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No One Is Safe From Covid Delta Variant

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Yes, being fully or partially vaccinated will prevent you, 95% of the time, from having to go to the hospital and having a breathing tube slammed down your throat. But is is NOT perfect. There IS still a 5% or less, chance that the virus will get you infected but at least it is a mild case, if at all.

Now, to those idiots who refused to get any shots and say, "if it's my time, it is my time to die", I say, why would anyone want to increase their chances in dying prematurely at any age? It is just a moronic thinking process connected to some false sense of "freedom of choice". It is not freedom of choice to unknowingly infect others who are being vigilant.

However, there is a warning shot. To those who are fully vaccinated, that 5% is still a threat. A fully vaccinated flight attendant who worked on Southwest Airlines recently died have being fully vaccinated. The man, Maurice Shepperson of Las Vegas, was tested again and positive again in July, 2021. On August 10, 2021, he was pronounced dead from Covid complications as the virus spread from within. He fought for his life for a month while in the hospital.

He was one of the 5% that die despite being fully vaccinated. It also provides a warning to keep track of when you got your second shot and the six month period of time. Many will approach this magic number in October or so, so it would be wise to get a booster since all vaccines are known to have reduce effectiveness after six months. The unanswered question is how much effectiveness is lost after six months?

The other issue is Covid deaths. Like any coroner will tell you, there are primary reasons and secondary reasons for death. If someone is tested positive for the virus and later has health complications stemming from the virus, it is a covid related death. However, if a person is positive with little health issues and has a stroke or heart attack killing them, it is most likely NOT covid related. Now, if the person has breathing issues from non-Covid reasons and dies but is also positive, how will the official death read? It has been said that hospitals receive around $4000 per Covid patient they treat from the government, if true, then one can see why a hospital would classify a death as Covid related, when in fact, it may not be.

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