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November 2021, My Diary of What Is Happening.

Rome and Glasgow meeting climatic change.

These are the main leaders of the 20G meeting in Rome, this meeting then will continue in Glasgow, where they hope to come to an agreement, how the world can overcome the climatic change.

These are the main leaders of the 20G meeting in Rome, this meeting then will continue in Glasgow, where they hope to come to an agreement, how the world can overcome the climatic change.

Fist about the climatic change

Welcome to our diary (118) of November 2021.

Let us talk about the climatic change meeting.

  • The G20 summit wraps up in Rome with few commitments on combatting climate change.
  • In a joint statement, the member countries recognized, however, the importance of all countries taking action.
  • Many member states now head off to Glasgow for the COP26 summit, hosted by UK PM Boris Johnson.

The G20 summit wrapped up in Rome with few commitments on combatting climate change. In a joint statement, the member countries recognised, however, the importance of all countries taking action. Many member states, including Australia, now head off to Glasgow for the COP26 summit, hosted by UK PM Boris Johnson.

So, after the summit meeting in Rome, they continue to talk in Glasgow.

Okay, now they have this COP26 meeting, but I wonder if they are going to achieve anything, because we are not publishing anything, the only thing that I know is that the prime minister of Australia has promised zero emission by 2050.

Now 2050 is so far away, that I wonder why they did not think of a closer date that would indicate, how this is going to be achieved, I believe that they do not know what to do. In fact, sometimes I think that there is not a clear way to follow, even the scientists do not know what to do, they know there is a problem, but they do not have a plan how to solve it. What I mean here it that so far nobody has found a way that states clearly what to do, so, we are supposed to do this and that, and hope for the best outcome. I hope that one day, somebody can show the world a clear plan, how to achieve what now seem so hard to achieve.

But let us talk about the Glasgow meeting, anyhow, the climatic change has ended, now there is a sort of an agreement that most countries want to reach zero emissions by 2050, but how they are going to achieve that is difficult to say. You see, nothing seems to be clear, because while they want to do something about it, they are not sure what to do, as you can see from the following paragraph, and I quote.


COP26 is all wrapped up, and the results are … predictably mixed. President Alok Sharma broke down during the last day of the conference, reports the ABC, apologising over after a last minute alteration to the text of the agreement: “May I just say to all delegates, I apologise for the way this process has unfolded and I am deeply sorry,” he said. “I also understand the deep disappointment but, I think as you have noted, it’s also vital that we protect this package.” (End of quote)

My views.

Anyhow, it seems to me that what needs to be done is not going to be easy, because there is no clear way how to achieve that. The politicians know that it needs to be done, but they are worried about the economy, so, they are trying to delay the change. Then they want to take it slow, because nobody has planned how to achieve zero emission and its affect, because whatever we do, we may solve a problem, but it might create a different problem.

For instance, to build a wind power station that will produce one million wats of power for 30 years. But to build this wind power station, you need to use existing power that uses coal. So, the question here is how much we gain by building this wind power station, and if it is not a lot, then are there other ways that will give a better outcome?

What I have said above applies also to solar power and any other existing systems. So far, I do not know which one can the best way be. So, I hope that one day they find the best way, and everybody is willing to do it. I know that these things are going to take time, but here we do not have a lot of time left, so, we need to do something soon. Anyhow, perhaps it is better that we start with whatever we believe can improve the situation, at the same time hope that one day, we discover a new way how to solve this problem for good.


What is happening in Australia

Dear readers, let us share the good news first, this time.

For weeks we have been following this child kidnapping event fearing for the worst, but thanks to the police work it turned out alright.

The 3rd of November 2021, the good news, (most of it is just what I found on the news.)

A missing four-year-old girl has been found alive 18 days after vanishing from her family's tent in a remote campsite in Western Australia.

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Cleo Smith, who was dubbed 'Australia's Madeline McCann', was last seen in her family's tent at the vast campsite in Carnarvon, which lies north of Perth, at about 1.30am on October 16.


With her tender voice quivering, the four-year old girl,

who’s smiling image captured the heart of a nation uttered the memorable words: “M-my name is Cleo.”

It was the moment everyone had hoped and prayed for — that Cleo Smith would be found alive after vanishing from her family’s tent while camping at Quobba Blowholes in Western Australia’s north on October 16.

Just before 1am on Wednesday — 18 days after she went missing — Cleo was rescued from a rundown-looking house in nearby Carnarvon by a team of four detectives.

Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine was at the centre of the mission and described feeling shocked when he first saw the girl playing with toys in a room.

That shock quickly wore off to a feeling of elation.

The weight of the nation’s anxiety had been lifted off the shoulders of the WA Police Force — Cleo was finally safe.

Anyhow, today the man that kidnapped her has been apprehended and he is in jail waiting for judgment, when he appears in court.


Anyhow, most times when children disappear it turns out in tragedy. Like the one about William Tyrell that disappeared 7 years ago. Today the NSW police have gone back to investigate this case again, but will they find what has happened to William Tyrell and who is to blame, we do not know.

Most expert say that generally are the people close to them that are to blame. This is what this new investigation is trying to prove, but will they be able to find any cluse after seven years, I do not know. But let us hope that they do, so they can solve this case.


About this murder case in Australia

Jetstar pilot and father-of-three Greg Lynn is being questioned for the third day after he was arrested over the disappearance of campers Carol Clay and Russell Hill on Monday evening.

The 55-year-old was arrested on Monday at a campsite near Moroka Road, Arbuckle Junction in the High Plains area, by special operations officers who flew to the area by helicopter.

9News understands the man left his Caroline Springs home in Melbourne to go camping after having a fight with his wife.


Other things of world interest

While I am writing this the first time, it is near the end of November 2021, we still have the COVID19 pandemic to deal with, but people seem to start accepting it the way it is. In Australia people protest about what the government wants them to do, because this takes away some freedom, they think that it is more important to have freedom than play it safe, so, the governments of today have a problem to control the crowds, I believe that we all need to have more patience and understanding.

This is happening in the entire world, in Europe the pandemic is increasing, perhaps this is due to the cold season coming. Anyhow, Austria will go back to lockdown soon, other nations have different ways to deal with this. In Europe not only they have the corona virus, but they also have problems with illegal migrants.

The illegal emigrants are a big problem in Europe, they are still coming in at all costs, and sometimes they die during their journey. The latest report is about these people that wanted to cross the English Channel, and some of them have drowned. Anyhow the authorities try to do some thing about it, but it is not that easy.

News from USA.

This event must be caused by pure madness to drive into a parade and kill people.

The death toll from the Wisconsin parade crash has risen after the death of a sixth person, a child, from injuries following Sunday’s attack.

A prosecutor broke the news at the first court appearance by suspect Darrell Brooks.

He was charged with five counts of intentional homicide as he appeared in court over the Waukesha Christmas parade attack and if convicted he would face a mandatory life sentence in prison.

Prosecutors said they now plan on filing an additional count of intentional homicide later this week and could bring lesser charges in relation to those people injured during the incident.

The sixth victim has been named on a GoFundMe page as Jackson Sparks, aged eight.



About the USA president Joe Biden. Most time is the news they say that President Joe Biden is becoming too old to be the President, he is not as quick and sharp as a President needs to be, so, he might have to step down before next elections. But who knows, people just like to talk too much about what they see.

There are other things that I could say, but I think this is enough for this month. see you next time.

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