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Obama Ex Nihilo: Why President Obama Deserved a Nobel Prize After All

Bill has advanced degrees in education and political science. He has been a political science teacher for over 27 years.

God created the universe ex nihilo--out of nothing. Apparently, the president is mastering the same divine art of creation ex nihilo.

God created the universe ex nihilo--out of nothing. Apparently, the president is mastering the same divine art of creation ex nihilo.

Response to President Obama’s winning of the Nobel Prize were mixed. Some praised the Nobel Committee’s choice, saying that the President had set a new tone in international politics. Others, were more skeptical, asking what had the president done to deserve such a coveted prize.

But before Obama detractors leave this topic, they should reconsider their position that the president accomplished little while in office. In fact, on second glance, we can see that he had several accomplishments to speak of. Accomplishments that some of his proponents, no doubt, find remarkable.

Fandom on the Obamarama

For example, it’s a remarkable accomplishment that President Obama could occupy the most powerful position in the world without having done anything to deserve it. But, supporters don’t seem to be deterred by his underachievement. In fact, they treat him more like a king than a president. Kings, after all, don’t earn their throne by merit; they are born to their position. All Obama needed to do for his followers is… Obama. Thomas Paine told us that a monarchy was an absurd idea, but this observation appears to be lost on squatters surrounding Lake Obama.

Obama was a product of our media age where being famous passes for being great. After all, what did Paris Hilton or the Donald really have to do to get your attention? The movers and shakers in the world of Fandom have developed a neat trick: make somebodies out of nobodies so that you will pay them something for nothing.

Barack Obama was a celebrity president. School children sang his praises and create Nazi-styled hip-hop songs to salute him, without any accomplishments to saluting. The audience gasped (my favorite) when the representative from the Nobel Committee announced in the press conference that Obama had won the Nobel Prize. I’m not sure if the prominent biological sound was a gasp from Maureen Dowd, swooning as she passed out or whether it was the choking sound of Ann Coulter swallowing her tongue.

But what’s an even greater accomplishment than Obama getting the Nobel for nothing more than being famous is that his supporters went to bat to defend his spotless record.” Spotless” because there was nothing on it.

“The president changed the tone of international politics”

“He tried to make things right after evil Bush messed things up.”

When I was a boy, I saw the play “A Man without a Country,” President Obama appears to be “A Man without a Record.” When we look into his past, we find Bill Ayers, the Reverend Wright, and other assorted misfits. How do some of the dwellers in Obamaland respond when you bring up the president’s nonrecord? They pull out the regular dirty tricks, labeling you a racist or a conspiracy whack job.

What was with the “conspiracy reflex” of labeling detracting comments as a “conspiracy.” When President Obama won the Nobel Prize, many people commented that the President had done nothing to deserve this award. Sycophants for Obama responded with their typical lack of imagination……

“You believe that President Obama paid off the Nobel Committee.” LOLOLOLOL

“Will he have to show his birth certificate to collect the prize”? HAHAHAHAHA

and my favorite….

“I guess you think that Obama’s getting the Nobel Prize is a communist conspiracy to take over the world.” LOLHAHALOLHAHA

For the Record

For the record, Obama was not involved in a conspiracy to deep six the United States’ economy and position in the world. First of all, conspiracies are done in secret. Obama and flunkies like Gibbs and Geithner were not competent enough to sustain a good conspiracy. At least with a conspiracy, you’d have to produce something….like, a conspiracy!

No, the president was not conspiring to undermine the sovereignty and position of the United States. He was wrecking the country in full view for the entire world to see on HDTV. Obama jumped off the cliff with the good ole’ US of A tied to his neck. We were launched right over the precipice with him for Fidel and other third-world chumps to watch. Such a spectacle of Olympic proportions, it deserved a medal

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It also does not take a conspiracy to run our foreign policy into the ground. All that is necessary to send American foreign policy to the basement is to apologize profusely for the United States before the rest of the world, repudiate the heritage of your nation in public, tell the Iranians you will talk with them without conditions, publicly kiss socialists like Hugo Chavez and back Evo Morales, and bait the North Koreans into pursuing their belligerent nuclear policies once again.

