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Normal Prejudice in Living.

Oscar is a retired Minister, retired Public Service worker, & Retired Truck Driver. He has 3 college degrees that add strength to his views.


We're all individually stamped, but we're not "cookie cutter". We never will be!

Prejudice is in all of our lives to some degree, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. To remove all prejudice is like taking all types of fruit and putting them all, none left out, and blending them to smithereens. Yet perhaps your culture, or your religion, or your family wants to preserve its identity? Are you not totally in the right to do so? Americans we all are, but yes, we do all have our different flavors, and thank God for that! We can all work together without giving up our group or family or religious characteristics. Oh? What did you say? You mean, this is what the United States Constitution is all about? Yes, I heard ya, they even give cultural rights and preference to static groups within our borders, but then why, tell me why do they not recognize the differences of white culture and black culture? I mean my black brothers go on strong with their individuality and black culture, and my white brothers go on strong with their individuality and white culture. And my Hispanic brothers go on strong with their individuality and Hispanic culture. So, what's wrong? What's wrong? My native American brothers will tell you straight and outright that they are prejudiced. They want to stay with and protect their culture. They don't want most of us other brothers messing it up, so how are you going to blend us all up and make us into the same flavor of cookie? I say you can't. I say you won't. We are who we are and we are different. BUT... can you dig this? We can all love each other and treat each other equal, through teaching the Constitution, the bill of rights, and by teaching the Bible way of loving one another. Any other way is likely to fail. The Bible says that through our spiritual connection and through Christ, we are all of one body, neither black or white, neither Jew or Gentile, but all made one. What a wonderful thing. What other religion teaches brotherly love like this? And what other country declares that we are all equal and have the same rights? This is where the ground is level, opportunity is equal, and life offers us all the same privilege. With liberty for all. So please don't get so hung up on the subject of prejudice. You should love your own family above others. You should eat and dress the way you are accustomed to eat and dress. No one else has the right to change your customs and cultural prejudices., Not even our government. I hope you begin to understand this. We are not to be lorded over, ruled over by some elites or offered bribes or benefits based on our prejudices or preferences or choices or beliefs. That's what our bill of rights declares to us and prohibits the government and any organizations from dictating over our free choice as long as we are law-abiding and of sound mind.

So now you ask about mixed race and culture?

It's simple; Over a few thousand years, races and cultures simulate or naturally mix. No one refutes this. Sometimes even a new culture is formed from 2 races inter-marrying or naturally combining over a period of years. America is a melting pot of cultures just by the event of immigration. But to be specific, the question I’ve been asked the most “is it ok for different races to intermarry?” - I’m not afraid at all to answer this and I know that most of you, the reader has already answered this question. Really there are only two considerations and evolvements for the lack of a better word: The first is that when separate races mingle, work together, study together, play sports together, and socialize together, its naturally going to lead to intermarriage, and we must accept and respect the choices of our young people and support them in pursuing the adult life together. It's not improper, and not odd for this to happen. The second point, part and folly are, if government or any other entity tries to force a free and liberated people to integrate against their will or desire to keep their culture or custom intact, then this becomes a human rights violation. Examples and precedents exist to prove it is a violation of humanity to do so. This is why we will allow an immigrant group to build a colony in the U.S.A. without having to change their language or customs. This is why indigenous Indian Tribes are allowed autonomy within the Borders of the U.S.A. no matter how many acts of inequality, or preferential benefits they might receive in order to preserve their individual/ tribal customs. While I am saying this, I also would apply that the current EEOC employment laws are overdue a makeover, due to the discrimination they adversely apply toward certain age groups and ethnicity and other descriptions. The effects to which they were created have been achieved and outlived and present a false picture of today’s social and work scene. The preference groups they protect far outnumber and outweigh the group they sought originally to equalize within the marketplace as a whole.

The most stupid thing you will ever do is vote for a socialist. The reason it's so stupid is, you're voting away your right to choose to vote. When they take over, then you have no more freedom to choose anything. It's guaranteed to be your demise. That's what socialism does; it takes away your free will. One, two, or a few elitists will rule over you and you will be a government item, or number, part, package and parcel. You will receive a ration card or some form of government housing and monthly issue, and even if you make a wage, you will still be under the control of a monarchy and you probably won't get to even vote on who that entity is. So, Freedom and Democracy aren't such a bad thing. Sometimes we swing to the left or swing to the right but eventually it swings us back to the middle.

It's time to appreciate the world we are in and protect the freedoms that we have. We could do far worse and we could be living in constant fear of invasion or be under military law. I feel deeply for those who are forced to flee their homeland due to militants, activists who are trying to force everyone into their way of living, religion or customs. We should appreciate the different views, skills and cultures of our neighbors. What pleasure would there be if little blue and red dolls lived in the same style of house and had the same tastes, and all dressed exactly alike? Year after year, we all learn more about each other and appreciate the differences and learn to respect each other. It's never a time to fight or quarrel over human differences. Help those who are challenged, or who simply need help and accept when others are trying to help us. We should never try and force others to be exactly like us though, not with peer pressure, political pressure or religious belief. You can offer, you can show them how it works, but we all must protect each other's individual will and choice.

Freedom is a precious thing and it allows us to be ourselves without being prejudiced towards others. On the same note, however, its ok to be a little bit prejudiced in the sense of preserving who we are ourselves. Standing up for who you are is a constitutional right, and it's considered a strong character set. Just don't be judging of the way other people live. If one person wants to live in a swamp, then they have the right to, as long as they have the title to it. And if another person wants to live out on the side of a mountain, then they have the right to do that. But realize, the higher you go up that mountain, the farther the fall. The things that you carry with you have a way of sliding down to the swamp. See things are a little different depending on first, who you are, where you live, your upbringing, customs, culture, and religious beliefs. We act and operate and even think differently. It will always be that way.

No amount of socialism can create totally conformity and frankly, personally, I would not want to live in that kind of world. I know that some people already do, and perhaps they are comfortable there. I will not criticize them. I hope the best for them. I pray for them in my own personal way, that they have happiness and peace within even as all of us should have!

© 2021 Oscar Jones

© 2021 Oscar Jones

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