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Obama Is No Longer The President


January 20,2017 was the Obama last day in the White House. Obama and Michelle departed to start a, as private citizens. Obama was free from a party(Republicans) who never respected the people choice. Obama turned America over to one of the most dangerous president in History, Donald J. Trump.

The former president spend eight years in the White House trying to do the best job without the help of the Republican party. Trump first agenda was to destroy the legacy of The former president. Every accomplishment Obama was accredited for trump was determine to overturn. Republicans didn't care for Obama so they went along with Trump. After leaving the White House Obama was talked about daily by President Trump, even lied on.

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After 8 years of being critics by the Republican party, it was time for Obama to finally enjoy his life without being judge for not being perfect. From the moment Obama became president of the United States, Republicans decide to make it hard for Obama. Republican refused to work with Obama, without critiquing every move he made.

January 20/2017 Republican welcome their new leader into the Oval Office, most of them didn't like Trump but excepted him as the great problem solver. Republicans put the faith of America into the hands of a reckless and unpredictable lair.

Obama is a private citizen with no ties to the white House he severed his time and did a lot for the good of this America and the people. Donald Trump the president of the United States is trying to discredit Obama at any cause. Obama Legacy will never be destroyed because he was the first "Black" president.

Donald Trump is and embarrassment to the people and the nation, he can't keep his mouth close. What will Trump tell Vladimir Putin next week at the summit?

Obama is no longer the President, he served the country and the people as well as he could, now it's Trump time.

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