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Perry's Camp Niggerhead Hunting Club


Camp Niggerhead

(This Was Big News During Texas Governor, Rick Perry's, Failed 2012 Run To Be The Republican Nominee For President, Before He Dropped-Out Of The Race.)

Niggerhead. is the name of Governor Rick Perry’s family’s hunting camp. Perry claims he was offended by the name, painted on a rock to the entrance of the camp, and that his father painted over it in 1980s. But, no one knows when that occurred. Some residents, (according to the Washington Post) say the name was visible, while Perry used the camp, and was visible, through the paint, even after it was painted over.

Michael Steel Chimes In

Former Black, Republican chairman, Michael Steel said, “It’s very troubling on so many levels, for so many reasons.” Steele said questions over when and how clearly the rock had been painted over, miss the point. Saying “So I’m going to lease a property, and on that property is a rock that has a hateful word on it that everyone knows to be racist in some form. What do you do? Do you paint over the rock? Or do you just remove the damn thing altogether? So, I’m sorry–my attitude is just remove the rock. That is the ultimate statement for me. Just get rid of the rock. Unless the thing is a damn boulder”.

Others defend Perry stating that, that’s been name of the camp for years even before, Perry’s family brought the camp. But that just shows how comfortable whites in that area were with the name, and didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Mae Lou Yeldell

Mae Lou Yeldell, a black woman, who has lived in Haskell County for 70 years, said it was very common in the 1950s and '60s, for whites to greet blacks with, "Morning, nigger!". In other words, they were so comfortable calling blacks nigger, they didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Everyone knew they were niggers, so why would calling them nigger, be a big deal. With that type of attitude and history, it wouldn’t be surprising that when Perry’s family bought camp Niggerhead, they didn’t feel unduly uncomfortable about the camp’s name, or see anything out of the ordinary about it.

Niggerhead Stove Polish


It's Just A Name

There are whites, who think that racist attitudes, are all in the past, especially now that we have a black president. They don't see how, Niggerhead, the Perry family hunting camp's name, would be a problem, or have anything racially repugnant about it.

For instance, Haskell County Judge David Davis states, “It's just a name," "Like those are vertical blinds. It's just what it was called. There was no significance other than as a hunting deal..."

Bill Reed, a distributor for Coors beer in Abilene says, “ The cowboys, when they were gathering cattle, they'd say they're going to the Matthews or Niggerhead or the Nail" pastures, "Those were all names. Nobody thought anything about it..."

See what I mean? A racially offensive name is no big deal to them. It’s just business as usual, like breathing air, or watching the sun rise, nothing out the ordinary.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh shares this same attitude, but uses a different argument, that illustrates he’s just as insensitive and clueless, as Reed and Davis, about this issue (or pretends to be).

He thinks, “This is all they’ve got to defend the One. They can’t defend him, they can’t defend his economy, they can’t defend his policies, they can’t defend him personally. Nope, they’ve got to run out and try to personally destroy Obama’s potential opponents. We all knew this. It’s just happening and it’s happening early and is an indication of the weakness of the Democrat Party and their state-controlled media position.”

So you see, Limbaugh, thinks that, racial insensitivity doesn’t exist. There are no racists or people with racist attitudes, anymore. That’s all in the past. Slavery, Jim Crow and segregation are over. We’ve had the Civil Rights movement, the voting rights act and by God now we have a Black President! It’s just those whining blacks and mean ole liberal Democrats and their state-controlled media, causing the problem.This is just a ploy to take attention off of Obama.

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Unbelievable! But believable!

People like, Limbaugh, are always making excuses, rationalizing or explaining away anything, that’s a racial issue or even hints that it’s a racial issue. It’s never a “real” racial issue. It’s always something, masquerading as a racial issue, nothing else.

Interestingly, Perry ( up to this point in the story) had not made a public appearance to address this issue. He’d given written statements or statements through his press people, but why hadn’t he come forward publicly, with his views on this subject?

