In all honesty, I did change the number of years I feel we’ve been “letting it lie” a few times before settling on 30+.

Yes I realize that there have been many gunning for America, since we defeated the UK in multiple battles long, long ago.

I chose to focus more on the decline since Roe v. Wade was passed by a radical Supreme Court and the empowerment which was gained during that time frame that was instrumental in creating the leftist monster which has infiltrated Government, Academia, Journalism, etc.

So....who do you like for Governor?

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 28, 2018:

You have to be aware of what has been going on for hundreds of years.

There are a lot of threads that go into this weave, and to understand it completely you have to know the real history of our nation, going all the way back to its founding by revolting against the U.K.

Like anything else, history gives perspective on all subjects. For instance Slavery (there is still plenty of it going on in the world), it became obsolete not because humanity reached a new era of moral enlightenment nearly so much as because we entered into the Industrialized Era. Machines replaced slaves, just like vehicles replaced the horse. Slavery was phased out and not long after that so to was the horse as the work animal on the farm, as well as the primary source of travel.

To understand why we are currently seeing the segregation of our nation into two completely opposed sides, with fewer and fewer being able to sit in the middle and be neutral is because of efforts that have been going on for generations.

Central Banking, a key component to our current crisis, did not fully get hold in the country until 1913 when Woodrow Wilson betrayed the interests of our nation and made it (and all of us) a slave to the 'Federal Reserve", the IRS which was created in 1862, was almost immediately hijacked by the Federal Reserve.

Then came WWI and WWII and all sorts of other great things, and any country that didn't already have a Centralized Bank, or want one, was eventually targeted, destroyed, and forced to have one. The only two countries without them are North Korea and Iran.

And surprise, surprise! They are currently the two countries in our crosshairs.

The revisions and redirections towards global one world government and complete control (think G.O.'s 1984) came in books like Brzezinski's Between Two Ages (a bible to many out there for a long time, a rather limited concept IMO that was outdated soon after it was published, written by someone who lacked real experience and understanding), you have James' Control Revolution, and the old writers that helped cause revolutionary times around WWII like Nietzsche, Marx, etc.

Unfortunately these concepts (Socialism, Marxism, Communism) have been tried repeatedly, and failed horribly, costing hundreds of millions of people their lives... and yet there are plenty of fools still lining up to believe in this garbage, and push the agenda, true blessings for the ruling 1% that use their idiocy to destroy nations, remove millions of hungry mouths and stay in control.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on June 28, 2018:

Great, Abwilliams. Do you remember when they stopped students from saying the "under God" portion in the Pledge of Allegiance? I checked and had my kids say the whole darn thing. So did my wife for her home room.

Attacking a Peace Cross? Who are these people? These men were honorable Americans. The ones attacking them are a true threat to our republic.

Ben is right. We will not stand for it.

Great article. You haven't lost your flair; keep it up, my friend.



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