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Once Upon a Time in America When We Were Encouraged and Conditioned, to Hate Our President

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame STAR

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame STAR

Trump's STAR reduced to space junk

Trump's STAR reduced to space junk

Worked Up and Woke

Donald Trump's Hollywood star has been vandalized, multiple times!

The last time it happened, it was destroyed, smashed to pieces, turned into rubbish.

The culprit? A pick axe, found at the scene, appearing very suspicious, no word as to why this pick axe chose to take like a beaver to wood, on the harmless little star....

In all seriousness, the pick axe was a tool, used by a very agitated person

I guess there weren’t any 100+ year old Historic statues or Purple Heart recipient Memorials or Peace Crosses or little old easily accessible as the star, in which the obviously agitated criminal might take out their worked-up, woke, frenzied frustrations upon!

In the news around the same time -

Lanny Davis; friend, advisor, confidant, fixer, defender and attorney to none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave CNN a copy of a taped, 'so-called' private conversation between {then citizen} Donald Trump and citizen Donald Trump’s Attorney, Michael Cohen; aka: Snake in the grass:

Breaking News: CNN obtains secret Trump-Cohen tape

Funny or is it ironic, that same Attorney, Michael Cohen, now calls Lanny Davis his confidant and friend, for he too is now a client, just as Bill and Hillary Clinton are.

Birds of a feather...

In the meantime, another tape; a video, was circulating of a so-called Comedian, relieving himself or pretending to relieve himself, in a very convincing enactment, over Trump's Hollywood star.

Yes, that same little abused star that never hurt anyone

I am guessing the star was fully intact at that time, inviting and again, so easily accessible, for the so-called Comedian to release his --- make that, relieve himself of, his worked-up, woke, frenzied frustrations!

So disgusting, not the least bit funny George Lopez and anyone thinking it is, might need an intervention before they too lose it on the street one day! Just sayin', people get arrested for that stuff!

But I guess it just depends on who you are, who you know and what you have chosen to relieve yourself upon, that is the determining factor.

Do George Lopez, Michelle Wolf and Kathy Griffin {of Trump severed head fame} all share the same comedy writers or is it just a lack of talent, they all share?

Just curious!


I've made myself quite clear over the years, in numerous articles, as to my thoughts on Barack Obama, as President:

In his attempts to move us fast and furiously away from capitalism toward full-blown socialism, many Americans looked no further than Amendment I to the U.S. Constitution, in order to show our disappointment and frustrations with President Obama's dangerous progression.

I've also written articles about the path, that the latter part of the very first Amendment in the Bill of Rights, took me and one million plus other U.S. citizens on.

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It never entered my mind to threaten President Obama, his family or members of his administration.

I don’t know anyone that did nor even threatened too.

It would never enter my mind to deface a photo of him or destroy his star (if he'd had one) or of any one else for that matter and I do not know of one single person that would do such things.