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No Plans to Bring in Army.

Petrol Station.


We have seen the queues of vehicles, panic buying, for fuel. A lack of tanker drivers has ensured that supplies of fuel have, been, very few and far between. Of course, people have been understandably panic buying, also, helping petrol stations, to run dry.

Humans are herding creatures and are also, part of nature's, flight or fight mechanism. So, of course, people will panic, even though government minister, George Eustace has told them, not to. It was the same when COVID appeared, everyone, was panic buying, lest shops run out of goods.

There have been rumours, in the media, that the army would be brought in, to drive tankers. This would, obviously, ensure rapid supply to petrol stations. So far, however, George Eustace has said, that right now, there is no need to bring in the army. Indeed, he has stated there is not an actual shortage, either. However, Mr. Eustace has stated, that the army does have within its ranks, (no pun intended), the trained personnel to deal with such a crisis.

George Eustace has told people to "buy petrol as you normally do". Of course, commuters will need their cars fueled up, to get to work. Health workers, it is said, will be given priority over other workers, and that is quite right.

The lack of heavy goods vehicle drivers, as a whole, is affecting all our daily lives. Walk around any supermarket and you are bound to see empty shelves. This also reflects a lack of staff, able to distribute the goods, on the shop floor.

The lack of goods in shops, supermarkets, etc, is not restricted to any one item. It can be anything from booze to buying tissues, for example.

People, especially young people, do not seem attracted to the life, of a lorry driver. Be that delivering fuel to petrol stations or driving other types of goods. In a sense, who can blame them, the job takes you away from your loved ones, you often sleep in laybys in your cab, you are eating unhealthy greasy breakfasts, and the pay isn't worth it. Most lorry drivers, it would appear, are men in their fifties. The government somehow, someway, has to make the job seem attractive and well paid, to today's generation.

The government is now going to allow, a large number of lorry drivers, in from the EU. This is to tackle, the shortage of lorry drivers, in the UK. These drivers, it is said, will be on short-term contracts up to Christmas, which will allow them to enter and presumably stay, in the UK, for a short while.

This government, when it ended, free movement of people from the EU, should have foreseen this. Now it would seem, with the lack of lorry drivers, no one to pick our fruit, etc, the chickens are coming to roost.

Many are predicting a winter of discontent, in how this administration, is handling things. The original winter of discontent, happened under Labour, which brought to power, Margaret Thatcher. As much as Sir Keir Starmer, does not or will not want to see that, he also knows, any dissatisfaction, with this shambolic government, will be something he can play on.

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As we approach Christmas and the year draws to a close, we are all in for a bumpy ride, so fasten your seat belts.


Nick Bishop (author) on September 28, 2021:

Thanks for your feedback.

CHRIS57 from Northern Germany on September 27, 2021:

Isn´t there also a crisis with natural gas? As far as i understand with the Brexit, access to storage facilities in the EU were lost and UK storage had been given up some years ago.

Spot price for natural gas is at an all time high (almost 500% of some months ago). With virtually no storage capacity to ease the situation, the UK is in a dire situation. The UK had given up its rough storage site in the North Sea in 2017.

While world maket energy prices apply the same for the EU and the UK, the EU suffers far less because now its capacities don´t have to be shared with the UK any more.

To me this whole Brexit decision seems to be flawed to a much greater extent than i had expected. The shortage in (foreign) truck drivers is only the tip of the iceberg.

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