Former Confederate States

There are many whites living in the former Confederate states, (like Texas and other places) that don’t see what was so bad about the Jim Crow South, or who believe that slavery, had nothing to do with the civil war. That the “Niggras” were happy and content with their situation, until northern agitators, come south to stir up trouble". Do you think that Niggerhead on a rock at the entrance of a hunting camp, they were about to enter, would bother these people, or cause them any consternation at all?

I think not. These people probably didn't even notice it. It was just as natural as walking on grass.Nigger was such a part of their daily vocabulary, it was as natural as talking. They saw nothing wrong with it. Maybe this factors into why Perry hadn't come out publicly, to face the music on the issue, up to this point.

Rick Perry

Perry did finally come forth with his side of the story, which was pretty much what he said through his press releases. But the Washington Post reported that, there were nine people who saw the name on the rock after Perry said it was painted over. One said it was seen as recently as 2008.

Many Places Named Niggerhead

There are many places in the world named Niggerhead or with Nigger as part of their name.

Nigger Corner in Jamaica,

Mount Niggerhead, Victoria, Australia,

Niggerhead, New Zealand,

Nigger Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

Niggerhead Mountain in Los Angeles County, California (what!),

Nigger Bay, Russell, Ontario,


Nigger's Head, India.

Most of these are names of rock formations, that to those who named them, have the profile of a "nigger", were on land inhabited by "niggers", or on land owned by "niggers".

Shows you how four or five hundred years of, white supremacist propaganda, white racism, the North Atlantic Slave Trade, and proliferation of negative images of blacks, spread around the world by the British empire, the United States, and other European countries, has had its effect not only on peoples' minds around the world, But on the land itself.

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VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on June 13, 2012:


Glad we can see eye to eye!

Amethystraven from California on June 13, 2012:

I see your point vveasy. It's funny how he stepped up to make it clear he isn't racist and paint over it when he became a nominee. He must agree with it to some degree as you've proven. He would have destroyed the name at first sight if it was offensive to him. His walk and his talk are two very different things when the public is involved.

Amethystraven from California on June 12, 2012:

If anything, agree to disagree on racism and the anger, embarrassment and animosity it breeds. Vveasy, you wrote a hub that is very controversial. I for one, like your hub. This hub is going to stir up emotions in people, which it should. If it didn't, I'd say there is way too much indifference in this world to ugliness. I don't follow politics very close so i don't know much about Rick Perry or his views on people as a whole. As far as the rock goes, sandblasting the name off of it would be an excellent idea.

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on October 07, 2011:


Thanks for your comments, no need to be angry or insulting. I was born in Mississippi so I'm a southerner, as are many blacks. So this isn't a all racists are southerners thing. Or all Republicans are racists but not any Democrats thing. I think your anger has made you over react to this hub.

I didn't say all Texans or southerners were racists or think that all are.

When you say Texans and southerners you seem to be implying that all Texans and southerners are white.

There are blacks southerners, Indian southerners, Hispanic southerners etc. Why is that when you or others say southerners it's always means white southerners? Something you may or may not want to ponder

You say "Third: I most assuredly do NOT appreciate your characterization of Southerners in general and Texans in particular as racist:"

Can you point out in this hub were I characterize or say that all southerners in general and Texans in particular are racist?

As I said I was born in Mississippi, most of my family on both sides are from Mississippi, many blacks and other non-whites are southerners, so according to you I'm calling myself, my family and all these other people racist. Don't think I did that. I may be crazy but I ain't that crazy.

You say "Second: In my travels here and abroad, I came across some of the most obnoxious racists in places like MICHIGAN".

But then later you say "You, like too many others, seem determined to treat the past as the present. While we should bear our history in mind, lest it be repeated, let us bear in mind it is just that: history. It is not our present, not our future. It is the past. Isn't it about time we learned from it and put it in it's place?

This seems to be contradictory, if racism is in the past how did you "came across some of the most obnoxious racists in places like MICHIGAN"? This implies that there a other obnoxious racists in other places like Michigan.

So which is it? Are these "most obnoxious racist in places like MICHIGAN" In the past or the present?

I'd love to hear what other hubbers think about your comments or how your comments relate to this hub

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