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North Bay Trailblazers Erin Honeysett, John St. Jacques, and The Val-d'Or Mafia

Stephen Sinclair is a Canadian freelance writer who has been publishing professionally for several years.

What is North Bay mental health nurse John St. Jacque's interest in covering up the activities of the Val-d'Or Mafia?

What is North Bay mental health nurse John St. Jacque's interest in covering up the activities of the Val-d'Or Mafia?

Is the North Bay Police Service attempting to cover up for Ontario government mafia corruption?

In a previous Hub, I outlined the mafia intimidation on the part of Ontario government subcontractor Lou Chouinard that led to me fleeing my career and fully paid for home of almost 10 years, in September 2013. It appears as though none of the government employees, which include several doctors and police officers, have faced any sort of punishment for their involvement in this seeming organized crime mafia syndicate and cover-up.

My truthful reporting about this situation, what appears to be a related organized crime penny stock fraud syndicate, and the suspicious death of Nadine Antoniazzi, resulted in unconstitutional charges being brought against me, in March 2015. The charges were quickly stayed after my lawyer, Daniel Baker, and I, launched a constitutional challenge, in the spring of 2017.

For almost two years, while living under bail conditions for these charges that stipulated that I live at a High Street address in North Bay, a new roommate caused problems, including sticking a knife in my face, which caused me to contact my lawyer and ask that my bail conditions be changed to reflect a new address and Carrie Birtch, with the North Bay Crisis Centre, for help finding a new place to live. Carrie referred me to North Bay landlord Roger Guillemette, as can be seen in the below screenshot.

Screenshot of email received from Carrie Birtch of the North Bay Crisis Centre

Screenshot of email received from Carrie Birtch of the North Bay Crisis Centre

I called Roger and made an appointment to view a room in a three-bedroom apartment located at 1189 Cassells Street in North Bay. When I viewed the apartment, no one else was home and Roger informed me that smoking was not allowed. Considering this, along with Carrie's recommendation, I paid Roger for the month of February 2017, made arrangements with my lawyer to have my bail conditions changed, and moved in, a few days later.

I quickly became aware that the apartment I had moved into was a full-on drug and prostitution house. The first night, the apartment filled with more than 30 people smoking cocaine and using intravenous drugs. Prostitutes could be heard lamenting the fact that the landlord, Roger, was one of their biggest clients. My bail conditions now required that I live in a crack and prostitution house.

Unsure how to proceed, I attempted to make the best of an impossible situation, until I truly feared for my safety, when I made a formal complaint to the North Bay Police, Carrie, Member of Provincial Parliament Victor Fedeli, Member of Parliament Anthony Rota, and North Bay Mayor Al McDonald, which can be viewed in the below screenshot.

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Screenshot from email to the North Bay Police Service

Screenshot from email to the North Bay Police Service

Screenshot from email to the North Bay Police Service

Screenshot from email to the North Bay Police Service

Following the receipt of this email, the North Bay Police sent an officer to 1189 Cassells Street, who proceeded to arrest me and place me in a jail cell at the North Bay Police Station. Though I do not know the name of the officer who arrested me, I was greeted at the station by Constable O'Neil (Badge #5820). I was released after about an hour after it was determined that I had, in fact, had my bail conditions (for unconstitutional charges) changed from High Street to Cassells Street.

After sleeping on the couch of a friend and having my bail conditions changed several more times before my charges were stayed, in June 2017, I finally came to live in my current residence. I then began lobbying the North Bay Police and local government with regard to the 1189 Cassells drug house and my February 2017 arrest.

Then, on June 20, North Bay Police Officer Erin Honeysett and a male nurse, who was covered in gang-like tattoos, showed up unannounced at my door. Each refused to provide their name. I have only learned Constable Honeysett's name from the following YouTube video, where she appears with a mental health nurse named John St. Jacques. I do not believe Mr. St. Jacques was the nurse who attended my residence on June 20. I have since written to him on Facebook and asked him if he was, as well as for the identity of the tattooed nurse, and received no reply.

As can be seen in the video, Constable Honeysett and Mr. St. Jacques view themselves as trailblazers, each taking on roles that were historically reserved for one gender. This author congratulates each of these pioneers. However, these congratulations do not extend to their unannounced June 20 visit to my residence, which can only be viewed as an attempt to intimidate me from reporting the truth about organized crime in northern Ontario.

The tattooed nurse spoke of Dr. Ken Boss, whose seeming association with the Val-d'Or Mafia has been previously featured, and encouraged me to begin seeing him again. After informing the tattooed nurse that I was scared of Dr. Boss, that Dr. Boss had dropped me as a client, seemingly for ratting out his mafia associate, and that I had no wish to be involved with organized crime, both he and Constable Honeysett became visibly annoyed and quickly departed. Neither he nor Constable Honeysett asked for any further explanation of Dr. Boss' association with organized crime. I was not offered to the opportunity to receive care from any non-mafia-associated doctors, either.

Are Constable Honeysett, Constable O'Neil, John St. Jacques, and the tattooed nurse members of a northern Ontario/Val-d'Or mafia criminal organization? What are the North Bay Police doing about the 1189 Cassells/Roger Guillemette crack and prostitution house? What are they doing about penny stock fraud in northern Ontario? What are they doing about Dr. Ken Boss and mafia intimidation on the part of Ontario government subcontractors in northern Ontario? Most importantly, what is being done to keep me, my few friends, and family safe from this organized crime menace?

© 2017 Stephen Sinclair

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