No, sending America spiraling out of control takes no conspiracy and little effort. In fact, it’s so easy, anyone could do it; Obama proved it.

And Americans who hung their heads in shame while Bush was president could lift them high and walk among the Europeans with confidence knowing that the international community liked—no—loved our Savior of the Free World. Even Fidel Castro, a man that knows mediocrity when he sees it, praised the Nobel Committee for awarding Obama the Nobel Prize.

The international community loved us when Obama took office. They loved us the same way you love your cat….after he has been neutered and declawed. Europeans and the likes of Kim, Hugo, and Fidel loved us in our state of international impotence, a place where they wanted to keep us.

Ex Nihilo

Let’s face it; it’s no ordinary man that can spit in the face of merit and get away with It. For mesmerizing us and the world while we conveniently overlooked his lackluster past, and for garnering praise to himself, for convincing us that he was worthy (we’re not sure of what, but it doesn’t matter because if you disagree, you’re a racist)—for all these things and even more, he should receive a medal.

Yes, Obama should have gotten the medal. The president took nothing and made something of it. It’s practically a divine act if you think about it. To create something from nothing……now that’s something.

© 2009 William R Bowen Jr


r-o-y on July 28, 2010:

I read your hub great interest, there’s a lot I agree with, like him getting the Nobel prize. He even said there were people more deserving than he. I disagree with a lot of what Mr Obama and the democratic platform stand for, I can said the same for the republican platform, that help the rich stay rich off the backs of the poor working class. But to say the man has done nothing I thing is un fair. When came into office he inherit a mess, the economy was on the verge of collapsing wall street had run a mock. The rich and powerful was unchecked, and much more. I saw a man with pose and conference bring a country back from the brink of disaster. I saw a man that had compassion on the unemployed , against stiff opposition he stood and said, no we must help the one who are really suffering. I do think Jesus would have done as much. As Christian I think we have a responsibility to always be just in our assessment of thing. To say he did nothing is unfair.

there's good and bad in everyone, and in every political party.

But you bring out some very important points.

God Bless

Jiberish from florida on October 17, 2009:

Bibowen, good commentary, but aren't you forgetting that in the mind of a narcisist, everything is accomplised in his own mind, and that's all that matters. Keep Hubbing!

William R Bowen Jr (author) from New Bern, NC on October 14, 2009:

Thanks guys. I'm glad it struck a chord. Larry, I saw M. Ali do the "rope a dope" one time years ago, but it was on a float at the Tounament of Roses Parade in Pasedena! The "Medal of Mendacity" is a great line. Ken, I like Ann Coulter, but I can just imagine her response when she heard that Obama got the big prize. Nicomp & Creativeone, thanks a lot for the kind remarks. God bless....

Ken R. Abell on October 14, 2009:

Nice job. Spot on commentary. This particular line made me laugh outloud: "I’m not sure if that gasp was Maureen Dowd swooning as she passed out or Ann Coulter swallowing her tongue."

Great line, man. Thanks for sharing.

Benny Faye Ashton Douglass from Gold Canyon, Arizona on October 14, 2009:

Very Good commentary, I commend you on a job well done, I couldn't have said it any better. thank you so much for sharing this with us. may God bless you on your continual walk. creativeone59

Larry Conners from Northern Arizona on October 14, 2009:

Outstanding commentary ! Dances like a butterfly, stings like a bee, as one Cassius Clay has lipped...I'm suggesting a new honor for this pretend-president; The Medal of Mendacity...Did someone say transparency..? Who's Acorn..?

It took Obama about 3 days to name his dog...we are still waiting, after three weeks, for him to either support or deny his appointed commander in Afghanistan, the troops needed to complete the assigned mission...perhaps he is expecting an ex nihilo event to occur there...Thanks for this, Larry

nicomp really from Ohio, USA on October 14, 2009:

Obama from Nothing. Well done.

His book deals came from nothing, his home mortgage is a mystery, his college career is hidden from view because he won't release his transcripts, all the bills he rams through Congress are unavailable to the public...

It's all good. In 2012 we'll have a public vote.

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